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The headlines tonight... so it's goodbye from me,


A pioneer in cricket and Wolverhampton through and through.


Rachael Heyhoe-Flint - Wolves vice-president and former


England cricket captain - dies aged 77.


I shall just have to go off and see the physio, is that all right?


We'll be talking to former England cricketer Dennis Amiss


A boom time for Chinese investment - how Birmingham is becoming more


attractive for property developers than New York or Sydney.


You've got lots of cranes here, lots of development.


Wore a veterinary George Mead is getting his -- France's highest


honour for his role in D-Day. From dishing out the dinner


to leading the school, the head teacher who started out


in the canteen. I think there's nothing


special about me. I think if I can do it


then anybody can do it! And a gloomy January


it's turning out to be. We could do with seeing a sunrise


some time soon, but will we? An inspiration to many,


Wolverhampton through and through Just some of the tributes


which have been pouring in to Rachel Heyhoe-Flint,


whose death was announced Baronness Heyhoe Flint,


as she became, was vice-president She captained England's cricket team


- and helped them win In a tribute on their website,


Wolves said - Rachael's contribution to the world of sport,


the local community, and in later years politics,


cannot be measured - and neither can her seemingly


never-ending kindness She was a supreme sportswoman and


she took her cricket very seriously but laughter was never far away. I


shall just have to go off and C difficile, is that all right?


Arguably the most famous female ever to play the game, her exploits were


confined to the field. In 1991 she struck a blow against chauvinism


persuading the very male bastions of the game the MCC to open its doors


to women. I hope I won't have antagonised any people and it will


make the MCC realised that there are thousands of women who take cricket


very seriously. A battle and a victory she recalled speaking to


Midlands today. This number is asking for a stream to go across


because I can still see a woman there! Now it is great because I


aways know who voted against me because they turned their back on me


when I go into the Long room. It was it worth the wait? Absolutely. If


they go down to edge past and they will point them in the right


direction. Playing days are over, her love for the game flowered in


the community and community and schools and tireless charity work.


She was awarded an OBE in 2007 and later became Baroness Flint. But her


passion for sport embraced football. A big fan of her hometown club, she


served for many years as vice president. I have lived with


Wolverhampton Wanderers in my heart for all those years and to work


there is just wonderful. She passed away early this morning after a


short illness and these behind husband Derrick, her son and three


stepchildren. It pay of women's sport she achieved so much and meant


so much to her fellow cricketers, footballers and to the city of


Wolverhampton she was proud to call home.


Former Warwickshire and England cricketer Dennis Amiss


knew Rachael well - and joins us from his home.


So many tributes - how would you sum up Rachael?


