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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight:


"We thought we would die' - the Staffordshire holidaymaker


who hid from the gunmen during the Tunisian massacre.


It was horrific, it really was. I had never felt fear like it in my


life. The inquests into the deaths,


including three generations of a family from the black


country, opened today. Meet the rail pastors touring the


rail network to help distressed, the depressed and the suicidal.


Emergency delivery, the baby girl born in the back of a police car.


like, we might get some proper like, we might get some proper


assistance! She made it back with us.


And if there's one picture that sums up this week, it's this.


A generally mild and murky start with colder air slowly seeping


"We thought we would die" - the words


of a Staffordshire holidaymaker, who survived the Tunisia massacre


Alison Caine, from Wheaton Aston, hid for three and half hours


with her husband Baron in their hotel room,


Along the corridor and outside gunmen were on the rampage -


killing 38 people, 30 of them British tourists.


As the inquests into their deaths begin, Alison has described


the sheer panic she felt on that day, and her doubts


anyone will truly be held accountable for what happened.


She's been speaking to our reporter Ben Godfrey.


We started hearing screams. People were running. Barron said, just run


as fast as you can and get to the room. The gunfire was very rapid,


there were grenades going off. It was like a complete war zone.


Alison and Baron Caine were just four days into their summer holiday.


Their instincts to barricade themselves inside their room


at the Imperial Hotel probably saved their lives.


We had a knock on the door, a manually Tunisia next and said he


had our room key. At that point we looked at each other and we just


thought, this is it. We're going to die.


Outside the hotel, Sayfedeen Rezgee pulled


a Kalashnikov from a parasol he'd been carrying and killed 38 people.


So-called Islamic State claimed responsibilty.


It took the authorities roughly 40 minutes to get to us.


Among the dead - Joel Richards, his uncle Adrian Evans and grandad


Patrick Evans from Wednesbury, along with Sue Davey from Tamworth.


Previous years, they have been four guards on the front gate. There was


one sting on the back gate to the beach, that year, there was one


guard on the front gate and no other gods.


The inquests will look at what, if anything, the UK government


and travel companies knew about the risk of an attack


Three months earlier 22 people were killed in an attack


on the Bardo National Museum in Tunis.


When you were heading out there on this holiday, were you given any


was out there? No, we had called Tom was out there? No, we had called Tom


's on several occasions were reassured that everything was safe.


Thomson's parent company TUI has told the BBC it's:


18 months on, Alison is still receiving counselling.


I have never felt fear like it in my life and I never want to again. I


think that's one of the problems, trying to move on from this, you are


frightened you are going to be in that situation again.


The Imperial Hotel is now closed - the beach deserted.


Alison says she's not confident the inquests will provide


And Ben joins me now, the inquests got underway in London today,


but this will be quite a long process?


It is seven weeks, the tone was said this morning when we had a minutes


silence in court for the 30 victims. You could hear a pin drop, I was


told. Room was packed, live video feeds were coming to court, for


those who couldn't make it, the coroner will hear from officials


from the Foreign Office and the parent company which sold many of


these holidays. Did they get the advice right, is the question. What


a day here today? The most galling thing for the families was that the


Tunisian enforcement unit deliberately delayed their arrival


as the gunman was gunning down the holiday-makers. The QC said they had


the opportunity to put an end to the attack but were wasting their


The gunman was shot dead three The gunman was shot dead three


kilometres after he was dropped off, because there was a digital


reconstruction of his movements. Horrific detail, where the bodies


were found to stop Joe Richards, the youngest British picked him, 19


years old, was found near his grandfather in an indoor swimming


pool. This is hugely distressing for the families. The youngest son of


victims to debut tweeted, words cannot sum up our day watching this


awful case unfold. -- victim Sue Davie.


A BBC investigation has found that medicines -


prescribed to NHS patients - are being sold on the black market


Anti-depressants and expensive arthritis injections were among


the drugs sold to a BBC undercover reporter- by patients


I am at Corley services on the M6 near Coventry waiting to do a drugs


deal with a difference. The man I have arranged to meet is selling an


expensive prescription only medicine, prescribed to him and paid


for by the NHS. It is used to for by the NHS. It is used to


prescribe arthritis. He has prescribed a box every four weeks


which costs the NHS almost ?10,000 a year. But what he doesn't use, he


sells on. And he's not alone. This man sells


his NHS prescription drugs from his kitchen.


