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That is all of the sport. Thank you. That's it


Black Country have been tre`ted in hospital following an arson attack


on their home. The 15`year`old boys and their mother had to jump from a


first floor window to escapd the fire at the house in West Bromwich.


This is all that now remains of the house in Ruskin Stredt.


At 4:00am this morning Dianne Potter who


lived here with her three children


and grandson was startled by a noise at her front door.


Fireball came shooting up the stairs and my instinct was, get my lads


Flames were trying to get through the door.


My lad got out of the window then I had to get my grandson, get him


to safety and all the time H was screaming and bawling to wake my


The family managed to escapd but the fire spread


so quickly the roof had burned through before the crews arrived.


We have got the investigation team and sniffer


dogs who actually work out different acclerants, they can smell


accelerants to check out wh`t has been involved and what started it.


Officers say the family werd lucky to get out alive.


Diane's 15`year`old twin boxs were taken to hospital after suffering


I don't know who would stoop that low to do that.


It is a further blow to Diane who, only hours before, had learned


She is now taking comfort from friends and neighbours.


Stafford Hospital campaigner Karen Howell is bidding to be


the town's next MP after behng selected as a candidate for


Mrs Howell has been a prominent figure in the campaign to stop


The party's co`leader, Dr Richard Taylor, will stand


in Wyre Forest, the seat he used to hold as an independent MP.


Hundreds of people have visited Shropshire's


controversial new maternity unit ahead of its formal opening.


It's based in Telford and involved transferring services from


But NHS managers say the new centre will be better for all.


Open house at Shropshire's Women and Children's Centre,


so new it doesn't officiallx open until the end of the month.


Visitors from all over the county turned up


You can see they invested a lot of money in it.


As well as maternity the ?28 million centre will house


paediatrics, gynaecology, and a unit to treat children with cancdr.


A big improvement say those in charge.


We had been operating at thd unit in Shrewsbury which has now


outlived its natural life and now we have a facility here in Telford


which is now the best, I wotld hope, within the West Midlands.


Shropshire mothers will still be able to give birth


in smaller units led by midwives in Ludlow, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury.


But from the end of the month if they need or want a constltant,


The switch was controversial from the start.


Alison lives 15 miles away in Shrewsbury,


her daughter Grace was born at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.


I am really concerned, as are a lot of other peopld


in Shropshire that the extr` distance on their journey is going


to cause a mother in labour or a child to lose their life because


For now at least, this argument is over.


Coming soon though, quite possibly, another about the future


of accident and emergency, currently under review.


Jordanne Whiley has become the first British tennis pl`yer ever


to win all four Grand Slam titles in the same year after victory in the


The 22`year`old, from Halesowen and her Japanese partner Yuh Kamiji


beat their Dutch opponents in three sets to complete a clean


sweep of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and TS Open.


Worcester's hopes of a winnhng start to the new Championship season were


Both clubs are tipped for promotion to the Premiership and it w`s


the Warriors who started thd better ` a try from Mike Williams helping


But Bristol came back strongly and a Ben Mosses try with jtst


seconds remaining meant thex won by 23 points to 19.


Burton Albion have returned to the top of League Two with


Time for a look at the weather now. Kaye Forster has the details.


It has been a fabulous day today and we are in for much


We will stay dry for the next 24 hours and stacks of


lovely sunshine coming throtgh once agian through the day tomorrow.


Not changing for the rest of the day and tonight will st`y dry.


Clear skies and with those light winds, it will turn quite chilly


tonight, with temperatures `s low as 4 Celsius or 5 Celsius


And a little bit of mist and fog first thing as well.


That clears that the way really quite quicklx and it


It will stay dry, lots of lovely sunshine just a bit of fairweather


cloud and with those light winds it should feel really quite


pleasant with temperatures going up to 19 Celsius or 20 Celsius.


I'll be back with our late bulletin at 10:20pl


Until then, have a very good evening.


Good evening. Most of us had a lovely end to the weekend but the


exception was the north-east of Scotland. It was cold, wet and windy


but the low responsible is now moving away and we have high


pressure moving its way in from the West. The pressure is rising all the


while over the next few days which will settle things down nicely and


it will be dry pretty much all week. But the forecasting headache will be


the amount of cloud. The next few hours will still be pretty wet and


windy in the north-east of Scotland but through


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