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worn United nerves. United have two points and their mood is


considerably Traders in Hereford say a row


of derelict shops, destroyed by fire four years ago, are a blot


on the city centre and putthng Some retailers have even


moved away from the site. Herefordshire Council is now


trying to force the building's October 2010 and one of the biggest


fires to hit Hereford city. Shops, flats and


a pub badly damaged or destroyed. Four years on


and not much has changed. People are appalled at it. The city


centre has got this eyesore that has been here for four years. It is


blighted. What makes it worse


for many people is the location of the unsightly scaffolding,


right beside one of Hereford's most Now after four years of waiting


Herefordshire Council have decided Pressure is mounting to get


something done. We need to do something. We are expecting them to


fix and remove the scaffoldhng. One retailer was so sick of looking


at the derelict buildings opposite One of my driving factors w`s that


the state of the city centrd which was because of that building.


A teacher who secretly recorded himself sexually assaulting boys


at a public school in Birmingham has had his sentence cut.


39`year`old Phillip Evans t`ught music at King Edward's School


He was jailed for 44 months in December.


That's now been cut to 32 months following a hearing at the Court


Part of the Black Country's, culinary history came to


an end today with the closure of a traditional faggot shop that's


been in business for more than a hundred years.


The Cook Shop in Old Hill near Halesowen has been run


Earlier this year it was put up for sale, along with its secret recipes,


This lunchtime saw the last customers walk through its doors.


All of us have had a cry. It is very sad. But I cannot see that H will


miss it entirely. Onto the day's football restlts and


in the Premier League a fantastic win for Stoke City who beat current


champions Man City 1`0. Mame Diouf with the goal


after 58 minutes. Meanwhile West Bromwich Albhon


are still without a win this In the Championship,


a miserable day for the Bluds ` But Wolves are up to third hn the


table as their good form continues. A 3`1 win over Blackburn


at Molineux. In League One, Port Vale lost 2`1


at home to Chesterfield. And Coventry earned a point


at Swindon Town with In League Two, a goal


in the 90th minute gave Cheltenham Burton Albion now top the t`ble


after beating Mansfield 2`1. Finally in the Conference,


Telford lost 2`1 away at Dartford. And Nuneaton got all three points


beating Altrincham 2`1 at home. Here is the weather. There hs still


the chance of light showers through the early part of this evenhng. They


will ease overnight. Tomorrow morning the chance of a light


shower. High`pressure starthng to build from the South. A warl day


tomorrow with sunny spells. The twins are lighter. `` the whnds are


lighter. That is all for now. Goodbyd.


our BBC London radio station. I will be back tomorrow. Goodbye.


Good evening. We still have some showers in parts of the UK with


heavier ones in North East Scotland close to this low pressure. There is


a deeper low in the Atlantic, the former hurricane, which is moving


towards Iceland. Ahead of that through the night and tomorrow, we


see pressure building. That clears away the showers and for many


tomorrow will


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