Yes, they won't stop, will they? Big shock because I didn't even know she


was ill but she was a wonderful person with a great sense of humour


and we sat on the England and Wales Cricket board together. She did so


much to revolutionise England's women's cricket not only in this


country but all over the world. Occasionally she would come up with


the odd funny comment during board meetings when we were discussing


something very serious and I often heard the Germans say, Rachael, a


behaviour sub exact... Chairman. We go back a long way. Our sons were at


school together. We know the family really well. Derrick her husband


played for Warwickshire twos many years ago so we go back so many


years. She was one of the MCC's burst women members, the first woman


elected to the full committee, she did not believe in glass ceilings,


she had a sense of humour but you wouldn't cross. No, she said a few


precedents. I was one of the people that proposed that, so I thought


many times about it, she would be the first lady and would she


wouldn't she be? Brian Johnson was one of the proposers as well, a


wonderful character also and he proposed, I seconded it, and it is


all history now. She got in as the first Lady to be a member of the


MCC, so a wonderful honour. Just briefly, I know it is incredibly


difficult, how would you sum up her contribution and impact on sport? It


is enormous. You can't quantify it, she gave so much to the ladies


Tavener, she was president of the Taverners, the charity that we all


belong to, showbiz, cricketers, she did so much work for that so she


worked tirelessly for the game of cricket. She was a wonderful after


dinner speaker and she would go all over the country to do anything to


help people and tell a few stories. A wonderful sense of humour. I am


sorry to interrupt. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of


Rachael Heyhoe Flint. And there are plenty more tributes


to Baroness Heyhoe Flint on our Facebook page where you can


of course add your own. A leading property developer has


told the BBC that Chinese investors are increasingly choosing to buy


in Birmingham rather than more glamorous locations


like Sydney and New York. The weak pound and the prospect


of High Speed Rail is making Britain's second city


an increasingly safe bet. With growing demand for housing,


many Chinese investors are focusing on residential projects in run down


parts of the city. Birmingham's skyline is changing


fast, and where there are cranes there's often millions of pounds


spent on the ground, and a clear This site could be next -


they're selling cars here now, but soon they'll be


selling luxury apartments. And these are the Chinese


investors who are backing the latest development


at Digbeth in Birmingham. Spending around ?150 million,


the property developer who's brokered the deal says the area


is becoming an investor hotspot. The city is growing southwards,


and as a result of that the wider area of Digbeth is really receptive


to big dense schemes like this one. And part of the reason


is the proposed HS2 station There are also plans


for a Metro line. In Birmingham's jewellery quester


have Chinese have already Almost 80 apartments


are going up and the delegation is eager to invest in more


projects like this. This is the second largest city


in the UK, most promising land here. And also your leader, Theresa May,


will be heavily putting her focus You've got lots of cranes here,


lots of development. The latest figures suggest that 54


major projects across the whole of the West Midlands have been


funded by the Chinese over the last ten years,


and that 23 of those have happened And it appears that the city has


become even more desirable to investors than some other


more glamorous places. Some of our clients historically


were looking at Manhattan, They are now refocusing all those


efforts back into the UK and predominantly in this city


and region because of the offering And according to this property


expert it's not just Chinese money We have Canadian money


invested into Paradise, Middle Eastern money invested


into the Colmore building. And recently we did a transaction


when we had South African money being invested


into an industrial property. Birmingham civic leaders have just


returned from the crown state of Qatar and meetings with potential


investors for several A man's appeared in court


charged with the murders Saros and Leanor Endris died


in hospital following a fire at their home in Birmingham nearly


three months ago. Their father Endris Mohammed was led


into the dock today in bandages, still recovering from the burn


injuries he suffered that night. The 46-year-old also stands accused


of attempting to murder his wife. A man's been arrested on suspicion


of murder after a woman was found Police were called to Gomer Street


in Willenhall, just before midday, where they discovered the woman


who'd been stabbed. They arrested a 46-year-old


man who was in a car Police aren't looking


for anyone else in connection Allegations of fraud


against a former leader of Sandwell Council have been passed


to the West Midlands Police Regional A council investigation published


today says the allocation of ten council houses over the last two


decades all benefited the family Mr Hussain, who was first accused


of six separate breaches of the council's code of conduct


last year, has always We have heard many stories


here on Midlands Today about the courage of World War Two


veterans, but the family of George Mead have


quite a tale to tell. His daughter wrote to us detailing


the 92-year-old's incredible bravery during the D-Day Landings


of World War Two. More than seven decades later -


George's heroics have been Our reporter Joanne Writtle


joined his proud family at a special ceremony


in Stratford-Upon-Avon today. George Mead has two metal hips, he


has had a heart attack, three strokes and survive the Second World


War. And today against all odds his daughter Kate is getting ready for a


remarkable day. I am only forfeit 11 but if you're seven foot tall. But


pride? Absolutely. Back in 1944 George took part in the D-Day


landings. Just 20 years old. Today 72 years on he is going to receive


France's highest military decoration, but it wasn't until the


50th anniversary that he told his daughter in any detail, so painful


with the memories. I think they saw a lot of difficult things, nasty


things, maybe sometimes it is best to the back of your mind. For George


today is about his lost comrades. Decades on this is how often he


thinks about them. All the time. You always think about them, do you?


Have you never forgotten them in all of the 72 years? No. I am here on


behalf of the French people to express our undying and heartfelt


thanks... This afternoon at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall George


is presented with this by the French consulate. It is a big honour. How


does it make you feel inside? Proud. He was surrounded by family


including great grandchildren from Canada and closer to home. I think


it is awesome but at the same time it is an honour for him to get the


award. It is pretty fantastic. Most people can survive that, especially


D-Day. Remarkably George was shot in France, sent home and recovered


well. Well enough to be sent straight back to war.


On last night's programme we brought you the story


of the theft of a trailer, used by a group of elderly


To make matters worse, their mobility scooters were inside.


Thieves targeted a charity in Walsall at the weekend -


and you reacted strongly to our coverage of the story.


Julie Mansell's was a typical response on our Facebook page.


"If I was a millionaire, I'd buy you a new one.


So sorry these people are victims of such a crime."


