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A return to the Ricoh Arena after more than one year playing hn


Northampton. It is fair on dveryone and fair on council taxpayers and


everyone connected. Fans call it a clear victory for common sense. Also


tonight: After one year of tribulation, jubilation. A school


celebrates strong GCSE results. They have supported us in every way that


they can really. Find out why these three snakes are so rare dud to a


miraculous virgin birth. A secret garden made public. The det`ils for


the bank holiday weekend, not long to go now but prospects are already


changing. Good evening,


Coventry City Football Club is returning home ` they'll pl`y


their first match back at the Ricoh The Sky Blues have been using


Northampton's ground for thd past Coventry City was founded in 18 3,


but only moved to the Ricoh Arena in 2005 `


when the club agreed to pay around Our Sports Editor Nick Clitheroe is


outside the stadium tonight, so Nick this has been a long drawn


out process, but was it a strprise I think more than a surprisd. It is


a relief for all concerned. It has gone on so long and has takdn up so


much energy and emotion particularly for their passionate supporters For


the past 12 months, these f`ns have been forced to give up their


Saturday afternoon ritual. Furious at the team being uprooted


to Northampton they preferrdd to protest on the hill outside than


pass through the turnstiles. But on the 5th


of September they will finally get the chance to watch the Sky Blues


play in Coventry again. I get all these frustrations


and the anger and everything that I've got their points


and their views, just it was not I apologise sincerely for everything


that I may have inflicted on them but as I say, that hs done,


I cannot turn the clock back. I can apologise


but it is where we are now. It's a row which has blightdd


Coventry for the past two ydars The club's owners SISU stopped


paying rent on the Ricoh Ardna in March 2012 claiming it w`s far


too high. Then in March 2013 SISU put the part


of the club which was the official Two months later Coventry Chty


announced they had no futurd at the Ricoh


and began the move to North`mpton. Now


though the Sky Blues are coling back after weeks of talks with stadium


owners Arena Coventry Limitdd. What I can say is that it is fair


on everyone and it is fair on the council taxpayers


and everyone connected. This is a deal just that will really


benefit the city of Coventrx With the deal for a maximum of four


years it's clear that, long`term, Coventry City still want to move but


for now at least the fans whll be able to come down off the hhll


again. Joining mean our the leaders of the


Council. You're taking up a lot of time in court action and also the


council has had lot of crithcism. It is an enormous relief and it is


important now that we go forward in a positive approach to having the


football club playing back `t the Ricoh Arena. It is good for the club


and it is good for the Ricoh Arena and it is good for the city of


Coventry as a whole. It doesn't reflect well not study, plaxing


here? It has been a very difficult time but I think it is important put


the past binders and work together to make sure the football club is


back yet. `` the past behind us I think we've all got to get behind


him now and sure that Coventry City football club goes back up the


league table. There is still uncertainty. What guarantees are


there that the deal will sthck this time? There are no guaranteds to


anything in life but what I can tell you is that over the course of the


past 48 hours in particular, parties and for the football club, for the


Ricoh Arena, for ACL, have been involved in negotiations th`t have


been incredibly complex and demanding and I want to takd this


opportunity to pay to get to those people who have been involvdd. Those


from the football club and @CL. It has been difficult for the fans


have released you tonight? Ht is an enormous relief. The losers have


been the supporters. All thdy wanted to do all along its watch their team


played here at the Ricoh Ardna in their city. This is our homd and now


thank goodness we will be playing here come September the 5th and


hopefully we'll have a great crowd here and onwards and upwards we will


go. Hopefully our days therd will not be too much longer and we will


start moving where we should be I imagine you are looking forward to


that state. It will be spechal to everyone involved, the supporters


and the players, to see the club playing back here at the Ricoh


Arena. A very windy Ricoh Arena And there will be more reaction to


the return of Coventry City to the Ricoh Arena


on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire's A community in limbo ` businesses in


decline as a suburb waits tdn years And ready to get stuck into the


Premier League, we hear frol Aston Students


across the Midlands have bedn collecting their GCSE results today


`joy for some, not for the others. But the BBC has been told that


at least two Birmingham schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse


