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Hello, and welcome to Midlands Today.


Tributes of love and gratitude to rape survivor and sexual violence


campaigner Jill Saward, as mourners travel from all over


She knew she was making a difference but she couldn't take the


compliments always, because to her she wasn't


Jill's husband Gavin said he had been inundated with messages


How the Prime Minister's Brexit plans have gone down


with our businesses - will it boost exports or dampen trade?


We can trade with the whole world now instead of just Europe.


It has got to be stronger for the country


I am in Walsall were thieves have stolen a lifeline for the elderly


and disabled people. Pollution priority, helping farmers


to keep pesticides out of the River Severn -


and our water supply. And now for something


dark and dramatic. A fabulous photo but unfortunately


today no special photography or filters needed to


achieve the same effect. They came from all over


the country to pay their The funeral of renowned sexual


violence campaigner Jill Saward took Jill became the first person


to waive her right to anonymity, after being sexually assaulted


in what became known as the 'Ealing Vicarage Rape'


in the 1980's. Over the course of thirty years,


she rebuilt her life, She also devoted her life


to helping other survivors. Jill's hard work and


tenacity changed the law Her husband Gavin Drake


says he was deeply proud Doing what she did


best, speaking out. People often say that they feel like


they have been raped again going raped by two men in 1986


during a burglary at her Incredibly, the perpetrators


received much shorter sentences than the man who had


committed the burglary. That set in motion what was to


become her life's work - campaigning for victims of sexual


assault and for changes in the law. Her identical twin sister


Sue Lancaster and Jill's how special she was and they cannot


believe she is gone. I can't describe the


sense of loss because We are being supported


by so many thousands of She knew she was making


a difference but she couldn't take the compliments


always because to her she wasn't doing anything special,


she was just being heard. Sue is not sure if she can never


follow in her sister's footsteps. I have thought about


whether I should step up and try and take her place but I just


don't think I can. She was such a unique person


and she had something to Jill was involved with


Lichfield Diocese for many years. Before the funeral took place,


I asked the vicar what kind of It is a celebration


of what she did for so She was very courageous,


she was very humble and she did a great deal and stuck at things


with a great deal of determination. Perhaps surprisingly,


Jill's strong Christian Today, the congregation


will sing a hymn There is a verse that


could not be more apt. # As one who knows


the joys of sins forgiven. # one with my fellow


citizens in heaven. As the service got underway,


eulogies echoed around the walls of the Cathedral


and tributes paid. I know there are many,


many people alive today We looked after each


other as best we could over the years


because she said, it is what we do. Jill was a survivor


and used her dramatic Very loving and very caring


and very, very beautiful. And Jill's husband Gavin has written


a tribute to his wife, It's already been read


by thousands of people - Linda White remembers her


as "An extremely brave when she posted "Thoughts


with her family" While David Williams's tribute


was simply "RIP Brave Lady". Thank you to all of you who took


the time to comment. The Prime Minister set out some


detail about leaving the EU today, But would coming out of the European


Single Market mean for us Both for independent traders,


and for those who deal At the time of the referendum


we talked to viewers, both leavers and remainers,


in different walks of life, to get their views as


the Brexit story unfolded. Tonight, Joanne Writtle has been


back to two of them, to gauge their reactions


to the prime minister's speech. The pictures voted to leave the EU.


We filmed as they waited for the Prime Minister to explain more about


how the country will do that. I voted Conservative for the first


time in my life to years ago and I voted leave. Then I felt cheated


that Cameron gave up his post and now I am hoping today that she get


things straight. I am hoping that we will be able to govern ourselves


like we used to do in the past. As Theresa May spoke, the butchers


reacted. I want this United Kingdom to emerge from this period of change


stronger, fairer, more united. That is what I want. Exactly. We will


take back control of our laws and bring an end to the jurisdiction of


the European Court of Justice in Britain. She's going with what the


country wants. Good. On the high Street, mixed views. At the litany


wonderful. I was much in favour of getting out of Europe. -- absolutely


wonderful. I voted to stay in so I am not happy about the situation at


all. I am worried about the future of our country. This company is


celebrating its 50th year in business this week. The last five


years they have been exporting 15% of what they make to Germany and to


America. Personally for us, I would like to go over to America, do a


trade mission. I think that is our biggest export opportunity. I think


Germany is likely different. I think they will look at us uncertainty to


start with but I think again, we have the chance. We are world-class


leaders in manufacturing and they will come to us for our world-class


products. 100 people at work here, making parts for the likes of Nissan


and Jaguar Land Rover. It might be a bit of the unknown but I think the


opportunities are there. We will all work together, work hard as the


country. I think we will be OK. Businesses like this so they want to


continue closing deals in Europe and further afield. They are watching


the twists and turns of Brexit intently.


