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Alarm at the decision to reveal the identity


of anonymous whistle blowers, who gave evidence


They were given guarantees back in 2014 about how


The witnesses say they're angered by the decision


of the Department for Education, and are appealing against it.


The family of a 55-year-old man from Kidderminster,


who's been missing for a month, appeal for help to find him.


Steve, if you're out there, we love you.


There's nothing we can't cope with, just come back to us.


Singing the praises of Kinver Edge - 100 years after it was donated


I'm at home with blind Dave Heeley - he may be sitting down for once -


but just wait until you hear what his next incredible


And this is the sort of scene you'll be waking up to tomorrow morning.


After a relatively mild day ,brace yourselves for a drastic drop


Whistle-blowers who gave evidence to an inquiry


into the "Trojan Horse" scandal, involving Birmingham schools,


after a decision to have their identities revealed.


Five teachers accused of being part of a plot to impose an


Islamic agenda at non-faith schools, are facing professional tribunals.


Their lawyers say they need to be able to question the individuals


Our Special Correspondent Peter Wilson has the details.


The so called Trojan Horse Saga has never been out of the headlines


since it first emerged three years ago.


There have been death threats against a Birmingham headteacher,


of aggressive Islamist influence behind the school gates.


Now today recriminations over the news that the personal details


of witnesses who gave evidence anonymously to the Trojan inquiry


The witnesses came forward under strict conditions of anonymity and


there were guarantees back in 2014 about how their evidence would be


used. Those people have now been betrayed and this has implications


in whistle-blowing cases past, present and future.


Peter Clarke, a former head of counter terrorism carried


He says he's appalled at the decision to waive anonymity.


Five teachers are facing a professional tribunal


The whistle-blowers have been sent letters


informing them "that the transcript of your evidence as provided


in the Peter Clarke investigation


will be disclosed to the respondent teachers."


We've spoken to one of the anonymous witnesses and one of the teachers


involved in this case, the witness says they fear if their identity is


widely published, both they and their family will be targeted by


extremists. The teacher told me that the whole Trojan Horse saga was


based on an anonymous letter which was likely to have been forged and


he claims that the anonymous witnesses were able to say whatever


they wanted without anything being corroborated. The association


representing nine of the anonymous witnesses acted quickly yesterday to


prevent their details being released. We would hope that the


assurances Peter Clarke gave would be maintained. We are three years on


and it seems like some of those assurances are evaporating quickly


and we would ensure that the enquiry is able to account for this.


The department of education tonight said that the tribunal hearings


into the five teachers cases must be fair and correct -


Peter Wilson, BBC Midlands Today, Birmingham.


And you can read more about this story on the BBC Birmingham website.


Fears are growing for a Worcestershire man


The family of 55-year-old Stephen Woolley


have mounted their own searches and appealed online


but there's been no sighting of Stephen since early December.


Carol Woolley tries to keep busy, but it's hard.