He is selling a perception only treatment for impotence. --


prescription only. He says he no longer uses the drug but still


receives repeat productions. He says he receives four boxes a


the NHS around ?500. It is illegal the NHS around ?500. It is illegal


to sell on construction only medicines but plenty of patients are


doing just that. These are just a few of the perception that have


purchased, everything from prescription toothpaste to


antidepressants and high end drugs, prescribed in good faith by the NHS


to patients who are illegally selling them on. Patients like the


man selling the impotence drug. It told me he knows what he's doing is


wrong but his customers are patients too embarrassed to see their own


doctor. As for the motorway Menkov I have arranged to buy more drugs but


this time I'm not bringing cash, just cameras.


I'm a reporter for the BBC, trying to find out why you are selling NHS


prescriptions? Why you doing that? So no response. But moments later he


gives me a call. So you won't be selling


prescriptions anymore? We may have closed the door on one.


But it is clear he is not the only patient trading on NHS


prescriptions. And you can see that


investigation in full, including how the drugs


are being traded on Ebay, on the new series of Inside Out -


which starts tonight at 7:30 Ebay says it stops sales


of prescription medicines when it's alerted and works


closely with the Medicines regulatory authority,


who've warned sellers A teenager has admitted


he threw one of two stones, which smashed through the window


of a Birmingham taxi, leaving an elderly passenger


unconscious with a fractured skull. The 17 year old boy


said he was drunk - and one of a group of youths


targetting taxis He and three other youths aged 15


and 16 were all found guilty of taking part in the stone attack


which injured the 77 year old - A warning, you may find


some of the images of Anthony Bartram is outside


Birmingham youth court, A group of teenage boys had been


gathering in an alleyway off the Bristol Road in Edgbaston that night


on mate with the fifth last year. on mate with the fifth last year.


Four of them had been on trial today at the youth court aged between 17,


couple of 16-year-old and a 15-year-old. They have been


targeting taxis, throwing stones at them, what you're about to see is


both dramatic and shocking, it's the moment that two stones came smashing


through a black cab and hitting a 77-year-old woman passenger. Are you


all right? Are you OK, folks? Hang on, hang on. Hang on, hang on.


That lady has asked us not to name her although she agreed with the


data driver Association to release that CCTV footage to us at the time.


You see she was unconscious for a few seconds and then came round. The


taxi driver got straight to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she


was treated for multiple fractures to her skull, and quite severe


injuries. Only one boy admitted throwing stones but there were four


defendants, what was said about? The oldest, the 17-year-old said he had


thrown to stones at taxis but said thrown to stones at taxis but said


he was too drunk on vodka to remember any of the details. The


others denied even being there but we heard from two witnesses who


picked out all of those boys at a police identity parade. They came to


court today behind a curtain and stuck to their story, and in the


edge the judge found them all guilty of wounding charges and the damage


to the taxi, something that has come as a great relief to the taxi


drivers Association this evening. It could have caused death, it was that


serious, that close, but like I serious, that close, but like


said, injuries to heal but it's the said, injuries to heal but it's the


mental torture after, to have that confidence began to go in a cab,


will that happen again? When we posted the image, our message was


simple, what if this was your relative, how would you feel?


Victim-macro is with the taxi drivers Association, this could


easily have been a murder investigation. -- the victim agrees.


All four defendants will be sentenced in a week.


Paramedics were called to Draycott just before one o'clock this


afternoon. Two women and two men were taken to the Queens Hospital in


Burton, another woman and man were taken to the Royal Derby hospital.


Around 300 people joined a protest against cuts


to disability services, proposed by Birmingham city council.


