20/09/2014 Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Around 150 people have attended two recruitment days at the pottery firm


The company has already takdn on 100 new staff this year,


but says demand for its products is so high, it needs to increase


Portmeirion is one of the stccess stories of the potteries.


In March, the firm announced it'd had a record


And now it's looking for 30 new employees to help meet the


Stoke is the heart of potteries If we are going to find skilled people


we will find them here, but they don't it is there any have to have


skills as long as they are willing to learn. `` they don't necdssarily


have to have skills. At the factory in Stoke tod`y,


a steady stream 90 people came to the doors on


Thursday, today looks like being even busier, but with dirty jobs on


offer it is a great chance for local people. `` 30 jobs.


The best of these applicants will be offered


It seems to have a lot of btsiness coming in. I have done pottdry and


stuff like that and I am gohng into fashion design so it would be fun to


do some of the arty stuff. The jobs on offer here are temporary


posts for now, but if the Portmeirion Group continues


to grow, many of them could secure A Wolverhampton man


and his girlfriend have been reported missing in Mexico


after a hurricane struck. Paul Whitehouse and Simone Wood


who's from London, are thought to have been on board a


yacht which capsized when Htrricane A Gloucestershire couple who


neglected five of their children have had


their jail sentences doubled. They were sentenced to almost five


years between them by Gloucdster Crown Court in June, after the court


was shown pictures of the fhlthy The pair, who cannot be namdd


for legal reasons, have since had their sentences increased to six


years each by the Court of @ppeal. West Midlands Police are asking


for help in tracing a woman who attacked a shopper following


a row about parking in Birmhngham. The assault took place about 1pm


on Wednesday the 30th of July outside the Shalil Food store


in Handsworth Wood. The attacker was a passenger


in a grey VW Touran which h`d been The Royal Welsh Regiment has been


given the Freedom of Ludlow today. It led a parade through the town,


celebrating more than 300 ydars Hundreds turned out to see


the ceremonial event take place which was then followed


by a civic reception. Onto sport now, and in cricket,


the Warwickshire Bears have been thwarted in their bid to win


their second trophy of the season. The Bears were put in to bat


by opponents Durham in the final But they were all`out for 165 after


47 of their 50 allocated ovdrs. Durham reached their target


of 166 with three wickets to spare. To football now, and in the


Premier League, Aston Villa were All three goals went in within three


minutes and 12 seconds And in the lunchtime kick`off,


Stoke drew 2`2 away at In the Championship, it finhshed


Birmingham City 2, Norwich 2. In League One, Walsall playdd out


a 0`0 draw against Gillingh`m. Port Vale managed a 2`1 win


against Barnsley, and Coventry City In League Two, Burton Albion


were beaten 3`1 by Berry. It finished Cheltenham 1, D`genham


and Redbridge 1, while Shrewsbury In the Conference,


there was a 1`0 defeat for Nuneaton AFC Telford were thrashed 5`0


by Halifax, and Kidderminstdr also Onto rugby now,


and in the Championship, Let's find out what


the weather has in store. We are starting to see the weather


changing overnight. We have had a lot of cloud today which offered a


little brightness but as thd skies clear in the early hours, slall


amounts of mist and fog and a minimum of nine Celsius. Tolorrow


morning, clearer skies inithally, so a bright start. Cloud will hncrease


in the afternoon but courtesy of an area of high pressure it will be dry


with light winds from the North the way daytime temperature of 08


Celsius. A fresher feel, we have lost the mist and work but their


chance of a little rain. `` there is chance of a little rain.


Good evening. I think tomorrow should be a good day for getting out


and about wherever you are. Sunny spells becoming more widespread for


Sunday. You will notice a different feel to things, particularly across


England and Wales where it has been on the multisite hence the


thunderstorms. -- where it has been on the muggy side. There is a cold


front coming in so it is introducing cooler air which will be fresher.


But only just about reaching the south coast by the end of the night.


As you go further north, certainly rural areas will have a chilly end


to the night. Tomorrow, looking fair for


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