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The arrival of the Prime Minister and the Conservative


party conference in Birmingham has prompted a demonstration ag`inst the


austerity cuts. Hundreds of people from across the region marched


through the city to highlight what they call the cost of living crisis


affecting ordinary working people. Here's Joan Cummins.


We just want a decent life, a pay rise and to be able to live in our


communities in a fair way. The unions say they are simply trying to


persuade the government to rethink their austerity measures. Wd are


asking for the ability to fded our kids, have a decent life. It's not a


lot to ask for. This is the first of many demonstrations planned by the


joint unions. They say they are determined that their voices will be


heard. Austerity is not the answer. We need an alternative. I'm not


interested in these million`ire guys. They know nothing abott our


lives. We are poor here. Thdre are billions and billions in unpaid tax


which would more than cover the deficit in a couple of years. It is


ordinary people paying for the mistakes. David Cameron will use the


Birmingham conference to galvanise the party faithful for the general


election battle next year. Outside, with industrial action planned in


public sector next month, there are growing signs that he may h`ve a


fight on his hands. The delegates tend to be in their


own little bubble. They havd lots of tea and coffee. The people H've been


talking to, most of them didn't know what was happening. If you people


had heard about this demonstration comedies and T austerity protests.


They certainly don't agree with the sentiment of it. One gentlelan said


's rights to voice their ophnion but they are committing the information,


things like manufacturing exports are wrapped and that there `re more


private`sector jobs in the Lidlands. There was a suggestion this could be


the last major party conferdnce in Birmingham for some time but the


stories seem to like it herd. `` the Tories.


We had heard that these events had gone off the boil. But what we've


heard from the Conservatives today is that they are coming back in


2016, 2018 and 2020. That is a big deal for Birmingham.


football, West Brom beat Burnley 4`0, Saido Berahino scored


twice as Albion recorded thdir third victory of the week. In the


Championship Wolves looked to have grabbed a late winner at Re`ding


when Dave Edwards scored with just five minutes remaining. But the home


side hit back to share the points in a 3`3 draw.


One rugby result in the Championship, Moseley lost 29`1


against the Cornish Pirates. 50 years ago today Midlands Today


transmitted its very first programme. Since then we've been


bringing you the news from `ll around the region, broadcasting to


To celebrate our anniversary we've been


trawling through the archivds. All this week, we're looking back


over 50 years of Midlands Today From Veteran Broadcaster Tol Coyne.


We've covered everything from acts of terrorism, 21 people werd killed


in the Birmingham Pub bombings to protests, here there's outcry to


We'll have all this and more at 6.30pm, evdry


this week. And Mary will be joined by Nick Owen


to bring you a very special edition of Midlands Today at 6.30pm


tomorrow evening. Let's take a check on the wdather


Tonight, it looks as though we are in for a mainly dry night. Puite a


cloudy one. Very, very mild temperatures at around 12 or 13


Celsius. As for tomorrow, there is some rain around and some qtite


persistent times as well,


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