Investigation have seen sharp drops Park View and Golden Hillock


schools, which are run by the Park View Educational Trust,


were put into special measures Exam periods can be


a difficult time. But pupils at some schools had to do


them under a national spotlhght Back in June, OFSTED placed five


Birmingham schools into special measures, following allegathons of


a conservative Muslim agend` being Today pupils have been nervously


collecting their GCSE results, I wanted to do A`levels


at college but because I did not get my English grade now I will have to


do another course and I do not really want to do that so I am


really disappointed about that. But how much is


down to the disruption causdd People when they came out


of their exams they were like, like,because of all the camdras


outside, they couldn't focus on An immense amount of pressure,


but the end of the day we all came out on top and got


the grades that we expected to get. The school is amazing


when it comes to academic stuff Staff here say 57 percent of pupils


were predicted five A* to C grades. Only five percent


of them achieved it. That is compared to last ye`r


when predictions were spot on. Early indications from Park View


is that the drop in results there Schools were under


constant scrutiny. OFSTED,


EFA and the two investigations. The leadership focus was shhfted not


from education but on dealing with the issue and I do believe that has


played a significant part None of the schools downgraded over


Trojan Horse have officiallx posted Many staff and parents are hoping


they are the last reminder But even without


the media spotlight on your school, it's still an anxious time


for pupils and teachers. Our Staffordshire reporter


Liz Copper has been to one school determined to see


an improvement after being placed Jubliation and celebration


at Birches Head Academy in Stoke But this year's also seen


tribulation, with the school going into special


measures at the end of last year. Nevertheless, some students have


excelled ` Emillie Corden got 9 I think when you sit an exal you


have so much doubt and you do not think that you done really well in


it but I am so happy that I did it. The school's seen an improvdment


in the number of students gdtting I wanted to prove that I was better


than what happened last year and that I was smart enough to get


what I wanted. It has been really tough dohng extra


tuition. I put in extra hours after school.


As this year's students pick up their results,


already the school's looking at the areas where inspectors want


Of course OFSTED inspectors look at much more than


Teaching standards, pupils' attitudes to learning


and parents' opinions will be looked at the next time the inspectors


It is an emotional push, and passion to make sure th`t you


But you manage that so that you don't need leavd


These students know their achievements have been


It's hoped this year's results will help this school successfully come


out of special measures in the year ahead.


Campaigners opposed to badgdr culling resuming in Gloucestershire


and Somerset have taken their case to the High Court.


The Badger Trust says the Government's failure to appoint


an independent panel to oversee the culling is unlawful.


It also claims last year's pilot was ineffective, and inhumane.


The government insists the cull is based on scientific advice `


and is one of a number of mdasures being taken to tackle bovind TB


The wreckage of a coach which crashed in France two years ago `


killing a Worcestershire te`cher and injuring 20 children ` has been


The crash happened as they were returning from


The English driver is due to stand trial for involuntary mansl`ughter.


Voting is taking place todax to elect a new Police and Crimd


Four candidates are standing for the post.


The result will be announced tomorrow.


West Midlands Police have rdleased a video


of the moment two traffic officers drove head`on into a car tr`velling


The Honda`Jazz was being drhven by a 77`year`old man with ddmentia.


It was spotted heading northbound into on`coming traffic near


Sutton Coldfield ` and desphte enforcing a rolling road block,


officers decided the only w`y to stop the car was to drive into it.


Thankfully, and remarkably, nobody was injured.


We have put the footage on our Facebook page.


Staff have been told that Stafford Hospital's maternity unit whll be


downgraded in January ` before an official review of the ddcision.


It will mean midwives will lead the service at Stafford `


while more complicated births will take place at the Universitx


Our reporter Nicola Beckford has been following today's developments.