The authority's looking to make total savings of ?76 million


But campaigners say some of the city's most vulnerable


citizens stand to lose out, including people with mental health


We have to make sure that the most vulnerable people have their service


is protected. If we're going to be a chemical inclusive city, supporting


the Prime Minister's objective a shared society, these services are


library, we don't clean the streets, library, we don't clean the streets,


the cuts that are being asked of the council just cannot be met. Without


us looking at some of the other us looking at some of the other


areas of our budgets. An investigation has begun


after footage emerged of a fox being killed by a pack of hounds,


in North Warwickshire. A warning you may find some


of the pictures distressing. In the video, taken


on Saturday by the group West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs,


a fox can be seen chased It shows members of the Atherstone


Hunt on horseback and their dogs, who cornered the animal


on a private driveway. Police say they're


reviewing the footage Volunteers have launched


a project aimed at protecting vulnerable and suicidal people


on the train network. So-called "rail pastors"


will accompany police, Last year, officers


in the West Midlands were called to 460 incidents near railways,


which involved mental health problems - and dealt


with 21 suspected suicides. Giles Latcham is at


Stourbridge Junction now. A kind of Samaritans


on rails then, Giles? Not a bad way of describing it. You


probably have heard of street pastors, who the city and town


centres late at night helping those who perhaps have become detached


from their friends are never had too much to drink. There are 18 of them


who have been trained up as rail who have been trained up as rail


pastors now, they are touring the Midlands rail networks. Alison, why


a special service on the rail, who are you trying to help? British


transport please asked the street pastors to try and help out because


they're getting a lot more suicides on the railways which is a terrible


thing. There are rail pastors down south and in 27 patrols they have


managed to talk to three people and prevent them from taking their own


lives, which if you are asked to do that, why wouldn't you? Indeed.


Happily, last year no one along this line lost their lives, but there


work called, which might have led to work called, which might have led to


Birmingham, I asked commuters would Birmingham, I asked commuters would


they thought of this idea. If they want to help people out and talk to


people, then I think it's a good idea. I think it's a really idea


because a lot of people are depressed and if somebody is there


to talk to them, it's really nice. When they see police, its scary


feelings but with these people, they will feel more comfortable to talk


to them so it's a good idea. This pick-up on the point about the


police, you're not wearing a uniform, you are not the police,


does that make a difference? Police can be frightening to people, we


don't have that threat, we are just there to give the love of God to the


people we meet. The police are here tonight, they reckon they intervene


and save lives on 80 occasions last year, rail pastors hope to spread


the safety net wider. A third of bus lanes are being


scrapped in Coventry from today, The city is the first


in the Midlands to open up The council also believes it


will reduce pollution But not everyone is happy with


the trial as Bob Hockenhull reports. They were introduced to speed up bus


journeys and encourage more use But from today Coventry is removing


a third of its 22 bus lanes In country we have a 20% increase in


traffic congestion in 15 years. -- in Coventry. We need to find new and


innovative ways of keeping traffic flowing and improving air quality.


For bus operators it'll mean an end to many exclusive 24


hour lanes shared only with cycles and taxis.


That could make it more difficult to stick to the timetable.


We can lose out because of delays the service, it can be a negative


that we lose passengers, and the council commits their scheme, which


we will work with and give any issues and concerns we race to them.


Signs will be put up informing drivers


No sign means "the bus lane is still active".


Most motorists we spoke to welcomed the extra road space.


