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Good evening. on the BBC News Channel, we are back


A nurse is calling for more research to help dhagnose


Anita Evans says it took six years for confirmation that her


Stephen Evans was just fiftx one when he started to deterior`te.


His family was told he was too young to have the illness.


The number of people under the age of 65 being diagnosed with dementia


Stephen Evans has deteriorated from being a loving husband


It's been very hard to see somebody like him, such a big character,


Worst still, it took six ye`rs for him to be diagnosed.


They said he can't have Alzheimer's because he's too young


for Alzheimer's and dementi`, you don't get until you're over 60


Stephen was presenting a good case, there was something really going


Anita and her family joined 1500 people on


a charity walk through Cannock Chase to raise awareness of dementia.


For Stephen's daughter, it was a time to reflect.


You sort of anticipate your grief because although he is still alive,


Stephen is now in a rehabilitation hospital.


There are more than 73,000 people across the West Midlands with


dementia and according to the Alzheimer's Society, by next year


The relatives suffer more than the patients.


They are suffering from it, but it is the family that are grieving


Police are investigating after a man was killed


when he fell onto the railw`y track at Nuneaton train station.


Detectives had been trying to trace him in connection with the lurder


of a woman whose body was found at the Premier Inn in Bedford


The man's not been formally identified but is believed


Ten Birmingham MP's have wrhtten to the Business Secretary asking


for the proposed High Speed Rail College to be based in the city


It's where the engineers needed to construct


Around 2,000 apprentices ard expected to be part of the scheme.


The MPs say it would benefit the whole of the West Midlands to


have the training facility for High Speed 2 here.


A West Midlands based Scotthsh MP says more power should be ddvolved


to English regions such as the West Midlands after Thursday's rdferendum


Speaking on Sunday Politics, Steve McCabe,


the Labour MP for Selly Oak says many voters see Westminster as being


I think that is the feeling that people should be able to decide more


locally, investment policies, transport policies, how things are


done. I think there sense that Westminster is to reward. `` remote.


A new pensions survey commissioned by the BBC's Inside Out programme


has found as many as half of the regions 18 to 60 years olds


When people were asked why, the most common answer was they


couldn't afford to pay into a private or company scheme.


Tomorrow night's programme takes to the streets of Stoke


on Trent with a money expert to find out why so many women are worse


off than men and how you can improve your pension prospects.


I think for women saving for the retirement is tougher than for men.


The error in less than men `nd they live longer. They may take time out


from work to have a family. Women find it more off`putting and do not


engage in pensions as much. Inside Out's Pension Speci`l is


on BBC 1 tomorrow night, One


of the most successful Paralympians ever, Baroness Tanni Grey`Thompson


has been in the region todax. She's praised sporting venuds


for trying to improve access to The 11 times gold medallist was


in Stafford to support the Access to disability sport hs


getting better all the time. We know that following 2012, disabldd people


want to be active they just do not know the ways. The hardest thing if


you are disabled is to turn up for the first time. If you come with


friends and it is a comfort`ble environment, you are more lhkely to


do it. So without things like this, disabled people would not bd


supported and would not get into sport.


Onto the weather now ` here's Charlie Slater with all the details.


Good evening. You can see that the clothes of picking up tomorrow


morning. We could have some light drizzle in the early part of Monday


morning. Lots of cloud and very overcast. A few showers herd and


there, perhaps couple of brhght spells. These will be a bonts rather


than a guarantee. Temperature is doing well with the Jim MacLeod and


drizzle. Largely settled and this will continue as we meet through the


rest of the week. ``


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