The plan was to downgrade sdrvices, maternity services and the


consultant led units to a mhdwife led unit. The Health Secret`ry said


he would hold a review into whether this downgrade should indeed take


place and that was repeated by the Prime Minister, David Cameron. What


is being proposed is good steps to make sure accident and emergency


continues and to make sure we continue with consultant led


maternity services. What has been the reaction to what staff have been


told? Well campaigners are absolutely furious. Some of them


camped outside the hospital for weeks in the cold. Obviouslx they


want to keep as many local services as possible but the same thdy


basically do not know what hs going on any more. We're been lied to by


the top health people of thhs land. We have been let down here `nd they


need to come and tell us ex`ctly what their plans are becausd we are


being lied to and it has bedn going on now for too long. Has thdre been


any response from the NHS? Xes. I have a statement here. They say that


the review of services is planned, and is due to be settled by autumn


this year. But they do out that the safety of services is essential and


if they need to be changed before the review is completed, th`t the


decision that the will have to make. NHS England will respdct that


decision. They do go on to say that if that did happen, the revhew would


instead look at how safe consultant led services could be returned to


Stafford in the future. A return to the Ricoh `


after more than a year playhng at Northampton, the Sky Bluds will


play in Coventry again. Shefali will be along shortly with


our detailed weather forecast. The secrets of one of Europd's


biggest walled gardens reve`led ` open to the public


for the first time. Traders in a Birmingham subtrb say


their community is in decline ` because of plans for a new


supermarket which have been on hold. Tesco bought the site in Sthrchley,


over 10`years`ago, but building never got underway and


in the meantime ` businesses and Barbara and Bob Nolan run


a thriving cafe in Stirchlex. But in a week's time,


it could be empty. A clause in their lease means they


face having to move out to lake way for Tesco ` even though it's unclear


when the store will be built. When we first got those papdrs I do


not think Bob and I slept for days, And crying, continually cryhng


for this whole period. Five years ago we filmed thd Nolans


as they started their busindss They made it a success,


but still owe ?35,000. We can't just walk out of hdre


and walk into a job. Tesco have offered us ?7,500 as


a gesture of goodwill but wd cannot This community centre was also sold


to Tesco as part of their plans The Tesco development has bden


on the books since 2001 and yet here we are in 2014


and not a brick has been buhlt yet. Despite buying property, Tesco told


us it hadn't yet been able to acquire all the land it needed. A


spokesman said: We hope to begin demolition work


in the autumn and we will update the local community as soon as we


know timescales for the build. Dennis Fellows sold his kitchen shop


to Tesco about 10 years ago ` He also rents another


property opposite. Trade has just gone down and down


and down and we had to had diversify into internet salds


and trade sales, you know, the retail side of our business has


dropped by at least 50 percdnt. Dennis has run his business for 50


years and says he's here to stay. Unlike the Nolans ` who are fighting


to remain in their cafe for longer. The arrival of three baby anacondas


at West Midland safari park, is being heralded


as a miraculous virgin birth. It's believed that they are


the first snakes of their khnd ever to be born in captivity, without


any help at all from a male. Ben Sidwell's been to meet


the very rare new arrivals. This one's a female


and this one is also a female. So it came as something


of a surprise to keepers whdn these I was just doing my final checks,


closing up the reptile housd. Got to the anaconda enclosure,


actually the first thing I saw was some blood


which is normally something which is And then I realised that was


actually attached to The scientific name for the births


is parthenogenesis, which is literally Greek for virgin birth,


and occurs very rarely in fdmales Since the births,


keepers have checked both of the anacondas to make sure that


they really are female. And both tests have


come back positive. Although there have been rulours


of births like this in the past none until now have ever bedn


documented anywhere in the world. This is a five metre, 50 kilogram,


female. Mark has travelled the world


as the reptile expert and has studied anacondas in their


natural wild habitat, but even with all his knowledge and expertise


this has come as a major shock. I was the first to record


cannibalism in green anacondas and that was in the wild so,


you know, not everything is known. We are still discovering thhngs


that surprise and amaze us. For those visiting


the safari park's reptile house today, news of the miraculots births


have left people speechless. I think it is amazing,


it is absolutely superb. The young sisters will be


raised behind the scenes. It is hoped eventually they will


have their own enclosure so the public can see three of


the rarist anacondas in the world. The Wolves manager Kenny Jackett has


praised the hunger and desire of his players after their 0`0


win at Fulham last night. The only goal of


the game was scored by Bakary Sako, with a cleverly worked free`kick


routine in the first half. Wolves move up to ninth


in the Championship. Aston Villa's new


Colombian World Cup star is being tipped to make a big impression


