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A message from the Chancellor - get the Midlands Engine moving


and business output could rival London.


As an effective marketplace, it will rival and even exceed the power of


London. We'll hear from business leaders


and workers about what they made Five years on from a cardiac arrest,


Ian is still alive, still growing, thanks to one of these, and


hopefully dozens more are on the way.


The beauty of our waterways - in need of volunteer lock keepers


He went with ?10 tennis shirts and returns earning ?134,000.


Dan Evans heads home from the Australian Open.


As soon as I lost, my thoughts turned to home and getting back. It


has been a long time out here. And if warnings for dense freezing


fog once again tonight have left you longing for brilliant blue


skies, join me later to find out later if there's any chance


of seeing them this week. The Midlands could rival London


for business output. That's the encouraging message


from the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, on the day the Government


launched its industrial strategy The Prime Minister is already


committed to growing the Midlands economy by ?34 billion by 2030


and creating an extra 300,000 jobs Today she shared her plans


for how to make it happen. Our business correspondent


Peter Plisner has been assessing With the post-Brexit warning sirens


still sounding and business still cautious about the long-term


impact of leaving the EU, today's industrial strategy couldn't have


come at a better time. It is designed to help


small businesses like this, which makes warning


lights and klaxons, plan for the This employee, who is in charge


of dispatches, is due to retire in a few years' time, but even he thinks


it is the right way forward. I've only four years to go before


I retire, but long-term, for my kids and grandkids,


obviously it is important. Meanwhile, this former


apprentice who turns designs into prototypes elcomes the focus


on training and skills. -- I think I needed that


apprenticeship to help me, guide me needed that apprenticeship


to help me, guide me in the direction that I needed to,


give me the help that I needed. Here, directly or indirectly,


they supply goods to most of the sectors being supported


by this new industrial strategy, and hopefully that will mean further


expansion The new strategy aims


to encourage growth by focusing on investments in science,


upgrading infrastructure and helping increase both exports


and inward investments. But up in the board room,


the company's commercial What is important


for us is to make sure that it has got crossbench


support with Labour, and it doesn't change every four


years when we get a new Government. We want investments


lasting ten, 15 years. Unless we can plan for that,


anything less than Elsewhere, this leading


businesswomen, whose firm makes equipment


for the construction industry, whilst welcoming


the strategy, is worried that today there was no mention


of the Midlands Engine. There is such a great


industry in the Midlands. We've got huge construction


projects, huge manufacturing, so let's


hope they haven't forgotten about us,


because they keep talking about the northern


powerhouse, but have they forgotten Nearly 10% of the UK's


small and medium-sized businesses are based


in the West Midlands, and the success of the new strategy


will be measured in part by More importantly, how


many jobs they will And Peter joins us tonight


from the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry,


which looks set to play a major role in helping


to deliver the new strategy. The industrial strategy


was launched in the North, is there a danger the Midlands


could be overlooked? There certainly is concerns. The


Chancellor was in Stafford and he made it clear that the Midlands had


not been forgotten. We will be We will be announcing our MidlandS


engine strategy in due course, course, and we will be setting out


how we're going to approach in the Midlands that we're


already working on in the In the Midlands area,


there are 11 million people, and if we can get that area


operating as an effective marketplace, it will rival and even


exceed the power of London. perhaps the Chancellor should have


come here to this an advanced training centre. The apprentices of


the future are being trained as we speak. Elsewhere, they are


developing production techniques with Government money and the


private sector, it is run by Clive Hickman. How does this place fit in


with the Government's new strategy? We are working on new technologies


that will be introduced in the coming years. Robotics, artificial


intelligence, digital engineering on a main areas. This place isn't


cheap, will the Government spend money on more of them? I hope so. We


generate 15 million -- ?15 for every lb invested. Sat it was the measure


of the Midlands today, does that bother you? No, I think our time is


coming. We have to remember that anything that is delivered in the


north is good for the north, but anything that is delivered in the


Midlands but is good for the whole of the UK. Willing to deal with the


skills gap? And Lisle. It means I can double the number of apprentices


that I take on. Comments from elsewhere, in the Birmingham Chamber


of Commerce say they are looking for to a regional approach, and other


authorities say it it supports the region 's goals for Chris Barrett A.


