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The number of people shopping on the high street has falldn


But despite the slump, the British Retail Consortitm says


the number of empty shops is at its lowest for three years.


Laura May McMullan has been talking to traders in Newcastle`unddr`Lyme.


Last year across the West Mhdlands there were over 34,500 new


Joanne Clay's bridal and party wear shop was one of them.


Since opening in December hdr business has grown rapidly.


About 400 dresses sold so far already.


So many brides, about 50 or 60 brides now.


Joanne was one of the winners of a Dragon's Den style competition


offering entrepreneurs their own shop rent free for six months and


Natalie Davies is close to opening her art coffee shop, and despite


I haven't for a second wavered in what I have wanted to do.


I've just had to keep the bdlief that one day I'm going to gdt there.


Over the year ?127,000 have been spent on improving the town centre.


Last year in the area nearlx 3, 00 new businesses were created.


The number of empty shops in Newcastle is still higher than


We have just about 14%, which for us compared to last year


which was roughly about 17%, it is a massive drop for us.


One of the initiatives they're about to launch here is this Lyme card.


Local shops pay ?50 a year to register and then offer discounts to


It's hoped it'll also encourage more businesses to start up in the town.


Two Staffordshire police officers were injured after a car collided


with their patrol car on thd M6 Toll road during a high speed ch`se.


The officers were pursuing `n MG ZR when the crash happened


A 23`year`old man was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital


The two officers were also taken to hospital.


Their injuries are not thought to be serious.


A 14`year`old boy has been released on police bail


following the discovery of ` woman's body in a Smethwick street.


A murder inquiry was launchdd after the 48`year`old woman was found dead


West Midlands Police said the boy had been freed on conditional


One of the Midlands' best known record


dealers has started selling off his entire collection of 75 thotsand


Dan Reddington ran Reddington's Rare Records in Birmingham until 200 .


Today collectors from all over the world descended on his Redditch


Discs worth far more than a pound were hidden in the collection.


There is one in here which my grandson Harvey...


It is a ten inch one which goes for ?100.


If somebody finds that it is a ?100 record for a pound,


In League One, leaders Peterborough beat Port Vale


3`1 while Walsall are still looking for their first win after


Onto League Two where Shrewsbury lost 2`0 at Hartlepool


while Cheltenham are still tnbeaten following a nil`nil draw


In the Conference, Telford continue to struggld, beaten


4`1 at home to Dover, Kidderminster were 2`1 winners over Gateshead


In rugby, Moseley began the new Championship season with


Here's Kaye Forster with the details.


If you got some brightness today you were doing quite well.


Most of us have been stuck tnder a blanket of cloud, there h`ve been


It is a much better picture for us tomorrow.


It will stay dry throughout the day and there will be plenty


We got some showers to get rid of first.


They will clear their way southwards and eastwards tonight.


These guys will clear behind them and we are starting to introduce


some cooler air so it will be a little bit chillier than recent


nights, with ticket temperatures down to single figures.


Beutiful start to the day, blue skies for many of us.


A little bit of fairweather cloud building up into the afternoon


but we will stay dry and sunny well into the aftdrnoon.


Temperatures will peak around 20 Celsius.


Good evening. It was a mixed bag to start the weekend. The satellite


sequence shows cloud across northern Scotland in the


sequence shows cloud across northern low pressure and associated weather




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