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When you are representing a cathedral, people can make comments


that really aren't appropriate for them to see on the website so we had


to take that decision. The call to prayer was part


of a multicultural exhibition Police search for thieves who used


a JCB to smash through the wall of a Worcestershire shop to steal


a cash machine. We heard what proved to be


the cashpoint machine being taken out of the wall and put


onto the back of a pick-up truck. Why your five a day is close


to costing a fiver. A steep rise in the price of veg


as temperatures in Europe plummet. Watch out, Birmingham, Strictly is


coming to town. And from Strictly to sunshine.


Yes, it's finally on the way. From the dull and drab


to the gleaming. I'll have all the good


news for you later. It started as a celebration


of multi-faith culture, but escalated into a row


about a video on facebook. The Dean of Gloucester Cathedral


is defending his decision to delete a video from social media,


which showed a Muslim prayer The film, which featured a local


imam, had been posted on the Cathedral's Facebook page


as part of a new exhibition celebrating the city's


different faiths. But it attracted fierce criticism


and what the Dean described Filmed on a mobile phone,


a traditional Muslim prayer read by a local imam


in Gloucester Cathedral, The video attracted some criticism,


much of it offensive and the cathedral removed the entire


post from its Facebook page. The prayer wasn't part of a service,


but was read as part of the cathedral's exhibition launch


which also included Rasta drumming, St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow found


itself the target of criticism in similar circumstances last week


after a local Muslim student read That took place during


a Christian service. Imam Hassan, who read the prayer


at Gloucester Cathedral, He said: "I take great


inspiration from the work done Gloucester Cathedral representatives


say this incident was fundamentally The exhibition intended, they say,


to start conversations about faith. Although they admit the online video


lacked any context and say they'll A little earlier our reporter


Andrew Plant spoke to the Dean of Gloucester about his decision


to remove the video. We are delighted to have this


amazing fave exhibition in here and obviously when you want people to


discover new things about themselves -- faith and about each other, that


can become controversial and I had to take a decision at the weekend


that the post that was on our Facebook page wasn't actually


helping and sometimes in particular when you are representing a


cathedral, people can make comments that are appropriate for a them to


see on a cathedral website. What could have been done differently


with that post? More context to render the deal? That was the


problem. That kind of social media doesn't allow for the proper


explanation and for those who were here, it was a fantastic event and


for those who have been coming in great number to see the exhibition.