-- prosperity. Rail services on a busy commuter


line were badly affected this morning after an articulated lorry


smashed into a bridge, The crash happened at around


7:30 near Blake Street station, in the Sutton Coldfield


area, disrupting services on the Cross City line,


causing delays and some Six army reservists


from the Midlands have completed a 1,100 mile journey


across Antarctica, a feat only ever achieved


by a handful of people. The team called Spear


17, are raising money They finished their


expedition in 66 days. Their journey on foot took


them via the South Pole. This morning one member,


Jamie Facer-Childs, made contact with his sister Elise in Birmingham


on a satellite phone. How is your body feeling


after walking 1,100 miles across It is still holding up,


that's the main thing. Definitely not quite how


I felt before we started. But we've held up, so we have got


something right in what we Ed Doolan is a broadcasting legend


in parts of the West Midlands. The Australian adopted


our region as his home and has built up a legion of loyal


fans since he first took His pre-internet consumer programme


was famous for sorting But Ed was diagnosed


with dementia in 2012. He and his wife Chris have been


talking about how they're both determined to raise


awareness and hope. Born in 1941 in Sydney, Australia,


Ed Doolan always knew he The most wonderful,


glamorous, fabulous job, From the 1970s, he made


a name for himself in Birmingham, before moving to the BBC


in 1982, where he championed The council are charging


three times more... Tackling the right of


the underdog didn't stop him rubbing shoulders


with the famous. In 2012, after


retirement, he received a diagnosis of vascular dementia,


the second most common in the UK, It is a disease that makes


everyday tasks difficult. You do find that the use


of the toilet, the use of different implements in toilets


and other things like that... I don't have two draw


you a picture, do I? Despite the dementia,


ED still broadcasts It is a pre-recorded


show and he needs help, His whole life since a tiny boy has


been about being on radio. And the fact that even


for everything that has happened, he is still able to do


that, is just wonderful. An annual Christmas


show at the ICC is no longer fronted by Ed,


but his appearance in front of an audience of 2,500


peopleis still appreciated. His esteem in the


business is enormous. His hard-won esteem,


and rightfully so, because But he has always had


a twinkle in his eye. He has always had


that sense of humour. Life may have changed for Ed,


but his wife has joined the informal army of carers who have


to look after loved ones. You've got to embrace it


and truly make the best And you can see more of Ed Doolan's


story on Inside Out West Midlands A third of patients being treated


in hospitals in Birmingham and Solihull have dementia


or related illlnesses. That's according to Professor George


Tadros from the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust,


who joins me now. That percentage seems high,


what problems does it pose for patient and those


caring for them? It is a high proportion of patients


who come with impairment and dementia. It is a big number. What


worries me is a big number of them, about 40%, come to the hospital from


the right reasons, not aware of the problem of dementia in the


background. You also say 40% of those admitted


with some form of dementia, Is that because it's


difficult to diagnose - The problem is we don't have the


expertise in primary care that can pick up this problem early. The best


place to diagnose dementia is in the community, when the patient is in


their own environment, have their family around him, have good


history, good assessment. Hospitals are not the best place to look into


it. What's being done to help


patients with dementia? Batter lack of expertise and shot


time for assessment. There is also a stigma. I hope the programme tonight


will take away some of the stigma. What are the levels of staff


training in hospitals I hope in the next years we will


increase the number of training and the eligibility. We hope everyone


working at such a hospital will be dementia where. Is it happening?


Some of it is as, but not enough. We need to spread the trading, really


the plan is that everyone any hospital should be dementia aware,


some of us to be dementia trained, and if you have is to be dementia


experts. If you're affected by dementia


there are details of organisations offering information and support


available at bbc.co.uk/actionline. You can also call for free,


at any time to hear recorded A charity's begun a campaign


to equip a hundred rural communities It's offering funding to help


pay for defibrillators which can shock the heart back


into life after a cardiac arrest. Ambulance crews were called to deal


with 14,000 cardiac arrests It's thought with the right


equipment close at hand Ian knows he is lucky to be alive,


but there is more to it than luck. His story dramatised in a video has


a happy ending because when he collapsed with a cardiac arrest,


first aiders were on hand, equipped with a defibrillator to bring him


back to life. It means attacking carry on with life as normal. There


is nothing different that I do now that I didn't do prior. Yeah, they


are just fantastic. Ambulance crews and first responders have them, too.


But in remote areas, it can take a lot longer to reach them. Emergency


services called now. To have a distributor available to be able to


train people give them an awareness session of how to a defibrillator is


absolutely beyond belief. A rule or charity is putting up 200 -- ASCII


community is to raise money to pay for 100 new defibrillators. To some


extent they are reliant on first responders getting to an incident


first, and any angle is a rise a little bit later, hopefully not too


much later, and that is why we are backing Hereford and Worcestershire.


This rugby club could be the first to benefit as they are already


raising funds. Hundreds of people want to come down and help


themselves. Spectators can get overexcited, it is a heavy contact


sport. It will protect the players if needed. Ian is into the sixth


year of his extra lease of life, and shoot a crisis and drive, his boat


club is now properly equipped to deal with it. Westminster and Lewis


Evans were called to a scene today where a man was resuscitated from a


cardiac arrest and with an on-site defibrillator.


If you like your news from a different angle,


then we've got a treat for you with some stunning views


of Worcestershire's canal network from the air.


It's to highlight the importance of our lock keepers.


They've been part of life on our waterways for hundreds of years.


But they are in short supply, so today a campaign has been


launched to find volunteers who can help keep the tradition alive.


Nestled in the heart of Worcester, the canals have been an integral


part of city life centuries. Go on, have a go. This is one of a band of


volunteer lock keepers whose job it is to keep the network flowing.


Batter Unita Doctor people, you need to help them find out about what is


happening in the area, some people don't know the area and want to know


when the best curry house is offering the best mirroring is. But


also just generally chatting to people who are walking through. This


is where the canal network meets the river. It is also one area where new


volunteers are needed. This is the first 58 locks across the stretch of


the canal. There are currently 40 volunteer lock keepers here, but


they're hoping to double that number to enhance more people's journey


across the waterways. They get everything, but if you're new to it


it can be quite daunting. Knowing there is a volunteer lock keeper


there to be supportive when you need it. The days of energy might be


gone, not the canaled prosperity comes from a different type of


trade. This cafe relies on the canal, and the owners know what an


important role the lock keepers play. It is very important to


Worcester, so they are helping with that and it helps with the economics


of the area. I would say it is very important. