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cleaners must be less than 900 watts. -- in the vacuum cleaners.


Engineers working to refurbhsh Birmingham's road tunnels h`ve


admitted they under`estimatdd the level of congestion


The St Chad's and Queensway tunnels have been shut


They're due to re`open tomorrow morning having been brought up


The closures caused serious city centre congestion.


It's estimated the tunnels are regularly used


This is the second summer they've been shut.


This year the hold ups seem to have been worse than last ydar.


There was complacency to st`rt with because the work went so well last


year. We put a campaign on to encourage people to leave their


vehicles at home. That had the desired effect.


The works have been on`going 24 hours a day.


This refurbishment is the first major upgrade the tunnels


Last summer new lighting and fire protection were installed, this time


they're being fitted with sdcurity systems and new ventilation.


But for those who make a living out of driving round the city,


The whole city will be relidved It has been tough. Trying to gdt around


the city is quite an ordeal. By tomorrow morning the titles should


be open. The Prime Minister's announced a ?1


million grant to maintain the Armed It honours more than 16,000 people


who've died in conflicts The Government's also committed to


fund the monument, at the N`tional Memorial Arboretum in Alrew`s,


through to the next Parliamdnt. All 15,000 tickets which went


on general sale for Coventrx City's homecoming game at the Ricoh Arena


have sold out. Fans queued for hours


on Friday to get a seat It's the first game in the city for


more than a year since the owners of the Sky Blues moved fixttres to


Northampton in a dispute ovdr money. The club says more tickets lay be


available if police A physiotherapist from Birmhngham


who's running from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise money for two


of the city's hospitals says he will continue despite doctors


warning him to stop. Gavin Sandford is half way through


his challenge which involves Carole Foster's been to


see how he's getting on. As if it's not hard enough,


Gavin Sandford put on a fancy dress costume to run through


his home town of Birmingham. He's already run 600 miles


on a twisted ankle. The injury came four weeks `go


when he had just left John O'Groats Since then he's done


a marathon every day and Lands End It is for children that are being


treated in this hospital. It is for the soldiers. This is what hnspires


people. Despite the miles covered hd only


has 5,000 of But there's


a reason he's not giving up. He is not a man to leave thhngs to


despite the pain. Everyday children despite the pain. Everyday children


in these hospitals have thehr own marathon to face. The difference


that the money makes is phenomenal. The dedication is fabulous. It takes


over your entire life. Therd are sleepless nights.


There's still 20 days and 20 marathons ahead but he says,


Onto football and just the one result to bring you.


In the Premier League Aston Villa are up to third in the tabld after


Gabby Agbonlahor and Andreas Weimann getting the goals for the home side.


Here's Charlie Slater with the forecast.


The weather takes a turn for the worst tonight. But there is a good


deal of brightness before The Sun goes down. It will turn 40 hn if you


places as well. It will be ` mild night. `` it's well become foggy.


Tomorrow afternoon there might be some brightness. On Tuesday it will


be generally cloudy. There light be more brightness on Wednesdax and


Thursday. That is all for now. Goodbyd.


Good evening. Much of the country has enjoyed some sunshine to finish


August. The last couple of hours brought a bit more cloud with some


rain for Northern Ireland and western Scotland. That front will


continue south through England and Wales overnight tonight, bringing


with it a lot of mist and low cloud with patchy rain. Perhaps not quite


reaching the south-east corner for the early hours. Temperatures of


12-13d. We are expecting a slow start tomorrow morning, still quite


cloudy, dull with mist and Merck around, especially for England and


Wales. around, especially for England and


arrive in the south-east. Behind it, skies brightening


arrive in the south-east. Behind sunshine for much of the day across


parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. The north-west corner will


see the breeze picking up the afternoon. A chance of one or two


showers but much of Scotland, Northern Ireland, dry and fine with


highs of 17-18d. Some sunshine breaking through across northern


England with temperatures in Manchester at 19. West Wales again




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