Well Julie wasn't alone in that sentiment -


our Black Country reporter Ben Godfrey has an update


They live an active lifestyle - this group of friends at a community


church in Walsall have never let disability hold them back.


But when thieves stole this trailer carrying their mobility


wheelchairs and scooters, their hopes of day trips


to the seaside were dashed, their independence threatened.


It is just awful, absolutely awful, because it is not just day trips, it


is the whole community. It is opened up a new life for us. We don't


drive, none of us, we have no transport.


But this afternoon, we asked them to meet us outside the Church


They had no idea why, until this happened.


That over there. Here's a new trailer for you from eight viewer,


his name is Darren. I saw what happened to you and I wanted to take


an opportunity to give something back to you.


Former Royal Marine Darren Logan watched Midlands Today last night


It really touched me. Like I said I have had is that sitting on the


drive for some time and I thought, you know, these guys deserve


something. I am so choked up trying to fight back the tears a bit,


because it is just the impact that it has on the community. It means


such a lot will stop thank you so much.


One act of goodwill and these friends will be going


I am very pleased, very pleased. There are not words to say thank


you. They are just not words. It is absolutely wonderful but you have


thought of us and you are kind. That is not the only surprise because


Midlands today viewers also called does to offer money for a


replacement Scriptures. That, my friends, it is logical result. --


replacement Scriptures. Two months after one of Birmingham's


major water mains burst, people are still coping


with the impact. Hundreds of gallons of water escaped


last November when a three-foot lead pipe collapsed and some residents


in Selly Oak are effectively Every day Terry Josephs


fears the worst. How deep will the small lake that's


appeared under his home be? Check the depth. Which is 11 inches,


nearly a foot of water. The water arrived after the mains


burst at the top of his road It shouldn't be there. It is not


right. It should be cleared out. I shouldn't have to suffer this every


day. So far, Severn Trent have sent


in contractors to pump out Pumping all day, it just comes back


in again. There is something wrong outside that is wrong. It shouldn't


be going back in the house. Severn Trent have been working


around the clock on the sinkhole created by the burst pipe and say


they'll be ready to start the actual It is taking so long because we have


had to start to move water around the area to make the repair itself.


Or primary reason is to keep the supply on to all of the customers


while we make this repair and we have done over 500 checks in the


area and 500 inspections to be able to prepare us to do that. It can't


come too early for this student who was fed up on the diversions. We are


passing the road, the supermarket is just beyond the squalor but because


of the road closure we have had to drive about 15 minutes. -- this


corner. Terry Josephs lost his collection


of tropical fish and baby sharks in the flood -


cos he couldn't risk the electric Up to that big. Now there is


nothing. Just an empty tank. Severn Trent say as other homes have dried


out this suspect Terry's what is you may be a pre-existing problem. Under


the circumstances they will continue to help put it right. It is looking


increasingly likely UKIP's new leader Paul Nuttall could be the


candidate in the Stoke Central by-election. The vote has been


triggered by resignation of the Labour MP Tristram Hunt. There will


be hustings in the city on Friday when local activists will make their


recommendation to the party's National Executive committee. The


candidate will be formally announced in the constituency on Saturday


morning. He's called it the best performance


of his tennis career. Birmingham's Dan Evans has


beaten world number seven Marin Cilic in the second


round of the Australian Open. It's the biggest shock


of the tournament so far - and a victory to savour for Dan's


fans and friends back home. Dan Evans came from a set down


to beat the former US Open This was the moment Dan


from Hall Green secured the greatest Quite simply the biggest win of Dan


Evans' career. now ranked world number 51,


has beaten a top ten player I had to fight quite hard to get


through it definitely the best with the situation and writing. I think


he lost a bit of confidence in what he was doing and maybe couldn't keep


up the level he started out. I was definitely on top from then on.


Back home, at Dan's sports club in Solihull, they're


watching his progress in Australia keenly.


Rob Owen, a friend, has watched Dan's progress for 20 years


It is brilliant for the club and the family and great for the area. To be


one set down and come back to win and show the courage and


determination he did was just an amazing performance.


In the next round, Dan faces Australian Bernard Tomic,


- home turf an advantage for his opponent but by no


I am sure there will be a few Brummies in the crowd who will cheer


him on but the last time they played he beat him in the US Open so he is


used to playing him and the pressure is all on Bernard Tomic.