And our political editor Patrick Burns is here.


They say "business hates uncertainty", so has Mrs May


made her plans sufficiently clear for our local business people?


They can never get enough clarity, I am afraid. There is a general


recognition, even among business leaders like Chris, even those who


voted to remain like him that there may be opportunities under Brexit to


develop their businesses. However, the regional director of the CBI,


the employers organisations, says it could well become more difficult to


trade within Europe after this. He wants to see the real fast


development of those wider global export opportunities that we were


hearing their from the engineering firm. What if the European union


offer us only a very adverse terms? I have been talking to one senior


local business figure with very close links to Germany and he said


that when Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, warrant over the weekend


that in that event we could be pushed into turning Britain into


something akin to one of those far Eastern tiger economies, with all


truck load business taxes, right on the very shores of the European


Union, I am told that was the sent a shock wave through the German


business community. Closer to home, what kind of impact will this have


on upcoming elections? Think of that Stoke Central by-election. It is the


city that voted more enthusiastically to leave the


European Union than anywhere else. While that have pushed a wedge


between Labour and their core support? That will be a key test.


The Ukip and Tories are within a here breath within each other. They


will be vying for the Brexit vote, I would imagine. The Liberal


Democrats, they will see if they can conjure up some support for an


unambiguous, anti-Brexit campaign. Patrick, many thanks.


Birmingham City Council has announced it's hoping to transfer


responsibility for running children's services


The council plans to set up what's known as a "wholly owned


company" to look after the city's vulnerable children,


after years of its own department being rated as inadequate.


It would be run as a separate Trust which could run alongside existing


A further six men have been charged following the rioting


Four of the group appeared before magistrates in Birmingham today.


West Midlands Police says it's continuing to work


with private company G4S - which runs the jail,


and eight people have now been charged in connection with the riot.


A charity in Walsall which organises days out for elderly and disabled


people has had the trailer it uses to transport wheelchairs stolen.


It is a lifeline, isn't it? Yes, this is really a huge blow for the


whole team. The trailer was stolen from a outside the Church on


Saturday and it is used for transporting wheelchairs and


mobility scooters and it really is a lifeline. Speaking to some of the


local residents earlier on today, they said they are devastated and


worried about being stranded. These residents love to be on the


move. Michael has cerebral palsy and some members of this community


Church in Walsall are wheelchair users. That hasn't stopped them


enjoying days out right across the country, until now. The trailer was


stolen in broad daylight from right outside their church. It is just


awful. Awful. It is not just day trips, it is the whole community. It


has opened a new lease of life for me, being able to get out. Because I


have has cerebral palsy from birth, I find it hard to walk, I find it


hard to walk now. It has opened up a new life for that. We do not drive


and so we have no transport. Me and Michael, we cannot get on a carriage


because of the scooter. It was ?3700 and inside there, we also had our


motorised wheelchairs, scooters and a ramp. Of course, we have lost that


as well. It supplies the needs of the committee in lots of ways,


bikes, furniture is, you name it. It is therefore the community.


Residents love their gentle exercise classes but hope they will be able


to get out and about very soon. The neighbourhood here in Walsall does


not have a committee centre and the church really is a hub. That trailer


was donated by funds from another local charities here to stop joining


me tonight is Amanda Banks. Amanda, you told me this is a deprived area.


To find nearly ?4000, that money is not easily come by. No, we work in


partnership with the place of refuge Church debate on events for the


committee. The Church organise things such as cookery classes,


first aid courses, employability skills, trips to the seaside and


numerous other things, even if it bank. Without this trailer, it is a


real blow to the community. Do you think it will have an impact on the


wider community? It will do. That is a lot of unemployment in the area


and elderly tenants, who without the trailer, may not be able to get the


seaside. It is going to have a huge impact on them the most. Thank you


very much for joining us tonight. Hopefully the community will rally


round. Just to remind you, the trailer was stolen any time on


Saturday after 1130 and police have told me that they are now


establishing whether or not there is any CCTV footage. Thank you.