People go away and pressed and interested. One of the problems is


how much time do you get to actually explain? This is all about people


talking face-to-face and that's what people need to do when they come and


see us. By taking it down, does that suggest to people there was


something wrong with having an Islamic prayer read here rather than


just moderating the comments? Some people might think that. This whole


exhibition is about different faiths in a place of fees and that prayer


was not during a Christian service. It was in the Chapter House and


that's a place of learning and discovery. We are confident that was


the right thing to do. It does come to a point where I'm not there to


provide a full room for other peoples comments. This is our


canvas. Thank you very much indeed. Although that post has been taking


down now, the exhibition is on at Gloucester Cathedral for another


weeks. Andrew Plant reporting. Police are searching for thieves


who used a JCB to smash their way through the wall of a shop


in Kempsey near Worcester Most of the side of the shop


in Church Street was destroyed in the raid which took place


in the early hours of the morning. What's left of the side


of the village shop in Kempsey near Worcester, after thieves ram


raided the building and stole the cash machine in the early


hours of this morning. Ann Pursey, who lives close


to the shop, was woken Looked out of the window


and we could see a JCB across the road and the bangs


continued for a little while and then we heard what proved


to be the cashpoint machine being taken out of the wall and put


onto the back of a pick-up truck. I've spoken to a couple of people


who saw part of the robbery. One person told me that the JCB


drove into the building on a number And another person said


one of the thieves had a weapon of some type,


maybe a baseball bat or an axe. They thought to try and stop


anyone who was trying Thieves had stolen the JCB


from a nearby farm. Following the raid, they abandoned


it in the middle of the A38 This morning, as a result


of a member of the public contacting the police,


we did locate a vehicle and as a result we have located


the cash machine that was taken. We've located those in a nearby


village in a field. Again, they will be examined for any


forensic opportunities. Many customers, unaware


of the robbery, were shocked at the scene they found


at their village store. I don't know how much was seen


or heard during the night, but I'm rather surprised


in the centre of the village that a lot of the residents


round here must have I just don't understand how


they can get away with it. You'd think somebody would have been


alerted to it straightaway, Rebuilding work will now begin


so that the shop and life in this Worcestershire village can


return to normal. The car maker Jaguar Landrover


has been fined ?900,000 after a worker lost a leg


following a car accident. The employee was injured


at the company's Lode Lane plant in Solihull after a delivery driver


lost control of a Range Rover Sport being driven towards the start


of the production line. He became trapped between two cars,


leaving him with injuries which meant his right leg had


to be amputated. JLR was found guilty of breaching


Health and Safety rules. A date's been set for the trial


of three police officers accused of giving a false account


to investigators, following the death of man who'd been detained


under mental health laws. 29-year-old Kingsley Burrell,


was arrested in 2011 in Winson Green in Birmingham


and later suffered a heart attack. West Midlands Police officers


Paul Adey, Mark Fannon and Paul Greenfield are due in court


on the 11th of September. A group of MPs have been on the road


in the West Midlands today, The Exit the EU select committee


is travelling around the UK, to hear more informally


what business leaders and others Today, they were in areas


which voted strongly to leave, listening to opinions


in Wolverhampton and Stoke. Everyone has a point


of view on Brexit. I don't think Theresa May's handling


it very well at all. Just don't take notice


of what the public is saying. Yes, I do think it's


going along well. But not everyone gets to tell


the politicians what they think. That was the chance


these students got today as the rather grandly


titled Selected Committee For Leaving The European Union


came to Wolverhampton. Half an hour behind closed doors


with the politicians responsible for analysing the Government's


plan on Brexit. I think it will lose an element


of what this university is about because of Brexit


because we won't get that Sadly, the Leave campaigners


weren't coming today, such as Michael Gove,


but it was a very Remain heavy panel that we were talking to and that


came across evidently. We're going to find out


within the next week, few weeks or so, when they trigger


Article 50, I think, as to whether some of those concerns


have been listened to. But it's sort of a wait


and see at the moment. Here in Wolverhampton,


more than 60% of people The Brexit committee's been


in the building behind me, meeting business leaders


and students among others, to find out what they're excited


about and what concerns Whether people were Leavers or


Remainers is not the point any more. We're leaving the European Union


and our job collectively is to make sure we get the best possible


deal for Wolverhampton, cos we're here today, but also


for the whole of the country. After Wolverhampton,


it was north to a tile factory in Stoke-on-Trent,


where confidence is high. I think the fact that the MPs have


come out of London to come and have a look around the region


to see what is being I think on a level playing


field scenario as long as there are no major disruptions,


we're very confident we can continue to grow the business


as we have done in the past. These MPs say people can influence


what Brexit will look like. Our Political Editor Patrick


Burns is with me now. How unusual is that for a select


committees to go out on the road like this? It's not really unusual


at all. It is just that Brexit is so important that everyone is talking


about this one. Every Government department there is a departmental


select committee of MPs, it is their job to scrutinise the work of that


Government department and to see the impact of its policies on the


ground. In my time, I went with select committees everywhere from


road construction projects to football grounds, even on one


occasion in the innermost recesses of the nuclear power stations. Heavy


times. This wants to hear the views of business leaders and young


people. What happens with all those opinions that they gather? Way into


dusty file territorial? The actually write them into a report. All those


opinions get drawn together into something which I think is actually


an example of democracy at work, that report becomes an influential


part of the process right at the heart of our Parliamentary


democracy. It's not bad. Why ever committees having these hearings in


private? To enable people to speak without inhibition. Hilary Benn is


that the committee's discretion. People may feel sensitive to be


interviewed in full glare and can speak freely. Thank you, Patrick.


NHS prescriptions drugs are being wasted on an industrial


That's the warning from health officials, as concerns grow that


some repeat prescriptions are being dispensed unnecessarily.


But in Walsall, the local clinical commissioning group has managed


to reduce drug waste significantly by introducing practice based


Ram Raman from Walsall has a range of long term conditions


I've called you in for your medication review.


Today he's come to his GP surgery for a chat


Just looking at a couple of items you've had on your repeat list.


It's a chance for her to make sure he's taking his medicines correctly


and remove any items from his repeat list that he no longer needs.


OK, so you don't need that one any more?


By making sure patients only get prescribed the items they need NHS


Walsall is saving money, in Mr Raman's case


Even if a small amount of money individually, if put together,


surgery wise or nationwide, that's a huge saving.


According to the Department of Health, wasted prescriptions cost


For every pound invested into a pharmacist being in the practice,


we have shown that we have saved nearly ?2.50,


so it's kind of an invest to save, really.


Simple things, like encouraging patients to check their


prescriptions before leaving the pharmacy is also


Once it is out of the pharmacy, the pharmacy cannot recycle it


and even if you bring it back, they have to dispose it of and it's


But it's not just about educating patients.


