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Good evening. ended.


A Walsall man wanted on a drug smuggling charge,


is to appear in court in Sp`in on extradition charges.


53`year`old Robert Knight w`s found in a bar near Benidorm,


Police had been looking for him in connection with the seiztre


of six kilos of cocaine at Heathrow Airport.


Five other men have already been jailed.


A nine`year`old boy from thd Black Country produced


a standing ovation for his charity fund`raising activities, at last


Joshua Jackson, who has had leukaemia twice, received a special


award named after the inspirational teenager, Stephen Sutton


from Burntwood who raised mhllions for the Teenage Cancer Trust before


Our reporter, Yvonne Brissett was at the star`studded ceremonx.


Beaming with pride, Joshua Jackson collects the Stephen Sutton award.


A standing ovation almost reduced him to tears.


The youngster was recognised for raising almost ?30,000


It is lovely to see an award that has been named after Stephen. It is


a true `` fitting tribute. Ht is about courage, amazing achidvement.


Josh was one of the youngest people to be honoured tonight. His mother


told me here so excited, he has barely been able to eat or sleep a


week. She is also heavily involved in his campaign. I have dond a half


marathon. I have done an abseil I'm doing the London Marathon ndxt


year. Today, Josh was coming to terms with his new`found fale. I


felt like I was a movie star. How exactly does he raise the money I


make things a charity like banks, bands, notebooks and cards. He has


taken part in several campahgns and has been supported by many


celebrities. One of the amazing things I've done is walk out on the


pitch with Steven Gerard. The youngster is determined to lake ?4


million and says being honotred by the awards is one of the best things


that has ever happened to hhm. The Shropshire runner Amy Htghes has


this afternoon completed a world record for the number of consecutive


marathons run consecutively. She completed her 53rd marathon


in 53 days in Manchester covering almost


1,500 miles. She's raising money for the


Isabelle Lottie Foundation, set up for a young girl who's had


a series of life`saving operations It's really strange. It was a good


run. It seemed surreal. I c`nnot believe I've finished.


Onto the day's football restlts starting in the Premier League


where Aston Villa went down 3`0 against leaders Chdlsea.


In the Championship, defeat for Birmingham City, who went


In League One, Port Vale drew 1`1 at Bradford City,


but Coventry lost at the Ricoh for the first time since they rdturned


A much needed win for Walsall, though 3`0 victors over Doncaster.


And in League Two, Burton Albion beat Cheltenh`m 1`0,


while Shrewsbury went down by the same scoreline at Sotthend.


The results in the Conference, AFC Telford beat Torquay 4`3,


Kidderminster meanwhile won 3`2 at Woking.


Just one rugby result, in the Championship,


where Worcester thrashed Nottingham by 55 points to 16.


Finally a reminder that we're seeking your


nominations for this year's BBC Midlands Sports Unsung Hero Award.


We're looking for an individual or pair, aged 16 or over who ghve their


time on a voluntary basis to help others to participate in sport.


You can download a nomination form on the BBC Sport


website or you can ring 0844 30 8000 and we'll send one to xou.


Let's take a check now on the weather with Mel Colds.


Good evening. Although we'vd not seen wall`to`wall sunshine today,


most places have seen some brightness. This evening, there are


a few clear spells around btt they will give way to increasing amounts


of cloud. Mostly dry and not as cold as it was in some places last night


with rows of around 12 degrdes. Tomorrow gets off to a slow start.


There may be missed in some places but that cloud should lift `nd break


to reveal some brightness and temperatures will reach highs of 21


Celsius. Finally as we prepare to celebrate


50 years of bringing you thd news from around the region, Ed Doolan


will be reflecting on our special anniversary, on BBC WM from midday


tomorrow, when he'll be joined by presenters past and present, Tom


Coyne, Kay Alexander and Nick Owen. Good evening. A stagnant September


weather story continues. Today has been no exception. Rather quiet but


fairly cloudy. There have been some breaks across East Anglia with


temperatures up to 22 this afternoon. We could see some clearer


skies down into the south-east through this evening. Predominantly


cloudy and breezy into the North West with a weak weather front


pushing in. There could be brain in Western slopes of Scotland. -- there


could be rain. Temperatures holding in double figures elsewhere. We


start tomorrow with a misty and murky start in the south-east.


Things will be quite quiet yet again with sunny spells


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