Everybody is stuck in non-moving traffic for ages and it would be


better. It would be fast and easy to better. It would be fast and


go to work. I think it's important go to work. I think it's important


that it's kept, it keeps public transport moving and stops the


gridlock. And taxi drivers are worried free


moving lanes they too could use We have to get passengers were ever


they want to go to in time so if you are stuck in congestion and traffic


it will make a lot of difference. But if this experiment works,


all bus lanes in the city could be Turning the sport now. Football


clubs around the country paid tribute to Graham Taylor at the


weekend, very moving. Yes, emotional tributes to a man


who was universally liked and made such a huge contribution to football


in the West Midlands. How fitting it was that the two


teams he managed in this region faced each other


in the Championship this weekend. Before kick off, an emotional


atmosphere as fans of Wolves and Aston Villa joined as one to pay


tribute to their former And from the moment


the first whistle blew, it was resurgent Wolves


who dominated this Midlands derby. Joe Mason put them in front


early on and Villa rarely Gianfranco Zola is still looking


for his first win as Birmingham manager after a tame goalless draw


with Nottingham Forest. They all look safely mid-table


but Burton Albion have real relegation worries,


just a point above the bottom three after losing at home to Wigan


who are still below them. Marko Arnautovic has found goals


tough to come by for Stoke this season but on Saturday


he doubled his total The first was tenacious,


the second stylish as they raced Peter Crouch then proved his


continued renaissance Tony Pulis turns 59 today


but there was no early birthday I have had the time on the bench to


reflect where things are going, I've got a new lease of life because I am


playing again and loving every minute of it. Hopefully I've


justified my selection. Tony Pulis turns 59 today


but there was no early birthday present for the Albion head coach


as they were hammered 4-0 at Premier League title


contenders Tottenham. Walsall are more than 20 points


behind the league one leaders Sheffield United but they've now


beaten them three times this season. This was the most stunning


victory, scoring four times Shrewsbury Town also


enjoyed a surprise win, Freddie Ladapo scoring on his home


debut as they beat playoff But Coventry City are rock bottom


of the table after falling to a late Cheltenham Town are


out of the League Two They moved to within a point


of fellow strugglers Accrington They should have been a warning


about the dodgy defending from West Brom! But they are looking to add to


their midfield? They have made a ?2 million bid for Jake Livermore from


Hull City. -- ?10 million. Lots going on besides the football


starting with last minute drama They were trailing Toulouse


14-10 in the last minute when they earned a penalty just


yards from the Toulouse try-line. And quick thinking from scrum-half


Dan Robson won the day. A tap penalty and he dived over


to give Wasps a crucial win If they beat Zebre next week -


which they should - Not quite at that stage


in the Australian Open tennis - but a first round victory


for Birmingham's Dan Evans. It's the first time he's


reached the second round. He beat Facundo Bagnis


of Argentina in straight sets. Last week he reached his


first ATP Tour Final Evans is now ranked 51 in the world


and feels like he now It's got to feel accepted a bit more


in these tournaments, last week helps, and to come out today and get


a good straight sets victory, is always good for me, obviously.


This weekend in Blackpool he became the WWE's


Nice shorts, I am being told! Maybe he can buy a bigger pair of shorts


after that victory! A couple whose baby was born


in the back of a police car, have been reunited with the officers


who came to their aid. Emily McBride was in labour


on her way to hospital when they hit Jennifer Meierhans went to find out


how police officers helped make Baby Darcey is oblivious of her


dramatic arrival into the world - Mum Emily McBride was in


labour when snow caused gridlock in Staffordshire -


and her partner Thomas I remember my waters


breaking as I was getting into the car and then I just


remember screaming saying she's coming, she's


coming, I need to push. PCs Andrea Rowley and


Chris Kramarczyk got to the entrance of the Royal Stoke


University Hospital. Chris ran to get the midwives


and as the midwife came out they explained to Emily


that she wasn't going to have time I think she was requesting gas


and air but they were saying there wasn't time and within a couple


of minutes I think we'd got Now she's home and the officers say


they're honoured to be two It's lovely to know that they're


both doing all right and the family's doing


OK and everything's OK Mum Emily said she was delighted


to see the officers again I'm really grateful


because they got us there on time. If it wasn't for them we would have


been stuck in traffic - Now all the drama is over - what do


they make of the eventful day? I think it's part of our job


to expect the unexpected. We are just glad she came


safe really and healthy. I think we're going to


save all the articles actually show her what


she caused that day - Congratulations! That's fine that it


will brighten up at all. It's not going to be as soggy wet as


blue Monday. I love this picture, on blue Monday. I love this picture, on


first glance it looks like it's not a reflection but actually is. Then


we have the cabbage patch, enough said! For the rest of the week,


initially and then turns colder into initially and then turns colder into


the weekend but with brighter skies. We have this area of high pressure


right across us but this irritating front that wavering through the


week, producing a lot of cloud but because of the high pressure, its


effect will be reduced. We have got wins, because of the cloud, it's not


going to shift so largely dull week. More of that cloud the content this


evening, some rain running across us, behind it we will see some misty


nest developing over the hill tops nest developing over the hill tops


where the cloud is low enough, squeezing out the odd spot of


drizzle. This is how we start tomorrow, on well-known but not as


wet as today, largely dry. That mist will quickly disperse and then it's


just a dull day but a fairly mild one, cooler than today. Then


tomorrow night, also quite mild and cloudy, that's the way it continues


for much of the week.


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