Some of my patients actually come to me saying, "Look, I've been


telling my pharmacist for the last three months, I don't want this


I'm not taking this medication and this is a ?100 medication."


It's my job to stop those medications but also to pass that


same message to the pharmacist, saying, can you please


with your patients exactly what they need before putting


So by encouraging patients to get more actively involved


in their own medicines management, NHS Walsall is cutting waste


and freeing up cash which can be ploughed back


Thanks for joining us on Midlands today.


Your detailed weather forecast to come shortly.


first there was walking football, now it's a gentler form of netball


which is encouraging women to get active.


And missing your Saturday night fix of strictly?


We'll be backstage amongst the sequins as the tour


Now, if you're striving to eat your five a day,


you may have noticed a shortage of some green vegetables and salads,


That's because snow and freezing weather in Spain and Italy,


where many of those items come from at this time of year,


At Birmingham Wholesale Market, traders have seen prices of items


such as courgettes quadruple, and shoppers too are


Have you noticed a shortage of some of your favourite vegetables


Everything from courgettes to spinach has been in short supply.


And shoppers in Birmingham have had plenty to say about it.


Every single thing has gone up in the shops now and people


Everything's going up and you're just trying to make the most


of what you've got and still eat healthy as well and buy


It's a daily thing that you actually going to need, fruits, vegetables,


Most of the stall holders here get their produce


from the wholesale market and the traders there have noticed


Peter Marshall has been a vegetable wholesaler


Never has he paid more for crops from Spain.


I think we have to start leaving armed guards here at night now,


And here's a flavour of just how much prices have risen.


Few examples - aubergines, five kilo box, was ?7


24 pieces of brocolli, generally 7.20, now 15.50.


I gather this is going to be next, coriander,


This mobile phone footage of snow covered coriander crops was sent


to Peter by his supplier in Murcia in Spain yesterday.


At this rate, coriander won't be on offer on the market for long.


Gianfranco Zola just can't find that elusive first


win as Birmingham City manager, can he?


You're right, Mary, seven games in and Gianfranco Zola


Birmingham City were beaten 3-1 at Newcastle United in their FA


That means Wolves are the only one of our teams who have made it


The travelling fans set off full of hope.


After all, they won 5-1 in their last FA Cup


but there would be no repeat this time.


Newcastle may have given three players their first team debuts,


but they were still sprinkled with quality and Yohan Gouffran


enticed Adam Legzdins into bringing him down early on.


Matt Richie scored the penalty and with just nine minutes gone,


If Gouffran played his part in the first, the second


was all his own work, flicking the ball cheekily


past his marker to send the Magpies two goals clear by the break.


On the touchline, Zola fretted, but his second half


Lukas Jutkiewicz arrived just after the hour and, within minutes,


it was his header which played in David Cotterill to


In fact, Jutkiewicz had the chance to draw Blues level, but his header


As they pushed forward in search of the goal


to take them to extra time, Birmingham were caught out


at the back and Shelvey squared for Ritchie to get his second


and book a trip to Oxford in round four.


We were 2-0 down after the first 45 minutes for our own mistakes.


With all the due respect to Newcastle.


We probably created enough maybe to score even the second goal,


So Wolves are our only team left and they now know they travel


to Liverpool for a lunchtime televised tie a week on Saturday


after the Merseysiders overcame Plymouth in their own replay.


And that means Zola is now the first Birmingham City manager since 1889


to fail to win any of his first seven games in charge.


More tributes today to Rachael Heyhoe-Flint,


her death making the front page on many of today's papers, such


Yes, England's cricketers wore black armbands during their one day


international in India today to honour her memory.


The Wolves Vice President was captain of the England womens'


cricket team for more than a decade and led them to victory


A half century from Worcestershire's Moeen Ali today wasn't quite enough


to help England them win in Cuttack though.


Now, you may remember not long ago we told you about the sport


of walking football, which is aimed at getting more


people out of their armchairs and doing something more active.


Well, now a netball equivalent has been launched


and there are new groups springing up across the Midlands.


Our reporter Kevin Reide's been to one in Coventry.


For many here, joining a netball team was a daunting prospect.


But the pace of this "walking netball" at Coventry's Xcel Centre


Walking netball was launched by Sport England just a year ago


and already there are six groups like this running


The skill level may not be the best, but it's the exercise that counts.


And like walking football, it's all about getting


Marianne Piercy's in remission from cancer, having had both


This is a great way for me getting back fitness and trying


to lose a bit of weight, meeting people and playing


this week, 500 school children took part in


a special tournament organised by Wasps, who now


Former England International Tamsin Greenway was there


with encouragement for those considering walking netball.