Whatever happens, Dan Evans can reflect on one of the best weeks


Ten years ago this week, Birmingham City shocked everyone,


including themselves, by scoring five goals away


Tonight, Blues fans would settle for a 1-0 win to earn a fourth


But if the very thought of travelling all the way


to Newcastle and back sends a shiver down your spine, then cast your mind


And Birmingham City made the long trip to St James Park never daring


to dream that they might pull off one of the most memorable results


COMMENTATOR: They have hammered high-calibre premiership opposition


on their own patch. And what a sweet journey back to the Midlands it will


be for that small band of Birmingham city supporters. 5-1, you must've


been in dreamland. It was yeah, pretty magical. I think everybody


came away shop. We couldn't believe it, 5-1. Are you going to get


shocked tonight? You never know. This was the match programme from


that famous victory and all of these fans have long since moved on. But


ten years later one thing remains constant, the loyalty of Birmingham


City fans as they keep right on up to Newcastle in search of FA Cup


glory. You would settle for 1-0 tonight, would you? I would, I don't


care, just win. They are due a win under Zola so hopefully today. If I


can go further in this competition and be very delighted.


Goodness knows what time the fans will get back home to bed,


if it goes to extra time and penalties tonight.


And the whole game is live on BBC West Midlands this evening.


We'll have all the goals in our late news at 10:30pm.


And of course Wolves will be away to the winners of tonight's replay


From dinner lady to head teacher, it sounds far-fetched,


but that's exactly what's happened to Rosalind Brotherton -


after she decided to go back to university at the age of 30.


And as Satnam Rana has been finding out, she has good reason to be


Her dinner lady days may be over - but lunchtime supervision is how


Rosalind Brotherton's journey into teaching began.


When I was a dinner lady I only worked for an hour a day, and I


wanted to be there all day and be around the children.


That thought led her into becoming a teaching assistant.


And then a leap of faith - at the age of 30 she began


an Open University degree - a single mum of three boys.


Financially it was quite hard when I was younger, dinner ladies and


learning assistance dog and a great deal and I think sometimes the


string of juggling work and children and studying was quite hard. However


overall it was a real pleasure for me to be able to study and I think


that when you're doing something you love it gives you a bit of extra


energy. Nine years after qualifying,


Rosalind Brotherton Now she's headteacher


at Flyford Flavell First School near Worcester and her childhood


experience in class has shaped I can just remember being quite


scared of my. He was walking the corridors I was likely to what the


other way because I was quite scared. Even if I was being really


good and well behaved. I would like to think I am approachable with the


children and they can to me with anything. She is a hit with the


pupils as well. She is a good headteacher because she has never


really strict and I really don't like strict teachers. She has made


so many changes to make the school a better place to be and to learn in.


Brilliant. And her achievements continue -


last term Ofsted rated A step up from the needs improving


status she inherited. Shefali promised us


some brightness today - and she's delivered,


at least in the dress. It is not improving. I do dry my


best. This picture from Warwickshire. There were some Sun


this morning. But the rest of us there was a thick group of mist,


Merck and the odd spot of drizzle. Ordinarily we are usually pleased to


see how pressure but the problem at the moment is high pressure is right


across us and because of that conditions are calm and stagnant.


This is how it looks over the next few days or until the end of the


week at least. Largely cloudy and we will see some brightness in the


south. If not tomorrow than certainly by the weekend it is


becoming generally cooler but here tonight we have got a lot of cloud


across us once again. May see the letter in the south initially but


cloud fills in once more. 4-7 C. A mild night and the cloud may be


thick and ten places to bring the odd spot of drizzle. Light winds as


well and that will continue into tomorrow so much to stir up the


cloud and break it up but you will sequence is a brightness here and


there and the most favoured spot will be the south of the region. It


may even creep into central parts as well. Temperatures rising to a


degree higher so seven or eight. A mild day at least. I'll again


tomorrow night, the cloud filling in and it will create some hill fog. It


could squeeze the odd spot of drizzle out but temperatures will


fall to about five or six Celsius. A touch cooler tomorrow but tomorrow


night, temperatures rising into Friday to about five or six. A bit


of brightness developing through Saturday and Sunday. All repetitive


at the moment. We could have used yesterday's forecast for today! It


looks a little familiar. That is all for now. Back at 10:30pm. Have a


good evening. Hello. I hope you're well.


I really do. Because if you're not, then chances


are the NHS won't be able to look after you as well as it should.


And that's wrong. Because the Labour Party created


the NHS 70 years ago on the founding principles of it being


comprehensive, universal and free. The NHS was created to care for us


but now the NHS needs our care.


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