on the Premier League. Carlos Sanchez has gone str`ight


into the Villa squad for Saturday's first home game of the season,


against Newcastle. The Rock is ready to roll for


Aston Villa. Carlos Sanchez got his nickname


whilst playing in Uruguay. It followed him to France and Spain


and now to England where La Roca can't wait to get stuck


in to the Premier League. Everyone enjoyed watching Colombia


at the World Cup finals. But Carlos Sanchez also caught


the eye with his tough`tackling Exactly what Paul Lambert and


Roy Keane have been looking for I think he's going to be a really


top player for us. This strhker scored 62 goals in just 100 games


and he just had no hesitation about recommending Carlos Sanchez. The


time is right for Carlos Sanchez who is now 28 to test himself in


England. Colombian football journalist has followed his career


closely and believes he will adapt quickly. This is a dream cole true


for him to come to the Premher League. Many want to come. They want


to come to the Premier Leagte. He will be a big favourite. He chose


Villa and he will soon on the Premier League. Aston Villa have


named Tom Fox as the new le`der One


of Europe's biggest walled gardens is being opened to the publhc


for the first time this weekend It was once part of the Croome


Court Estate in Worcestershhre. Sarah Falkland has been


finding out more. In the shadow of the hills, enclosed


by walls of one million bricks lies There is really very somethhng


magical about this garden. It is almost like it is


a healing place, you know. It was built by the past owners


of this mansion and for the past 14 years, it h`s been a


labour of love for Karen and Chris. It was a complete


and utter wilderness. The glass houses were down,


the glass was missing and broken on the floor,


all the walls were covered hn ivy. It took us six months just to


remove the ivy off the walls. A team from Birmingham Univdrsity


help them uncover the furnaces that were part of an


early horticultural heating system. It was built in 1806


and it is one of the earliest It also happens to be the l`rgest


of its kind. To that end, it has 500 gral


furnaces that used to power the wall and to heat it in order to


allow them to grow non`indigenous And the hot wall is not the only


revolutionary design surprise. This network


of tunnels runs underneath the glass houses here and it would have


carried pipes full of hot w`ter When it was built in the early


1800s, it was way ahead of hts time. I think when these gardens were


at their height it was when all of the plant finders were going out to


bring back exotics from arotnd the world and for example pineapples


were a real status symbol. If you had a pineapple


on your table, that was a bht like It is a world apart


from their day job. They are currently working


on one for Kylie Minogue. It ain't rock 'n' roll,


but the kitchen garden has A 19`year`old student


from Herefordshire has becole Is there another chilly night in


store? Shefali can tell us. Temperatures below par for this time


of year. There is plenty of usable weather around but perhaps something


not to your liking. Sunday hs looking to be the drives today of


the weekend. The wettest dax will be Monday. Saturday and Monday. A bit,


on Sunday. In the immediate future, we've still got this frontal system


crossing through tonight. This clears by tomorrow which me`ns


things are looking favourable by this stage. Then some showers on


Saturday. It builds towards the end of Saturday and clears up for


Sunday. We have got some showers to get through this evening and that


they are really quite on thd angry side. They will persist through


tonight and then gradually starts to fade as we go through the nhght into


the early hours so it will be much drier by that stage. Very clear


skies but enough out there to hold tonnages tonight into doubld


figures. 10 degrees or 11 ddgrees bombers places but perhaps colder in


the countryside `` temperattres in places. We start with clouds not


particularly chilly tomorrow morning. Then temperatures will rise


again to around 15 degrees towards the north of the region and perhaps


18 degrees towards the south. No great improvement in the afternoon


but more in the way of sunshine and it will be a dry day tomorrow. A few


showers coming in from the north`west. A lot of dry we`ther


around and particularly dry tomorrow night as well once those shdlves are


stocked to away. There was released `` they will resurface. Tonhght s


headlines from the BBC, det`ils emerged about the beheading of James


Foley. A sharp decline in the English GCSE results. The rdturn to


the Ricoh Arena, the sky bltes will play a game in Coventry. Wh`t has


been the reaction from supporters throughout the day to this news As


you can see the club crest hs here and now the football team is coming


back and that has met jubil`tion among the supporters as you can well


understand. It is not just that the supporters are happy. The former


manager says this is the happiest day since he got married. A couple


of former players have said they are so pleased for all the fans who have


worked so hard to make this happen. Terry Gibson said it is due to the


persistence of so many and ht has got its reward. That sums it up It


has been the persistence of those fans who have made all the parties


come back to the negotiating table and has led to this result.


We've got factory boys and butchers' apprentices and office clerks


Don't stop moving! If you go back you'll die!


Make the most of your bank holiday, wherever you are.


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