Walking netball is great because it just takes that added element out


and actually we've seen such an increase of women getting back


into netball that perhaps played it at school or played it a club,


maybe went off and had kids or just stopped playing and drifted off,


Back at Excel and there's one member who's pregnant.


Obviously the ladies probably take a little bit more of a step back


occasionally from me and I try not to put myself too


It's really nice to be able to join in and still play that team sport.


I haven't played since I was 15 and left school and I've had major


Come back, join us here and we'll welcome you with open arms.


Sport England say anybody is welcome to sign up.


Great to see people enjoying sport. You don't have to be raising about


to get fit. Thank you, Dan. If you're a Strictly fan


and your Saturday nights have become a little bleak without it,


then we have good news! The world of sequins and sambas has


landed in the Midlands as the BBC Strictly Come


Dancing Tour kicks off in Sarah Bishop has been


to meet the team. A warning - her report contains


some flash photography. It's become a national


institution, must see TV. And for the next few months,


the show goes on tour starting here at the Barclaycard


arena in Birmingham. For BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba -


this year's surprise champion - I just had the enthusiasm for this


show and absorbed every He wowed audiences with his fancy


footwork and innate sense of rhythym, but it was former


politician Ed Balls who won people's hearts with,


well, his energy and enthusiasm. MUSIC: Gangnam Style


by PSY Gangnam Style was an


absolute privilege. After the opening night


in Birmingham on Friday, it heads north next week and then


come back to London. For me, the tour is kind


of like a bit of old memories, coming back to places that


I played maybe 15 years ago and having the opportunity


to dance my favourite dances It'll be an emotional


roller-coaster for sure and Ore This has been the most incredible


experience of my life. I've learned to dance,


I've made a best friend, I've been on the show that I've


loved for 12 years. He put his heart and soul


into Strictly, didn't he? Ore, I present you


with a box of tissues. You're going to need


them because your first You're welling up already


at the thought of it. And, no, Ore's old dancing partner


Joanne hasn't dyed her hair. This is his tour partner,


Karen Cliffton. Venezuelan-born professional dancer


who's married to the show's Kevin. Feel as though it's groundhog


day with the weather, We are looking forward to that of


sand maybe. We hope sooner we can say goodbye to the dull and dreary


weather. Perhaps not the fault. We will start to see some chinks


developing in that thick layer of cloud. Tomorrow will be looking at


seems like there. In the south of the country where this is, it has


been a different story. If we get what they are getting comment this


is what we could end up with, some sun, frosty foggy mornings and


nights as well. It will be colder as we head into the weekend and


temperatures will dip by a few degrees. For tonight, we are looking


at quite a bit of cloud, this lingering front is still across us.


We will get clearer skies pushing up from the safe as this high-pressure


nudges a way to the east. Starting to develop an easterly flow bringing


in that clearer, colder air. You will notice that kicking in and


having an effect as early on as tonight. Through this evening, we


will see that cloud shrinking away from the south and starting to make


an effect across the south eastern corner of the region. You can see


the blue ticking over, that's as the temperature started to below


freezing. Further north here, we still hold onto that cloud which


will keep those temperatures above freezing. If frosty start the day


tomorrow morning, summer fog as well during the first part of tomorrow.


Sunshine breaking through and starting to spread northwards as


well. Those of you in the north would be deprived from this either.


It was a bit played earlier in the morning but it will be a dry day,


sunny and temperatures up to five or six Celsius. Cooler than today


because of the easterly breeze. Heading into tomorrow night, we see


those clearer skies taking an effect. Temperatures dipping


Whiteley, leading to a fairly widespread frost and fog and that


will develop into the morning for Saturday. The weekend is looking


very nice indeed. Sunshine but the temperatures depressed in little


bit, fallen to around three or four Celsius.


If you're a follower of our Facebook page,


you will want to take a look at this and if you're not, you don't know


It's a film about Ahaon the dog, who is helping


save other dogs lives by being a blood donor.


But the wolfhound is so big, he can't be weighed to check


on his health at his local vet in Stourbridge.


He has to go to a nearby scrap yard instead.


And you can see the full story at bbc.co.uk/birmingham.


Tomorrow we'll be hearing from Stoke Ciy's Peter Crouch


as he goes in search of the 100th Premier League goal of his


Goal number 99 came last week against Sunderland.


Now he'll be looking for his 100th against Manchester United.


I'll be back at 10.30 with your next Midlands update.


Have a great evening. Goodbye.


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