Her husband Stephen disappeared 28 days ago -


It's just the uncertainty, physically feeling sick and tired


not knowing what the day is going to bring, hoping today is the day that


we get some news. Whether it be good or bad, at least we would know what


we are dealing with. Stephen left


the family home in Kidderminster Half an hour later


he was at Holt Fleet on the River Severn,


north of Worcester, He's a keen walker and his family's


organised search parties in the area There is concern though


about his state of mind. Last year was a hard one for the


family and Stephen who has suffered depression in the past was suffering


difficulty trying to cope with the death of his sister. My heart of


hearts says that he's not going to come back. I hope he is but the days


go on, I feel the less likely it is. Stephen joined Kidderminster


male voice choir last year and sang to raise


funds for the hospice Matt's on social media


daily spreading the word and the comedienne Miranda Hart


one of several celebrities From his wife, though,


the simplest Steve, if you are out there, we love


you. There is nothing we can't cope with. We just want to hear from you


and we want you home. Police have been


out on the river in boats but say without a positive sighting


there's little more they can do. For the family the search goes on -


and so too the waiting. A jury has heard how a 20-year-old


Warwickshire woman became the victim by a former boyfriend


and his partner. at a flat in


Stratford Upon Avon last year. Jack Williams and


Kayleigh Woods deny her murder. Joan Cummins


has been in court today. Joan, what have you heard


about Bethany today? We were told that Bethany was a


troubled girl. She'd dropped out of college, she used to self harm but


she was very much loved by her extended family in nearby Bedford on


Avon. The jury were told she'd had a very brief relationship with Jack


Williams but with tragic consequences, she'd then introduced


him to her transgender friend Kaylee Woods with whom she was hoping to


have a baby. The prosecution said that the relation between all three


was corrugated and often volatile. Did we learn more about the specific


circumstances leading up to her death? We were told that Kayleigh


made a call to a police last year saying that Bethany had committed


suicide however, a postmortem revealed that she'd been bound,


gagged and her jugular vein had been severed. The prosecution said that


this had been a killing motivated by perverted pleasure. He said that the


evidence needed to be considered calmly. The trial is expected to


last four weeks. A loaded gun has been found hidden


in a toilet roll holder Police removed the weapon


after it was discovered in the lavatories at House of Fraser


on Monday evening. The gun has been made safe


and is being forensically examined. Part of West Bromwich High Street


is still closed this evening after a major fire broke out


in a Caribbean restaurant. Firefighters used an hydraulic


platform to tackle the blaze Flats above the restaurant


were evacuated. Officers are continuing to


investigate the cause of the fire. It has been a very severe fire


affecting the whole of the ground floor and up into the flat above


and, also, the structure is unstable now so it's quite dangerous


for people to go inside, so we're getting structural advice to make


sure we can do that safely. the world's most punctual airport


in 2016 by air travel


intelligence company OAG. It found that more than 90%


of flights from the airport arrived Over the past ten years


Birmingham has invested ?350m to improve the airport


infrastructure and is working on a further one million pound


development project to improve A trauma surgeon at the Queen


Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham is one of the founders


of CitizenAID, a new scheme designed


to offer advice and training in case they're caught up


in a terrorist attack. Professor Sir Keith Porter


says learning first aid skills, like how to deal


with severe bleeding could save lives


before the paramedics arrive. Sir Keith has spent the last few


years dealing with soldiers who've suffered terrible and traumatic


injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq and joins me now


in the studio, Sir Keith - We've created this simple system of


actions the public can perform should they be caught up in a


shooting, a bomb or similar incident. They can administer care


at the same time as remaining safe. Is it overly dramatic to prepare the


public for terror attacks? You only have to look at events of the last


few months that we are fortunate that the UK has not been involved. A


senior commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has said it is


not if but when. We are not alarming the public. When an incident


happens, people don't know what to do. This provides them with a system


so then they can go through a system of examination and treatment. What


kind of difference could this training make? We know from military


training, it's been responsible for saving many lives. And you've gained


the experience in this area from the work you have done at the Queen


Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. That's correct. Myself and partners


in the military know that this is an effective way. The most important


thing is controlling major external bleeding early on. In the first


instance, the emergency services aren't immediately going to be


present in a terrorist attack so we are riding on the public to help.


I'm absolutely confident that this will help people.


If you hit the sales in the past week,


then you probably got caught up in a big crowd.


And it's pretty frustrating when you end up separated


But what's the best way to find them again?


Well scientists at the University of Warwick have the answers.


Here's Science Correspondent David Gregory-Kumar with the results.


First we need to build somewhere to test this theory about crowds.


This German market in Birmingham will do nicely.


The big question is if A goes off to get beers


what's the best way for B to find him in the crowds?


To gain a good idea of which Chatterjee is best, I did it 100,000


times. -- which strategy. Well, at the University


of Warwick this statistician The best way to find them is to


actively seek them out and not wait around.


Nathan has run 100,000 simulations with lost virtual people


trying to find one another in a crowd.


So if the best method is for A and B to actively search for the other.


