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A "peace day" was staged in Birmingham today, to try to


steer young people away frol knife crime and other forms of violence.


It was organised in memory of Joshua Ribera, an up`and`coming musician,


who was fatally stabbed a ydar ago. Nicola Beckford reports.


# Stop time wasting and start learning


# Stop waiting and start working, one love to them in my circle.. #


Talented rapper Joshua Ribera had so much more to say,


but his message was cut short when he was stabbed to death last year.


Today, young people gathered to remember him and others who


It's hoped events like these will make them think


The main aim of today is about preventing youth violdnce


coming together, commemorathng one of our great artists that's


contributed a lot to the music industry within Birmingham.


The organisers said they hoped the message of non`violence would


connect with young people, but there were fears that a lack


We have gone into schools and spoken to young people `nd had a


massive postive response from that and then when you go back and say,


They've just turned around `nd said, we can't afford you,


His close friend and fellow artist hopes this event


I hope it can give people the incentive not to be involved in


those sort of things, and hd wasn't involved in that, but it's just


This evening, some of Birmingham's most wdll`known


Their message ` that young people should strive for pe`ce.


Search teams looking for thd capsized yacht of a Wolverh`mpton


man in Mexico say they have found his girlfriend's body.


Paul Whitehouse had been living in La Paz with Simone Wood


They were reported missing after a hurricane hit


Hundreds of people gathered on the Wrekin today to set a world record


in memory of the murdered Shropshire teenager Georgia Williams.


One of the things the 17`ye`r`old said she wanted to achieve


Today 500 people took a selfie at the same time,


to set a record in her name, and raise money for local charities


More than 2000 runners took park in the first Worcester City Run today.


The world marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe was the big


attraction, but she was beaten to the finish line by a local teenager.


It was a glorious morning for the inaugural Worcester Citx Run.


On the start line ` the main attraction, Paula Radcliffe, wearing


It's a different stage of mx career, it's not really getting back to


racing competitively but it's getting out and enjoying it


and going up and saying to people I don't want that type


of expectation to stop you getting up and taking part in events.


It was clear the council were very keen to


showcase this fantastic, sttnning city, and what better way than


While the masses made their way around the scenic course,


the serious runners were approaching the finish line.


Despite her injury problems, Paula Radcliffe was still expected


to be the first female finisher but crossing the line ahead of her,


19`year`old Jenny Nesbitt, from Worcester,


I know, I can't believe it, it's amazing.


I came here not having any expectations, I've never done 1 K


in my life, I just thought, get around it and do as well as I could,


and I got that as an outcomd, so I'm over the moon.


More than 2000 runners entered this event, and thousands more


It was incredible, the support, everyone shouting Batman and Robin


as you're running around, it really gives you that up and go.


It was getting hard at one point but everyone stuck together


and the crowds were brilliant, all cheering for you, they see xour name


You hit the crowds and think, I've got to keep going!


After such a successful first event, the race organisers say thex're


already thinking about coming back next year.


The stars of the BBC historical drama Peaky Blinders


were in Birmingham today for the world premiere of the


The stories are based on the real`life gangsters who


operated in the city following the First World W`r.


Once again, the new episodes have been part shot


They're due to be shown on BBC Two in October.


It's so great, and I think ` lot of credit has to go to Stevd Knight


for putting Birmingham back on the map and showing that this


city has amazing stories and amazing heritage and it's a brilliant show


And we'll have more on the red carpet launch on Midlands Today


There's one football result to bring you today in the Premier Le`gue


West Bromwich Albion got thdir first win of the season, beating Tottenham


1`0, the goal coming from a header by James Morrhson


Let's get the weather now whth Sara Blizzard.


It's been lovely to see the sunshine again today. It felt fresh `t times


and will be chilly now as wd head into the early hours, a low of six


Celsius so there is a chancd of a rural frost. Some mist formhng but


that will clear first thing tomorrow and we are in for a fine, dry day, a


little cloud cover at times but a lovely day to start the week with a


daytime temperature around 09 Celsius.


I'll be back with your late news bulletin at 10:20pm tonight.


Good evening. After a fine day, a fine night in prospect. And with


clearing skies, a chilly night at that. The satellite tells the story,


how cloud has built during the course of the day. Particularly on


into the afternoon. But we run the sequence and you can see it thinning


and breaking and it is those clearing skies that will through the


evening, but particularly in the small hours allow our temperatures


to fall. With mist and fog forming in one or two areas. But nothing


widespread. The temperature is the biggest stories. For towns and


cities lows of 10. In rural areas low enough for a grass frost.


Nothing unusually cold for this point in September bs but chilly


compared to recent nights. The reason for the fair weather, high


pressure, although a weather front will squeeze into the north-west on


Monday. But if you're heading to Spain, some severe weather on the


way for eastern regions on Monday. Back here high pressure makes it


plain sailing. A lot of fair weather to come and a lot of sunshine and


more cloud in the east. Here goes the front into the north-west of


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