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Good evening. time for the news where you are


A two`year deal's been agredd which will mean Coventry City


football club will once agahn play at the Ricoh Arena.


For the past year, home games had been taking place 35


Coventry City council has wdlcomed the news as "great for everxone who


Our reporter Amy Cole is at the Ricoh for us now.


Well, negotiations apparently have been taking place for the p`st month


to get to this point, which is a two`year deal for the Sky Blues to


return to Coventry, with thd option of an extra two years after that.


The Chairman of ACL, which owns the Ricoh, says ht's fair


to both sides, finally ending years of arguing about money.


` as my colleague Nick Clitheroe now reports.


For the past 12 months these Coventry


City fans have been forced to give up their Saturday afternoon ritual.


Furious at the team being uprooted to Northampton, they preferred to


protest on the hill outside than pass through the turnstiles.


I get all the frustration and anger, I do apologise sincerely for


everything that I may have hnflicted on the fans, but that is done, it is


It's a row which has blightdd Coventry for the past two ydars


The club's owners, Sisu, stopped paying rent on the


Ricoh Arena in March 2012, claiming it was far too high.


Then in March 2013 Sisu put the part of the club which was the official


Two months later, Coventry City announced thex had no


future at the Ricoh and began the move to North`mpton.


Now, though, the Sky Blues are coming back.


The deal is fair and council taxpayers and everyone conndcted.


This is a deal that will benefit the city of Coventry and the supporters.


With the deal for a maximum of four years it's clear th`t


long`term Coventry City still want to move, but for now at least,


the fans will be able to cole down off the hill again.


I'm joined now by Moz Baker from the Sky Blue Trust ` dhd you


I think at times it seemed like it would never happen, but those of us


who have been campaigning always had faith this was the right thhng, that


Coventry had to return to the city of Coventry. It has been a day of


emotion. A colleague told md they had been in tears all day. They felt


they had had part of their life back. What about Coventry itself?


The economics of the area. Ht will have an impact on taxi drivdrs,


clubs, pubs, food outlets, but also there is the effect of people the


world over are seeing this state of the art stadium, and also showing


Next home game is Friday 5th September against Gillinghal,


And Shane O'Connor will havd more reaction to this story on


BBC Coventry and Warwickshire's breakfast show from 6:00


Staff have been told that Stafford Hospital's maternity unit


That's despite the Prime Minister saying a review should take place


It'll mean that midwives, rather than consultants, will lead


the service at Stafford, whhle more complicated births will go to Stoke.


As thousands of pupils across the region got their GCSE


grades today, the BBC has bden told that at least two of


the schools involved in the Trojan Horse Investigation in Birmhngham


57% of pupils at Golden Hillock School were predicted


to get 5 or more A* to C gr`des ` but only 45 per cent achievdd that.


Pass rates are also thought to be down at its sister school,


The schools were under constant scrutiny, and as governor is the


focus was shifted not on edtcation, on dealing with the issue, `nd I


believe that has played a significant part in the restlts we


Traders in a Birmingham subtrb say their community is in decline `


because a supermarket planndd for the area still hasn't been built.


Tesco bought the site in Sthrchley more than ten years`ago.


Barbara and Bob Nolan run a thriving cafe in Stirchlex.


But in a week's time, it could be empty.


A clause in their lease means they face having to move out to lake way


for Tesco ` even though it's unclear when the store will be built:


When we first got those eviction papers I don't think we slept or 84


Five years ago we filmed thd Nolans as they started their busindss


They made it a success, but still owe ?35,000.


Tesco offered is that some `` 7 500 pounds as a gesture of goodwill


This man events his propertx back from Tesco. We have had to diversify


This community centre was also sold to Tesco as part of their plans


The Tesco development has bden on the books since 2001, and ydt not a


Despite buying property, Tesco told us it hadn't yet been `ble to


A spokesman said they hoped to bring `` start demolition work in the


autumn, and that they would update the community.


That's all from me, I'll le`ve you with the weather with Shefali Oza.


We have gone slightly off course for that dry weather at the beghnning of


the bank holiday weekend, wd are now looking at Sunday being the driest


day of all. Wetter and windher by Monday. It is looking quite wet at


the moment. Because of the cloud it will be milder than it has been


temperatures for most places falling down into double figures. These


showers will eventually Petdr out during the early hours. It will be a


dry day tomorrow, lots of stnshine to be had. The odd shower could turn


heavy, but it is quite cool with temperatures only rising from 1 in


the north to 18 in the South. into a nice, fine day on Sunday with


lots of sunshine. Then more rain pushes in from the west for the Bank


Holiday Monday. Good evening. There's a feel of


autumn about the weather at the moment. It's thanks to the fact we


are pulling our off off the British Isles from the north making for a


cold feel by day and chilly nights. Still some showers to contend with


across England and Wales. Some heavy through the small hours of Friday,


particularly around the Bristol channel and into the south-east


towards the end of the


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