How much time could this method save you vesus searches where one


It depends on the size of the venue. At larger venues, it can be an extra


50% of the time, maybe at a weekend long festival that might be too much


time to spend. So if you lose your friends


in a crowd start searching You could find each other


in half the time it could take if one of you


stands still and waits. David Gregory-Kumar


BBC Midlands Today And you can read more


about the science behind Thanks for joining us


on Midlands Today, alarm at the decision


to reveal the identity of anonymous whistle blowers,


who gave evidence at Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly - also in tonight's programme


- not for sale - former England striker Peter Crouch


after he scores twice in two games. And who once owned this flashy


Cadillacs fit for a president? It's been 100 years since


one of the Midlands most popular countryside spots


was donated to the National Trust. Kinver Edge on the Staffordshire


and Worcestershire border was given to the Trust


during the First World War. Now a songwriter who pens hits


for stars, including Cliff Richard and Nicole Kidman's husband -


singer Keith Urban, has written


a tune about Kinver Edge - recalling his happy childhood


memories. With neverending views, Kinver Edge


in South Staffordshire has been a place to escape and


enjoy for generations of families. The National Trust has been looking


after this place for one injured years now and a whole series of


events are planned to celebrate the centenary. -- for 100 years.


From his home studio on the outskirts of Kinver village


famous songwriter Chris Eaton has written On Kinver Edge -


Better known for writing the Christmas number one


Saviour's Day and a host of hits for the likes of Cliff Richard,


Chris divides his time between America and Kinver -


I've got fantastic memories of walking on the edge, it's always


meant a lot to me to have a sense of peace and find myself again, if you


like. It's a beautiful song. It paints a picture of the gift, really


that we've been given with Kinver Edge.


Carved into the sandstone, the rock houses


on Kinver Edge were occupied until the 1950s.


Outside Kidderminster, a woman and four children live in a cave...


Today the rock houses are a museum attraction,


but in days gone by the people living here would make the most


of tram loads of tourists who'd escaped the city smog for fresh air.


They were very entrepreneurial and they used to sell them tea, cake and


scones and even charge them to use the toilet.


Sue Wright's ancestors donated 200 acres of land to the National Trust


in the midst of the First World War 100 years ago.


