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Good evening. evening on the BBC News Channel


Commonwealth Games star Jodie Stimpson has been honoured


in a special ceremony today, which saw a Black Country town,


The double gold triathlete joined fellow Commonwealth stars


from the area to meet fans who wanted to celebrate their stccess.


And as Lindsay Doyle reports, to make the day more special, people


of the trailer for the BBC's brand new Peaky Blinders series.


Fans have dressed up in Peaky Blinders style in the past


for away matches and many of them donned the fashions from


the epic 1920s gangster story for today's match against Leeds United.


The drama returns to BBC Two next month.


It took a while for the day to get going but we eventually saw some


brighter skies. This evening there will be a few clear spells `t first


but they will give weight to increasing cloud from the E`st.


Maybe a cute spits and spots as we head towards the early hours of


Sunday morning. It won't be an especially cold night with lows


between ten and 12 Celsius. Tamara gets off to a great start, ` lot of


cloud which may produce drizzle during the morning. Gradually that


will start to lift so by afternoon any places will see brighter skies,


possibly sunshine. There will be more of an easterly breeze tomorrow


which will make it feel fresher but temperatures not doing too badly.


Hello. Some subtle changes in our weather at the start of next week,


even some rain around for some of us, but for the rest of the weekend,


it will be as you were. Try this evening, with temperatures gradually


slipping away. More of a breeze and southern parts of the UK. The


breeze. Temperatures going down to fire. It will be chilly in Northern


Ireland, western


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