Thanks for joining us on Midlands Today, this


Challenging the farmers of the future. The bubble blowing clock in


need of a face lift. The wishing fish that has been entertaining


shoppers for 50 years. Sporting stars are gathering tonight


to raise a ?1 million to double the size of Birmingham's


specialist leukaemia centre. and all blood cancer services


located on one site Our health correspondent,


Michele Paduano, has been to see one of the patients whose benefited


from clinical trials. He dreamed of being a fighter pilot,


but in August 2015, Jaymz Goodman's He had a 14cm tumour on his lungs


and his life hung in the balance. One evening I woke up in the middle


of the night in screaming agony and that is not stop for two days. I


just cried and wailed and I could not walk, crawled to the bathroom.


It was very difficult to get through those sorts of experiences. You must


really valuable as clinical trials? I value everything that was given to


me because it saved my life. A year and a half later


he is in full remission, but has weekly blood tests


to check for disease. Jaymz from Telford has


benefited from treatment at Your blood tests are through and


your account is pretty robust. It is 2.6.


but now wants to be able to do even more work.


It has been tough over the last couple of years and it will be tough


in the future. We are in for the long haul and it is one of the


reasons we want to expand the centre, to show we mean business. We


have already been given Government funding. This will be a clinical


area where they can double the amount of patients treated and


trials and the amount of nurses employed. It is going to cost


another 1 million. That is why the former Wolverhampton footballer


Geoff Thomas will be joined by celebrities tonight. He will now


undertake three cycling tours this year. If we can get people to donate


and support the rights as well, that just adds to everything else. It


will make it a lot easier once we know people are supporting us and


money is rolling in. So that more patients like James can have the


latest treatments. For Severn Trent Water this


stretch of the River Severn from Tewkesbury to Shrewsbury


is a pollution priority. And that means convincing farmers


to drastically reduce the impact of water from farms,


as it flows into the River. Our Rural Affairs Correspondent


David Gregory-Kumar went to see how the farmers


of the future are being challenged Surrounded by the farmland that has


helped to create this But farmland can cause


problems for the river Our goal is to make the water a


better quality. We are reducing the carbon front and reducing energy


bills and customer bills as two if possible. Keeping expensive


pesticides of their land, for farmers, saves them money, too. This


morning we have some interactive sessions. Our colleagues here will


be talking about what treatment and how and why they have to strip


things out of water to make a drinkable. As the students are


learning, there are plenty of rules to deal with water that could have


an impact on their farms. If you were to drop one single slug pellet


into an Olympic size slimming pill full of water, that water would


officially be over the limit allowed for pesticides in drinking water.


After a morning of hard work, what is the reaction? I drink a bit and


it is an eye-opener. We are going to be looking at farm practices and


look at how we can improve them. A great benefit to me as a smallholder


farmers. It will be very useful as. Most farmers, do love their river


and they have noticed the changes over the years. Slowly as water


quality improves, they are noticing fish coming back and other wildlife


coming back to the river. There is no quick fix to improve water


quality, it is a long haul and these future farmers have a key role to


play. Onto football -


and the transfer market seems Now Birmingham City are in


FA Cup action tomorrow. But it seems that new manager


Gianfranco Zola has more Planning for tomorrow's game,


moulding the squad to play how he wants them to and delving


in the transfer market. He confirmed interest


today in several players. The Derby winger Johnny Russell,


Swansea City's Wayne Routledge Emilio Nsue from Middlesbrough


and Cheick Keita who plays in Italy. And the interest in two defenders


stems from the possible departure of another full-back Jonathon


Spector. And he's considering moving back


home to the United States. Zola admits he's got


a lot on his plate. I will give to this club what they


are looking for and I am so determined to do that and so


passionate about that. The result will be there. You know, I have not


been working as much as I have been working in this month, I promise


you. It is not feel like that. That is very positive.


But at Coventry City the transfer talk involves the club itself.


Lot's of speculation over the last few days about potential new owners.


The beleaguered fans are just desperate for some positive news.


The last few days there have been reports that former Crystal Palace


owner Simon Jordan is interested, of a fans consortium and then today


an investor claiming three former england players are also


But the current owners Sisu say simply that


Interesting. I am sure you will keep an eye on that for us. A busy month.