The gift was from her wealthy grandfather Oliver Lee -


The handover referred to the fact that this was going to be a dream


long for the toiling masses of the people of the Black Country. It


sounds very paternalistic these days but it is something that everyone


can enjoy moving out of our cities. When it's released later this year


the song On Kinver Edge will raise money


to help the National Trust fund Time for some sport now


and in football transfer news Aston Villa have sold the striker


Rudy Gestede to Middlesbrough. The Premier League club


have paid around ?6m for the forward who scored ten goals


in 55 games for Villa. His replacement at Villa Park


could be another Boro striker Jordan Rhodes, who's been linked


with a move to the Midlands. Elsewhere, Stoke City have completed


the signing of the goalkeeper Lee Grant from Derby today


for just over a million pounds. But the Manager Mark Hughes says


striker Peter Crouch will not be


sold in the January transfer window. Perhaps not such a surprise


as the former England striker helped the Potters beat Watford last night


with his second goal in two games. On a cold night in the Potteries


the Stoke City fans were looking for a performance


to warm their bones and hearts. Five matches without a win, ten


goals conceded in the last three, above the relegation


zone before kick off. And for a while this looked


like another frustrating night Then with virtually the final kick


of the first half, Ryan Shawcross scoring


his first goal for the club in two years to lift


the spirits around the stadium. Charlie Adam had created that goal


and he was also the provider Peter Crouch had scored his first


league goal of the season at Chelsea in their New Year's Eve defeat


but this time his intervention would confirm a vital three points


and Crouch's continued worth His attributes and ability to affect


games hasn't changed. He's getting on in years, he's probably coming


towards the end of his career, he knows that. I haven't seen any


diminishing of his qualities at all. No doubt, he'd be coveted by other


teams who can see the qualities he as but he is very valued here so he


won't be going anywhere. Jonathan Walters


did have a late chance to make it three but this was a satisfying


enough night for Stoke and their fans as they moved up to eleventh


in the Premier League table. Now, he's spent a lifetime dedicated


to phenomenal fundraising feats, and Blind Dave Heeley is starting


2017 with yet another challenge. While many of us are thinking


about getting fit - Dave is preparing to take things up


a notch by taking He's starting in Edinburgh


on Saturday, he'll take part in the Great Birmingham Run


in October before finishing with the final race in Addis Ababa


in Ethopia in November. Laura May McMullan is with him this


evening, so Laura he got a big reception at West Brom on Saturday,


and it's going to be quite a year! Yes. What a year this is going to be


for Dave. I have to say, this is the first time I've actually seen you


sitting down. Usually, you are literally rolling off somewhere. In


fact, he's run an incredible 58,000 miles for charity. Last year, he


took part in the escape from outer Best Alcatraz triathlon in San


Francisco. The year before, he was running across the Sahara desert and


we can't forget his race in seven days across seven continents. How is


this going to compere? It's going to be fantastic. It's going to keep us


focused for the year. We kick off in Edinburgh on Saturday and we finish


in the Ethiopian. It's a combination of runs from five K all the way to


fun. There are 25 races in the series and the first is the


international Birmingham marathon in October. We will run a marathon in


the morning and a half marathon in the afternoon. Along with some


fantastic mates, will be trudging the streets across all of the


countries supporting the Albion foundation. We are really looking


forward to it but it's going to be hard work. I don't like to remind


you but you're going to be 60 this year. Any chance of slowing down? As


soon as Deb mentions painting the kitchen,. We've got some great ideas


and we are up for the and supporting a fantastic charity. If you've got


the New Year resolution to run and get fit, maybe you want to take a


leaf out of Dave's book. A bit much for me. Thanks very much.


It has a safe, a shredder, a fridge and a mini bar.


Not the interior of an office - but a car.


You'll have gathered this isn't an ordinary saloon -


it's a cadillac which was once owned by the President-elect Donald Trump.


It's now the prized possession of Craig Eyres,


a mechanic from Gloucester, who has restored it


Tracey Miller has been to take a look:


This is major billing, 80s style. Designed and made for one of the


world's most famous billionaires. Hi there. Hi, Donald. Thanks, Donald,


for the left. It's not Donald really. Your friend owns this car.


It was actually made for Donald Trump. It was made for him. There


were 52 of them. Two were made as prototypes and the rest were never


ordered. What's in here? It's got all the things you would have in a


mobile office. It's got a shredder, a safe, ... Besides the safe,


there's a TV and video recorder. A fridge for ice and a specially


designed drink dispenser, it will give you gin, vodka, whatever you


fancy from the bottles in the boot. The car was 30 years old and a wreck


when it was bored. We have got it together over the last nine years.


It wasn't bought for any other reason than he just liked the


Cadillac. It has more sentimental value to him than anything else.


It's an amazing piece. A little piece of history. That's the


telephone. Can I answer it? Hello. I think its the White House for you.


The limo is still a smooth run about its previous owner is now off to run


the United States. Tracey Miller, Gloucester. I feel the need shoulder


pads! Just before we get the forecast,


it's congratulations The 19-year-old has earned fourth


place on the BBC Sound of 2017 list, which showcases the best


new talent for the year ahead. Jorja


released her first track a year ago. But - she's not signed


to a label yet and still works If you're not a fan of the cold


weather, you'd better look away now. Shefali is here with news


of freezing temperatures. Today we had varying degrees of


cloud but the general trend was to clearing skies. That is a sign of


things to come. Much colder conditions to come in contrast with


today's very mild conditions. At Gloucester, 10 Celsius recorded.


This is the current situation. High pressure in charge for to light and


tomorrow. Colder air feeding in from the North. These fronts starting to


move in from the Atlantic bringing some heavy rain. Also, milder


conditions which will persist through the weekend. Mostly dry,


mild but cloudy. More cloud the further west you, brighter skies to


east. Perhaps the odd spot of rain. Tonight, the blue colours are


starting to invade across all of the region. A sharp frost as


temperatures plummet to about minus five Celsius across the south-west


of the region. In the Laurel areas, with a moderate breeze, you could


get down to minus eight Celsius. Very little moisture so there should


be mainly clear skies so we could see some icy stretches. Tomorrow


morning, we start on a frosty note. It's going to be dry and sunny.


Frost gradually starting to ease and disappear. Temperatures. All to


2-3 C. Frost forming very quickly. It's not going to be called. A front


approaching from the West introducing more cloud lifting


temperatures as we head into Friday morning. The rain arrives for Friday


afternoon. Joanne Malin will be


here with your late news at 10:30. as he explores Naples,


Venice and Florence. It's like we're walking through


a giant's armpit. We can follow the escape route


of Michelangelo. Mildred is our first student


from a non-witching family. 'I've got a good feeling


about this year.'