A bubble blowing clock that has been entertaining shoppers in Cheltenham


since 1985 has been stopped - for a facelift.


The huge Wishing Fish Clock in the Regent Arcade


is being dismantled, because parts of it


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter Steve Knibbs.


For over 30 years the mice have been sneaky, the snake has tried


in vain to catch them, and the fish has blown bubbles to be


I just remember coming to Cheltenham on special shopping trips with my


mum and just being amazed that all these bubbles were coming out and


watching the bubbles. It is just lovely. It is a nice. He is


experiencing something I have been through as well. It is a great


interaction for the kids. Whenever you come here, there are always


children running around and enjoying it.


The famous clock has a famous designer Kit Williams


he wanted a timepiece that was magical,


Everyone is excited by bubbles. The strange movement and the popping of


them. The painting that goes round and round. There were lots of


different aspects to it. Even the music everyone here is that music


and we see it all happening with the big fish.


Kit of course has a history of capturing the imagination -


in the 70's he he wrote "masquerade" that, through a series of clues,


led readers to a jewelled Golden Hare that he'd buried.


But as for the clock - time has taken it's toll -


and things need fixing - like the infinite stream


of golden eggs that's dried - that was originally inspired


It keeps coming down and down and as it passed into the clock itself, the


ball disappears and goes round and round the clock and the empty cup


goes back up again, up into the dark, we're goes over the top... It


falls down again. That is a simple trick.


But time has now stood still here - new, improved clock


will soon be back - to grant wishes to everyone


It is lovely. I hope it is not a wafer too long. -- away for too


long. Cast your mind back half a century -


a loaf of bread would have cost you nine pence,


a gallon of petrol 28 pence and Tom Jones was at number


one in the hit parade If you could afford it,


you might have lashed out ?300 on a television -


the equivalent of nearly ?5,000 And on that TV you could have


tuned in to a youthful 50 years later, he's


still on the box, fronting the news for the digital television programme


'Made in Birmingham.' Louisa Currie


has been to meet him. Your news for Birmingham, Solihull


and the Black Country begins now. It's rehearsal time at the Made


in Birmingham studios in Walsall. Mike's fronted their bulletins


since the station launched Despite the changing


nature of the industry, The equipment and the hardware, if


you like, around you, it's lighter and smaller. There is still the same


joy and fun in the gallery and with the people you're working with.


Television looked a lot different when Mike first took to our screens.


A continuity announcer and newsreader in the 60s, he worked for


TV. With the years come fond memories and plenty of stories to


share. Mike's experience and expertise and the relationship he


has with the viewers is invaluable to us. Mike has more experience than


the tire rest of the staff combined. -- entire. I never stop pinching


myself thinking how lucky I have been to have worked in this industry


for so long. It has been a lot of fun. Despite so long in the


industry, he has no plans to retire any time soon.


Grey, that sums up the weather. We are all looking for a glimmer of


something better. I should warn you because the weather forecast do


nothing to help in that department. We were wedged under a thick layer


of cloud to date with a mixture of mist and fog. The brightness tried


to break through the did not manage. We even got some brain once again


through the north of the region. A bit of a mist always creates mystery


and we have a lovely photograph here. Blame this frontal system that


is slithering across as or the cloud and the mist that is stuck above us.


That will move across to the east, so we can wave goodbye by Thursday.


It is going to leave behind as high pressure. The winds are going to be


light and that is nothing to agitate that cloud to break it up until the


weekend and some brightness. Also cold air. Still cloudy out there and


hail fog forming once again tonight. Some spots of drizzle as well. It is


a mainly dry picture. Temperatures dropping to a minimum of around


three Celsius. Perhaps a little higher towards the north-west. It is


a mild start to the day tomorrow. Those temperatures only increasing


to eight Celsius. Milder than to but a dull one and a mainly dry one. Any


drizzle will die away from tonight. That hail fog will start to lift.


Tomorrow night, more mist and fog galloping tomorrow night and you can


see a lot of that cloud will start to squeeze out here and there. --


developing. Temperatures down to six Celsius. Those values match the


temperatures today. Friday, a repeat of those conditions. Highs of six or


seven Celsius. Maybe eight Celsius but dropping into the weekend. Cold


but staying largely dry into next week. Thank you. We will hopefully


that brightness. That is all from me. I will be back at half past ten.


-- 10:30pm. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States... TV: He's not your father.




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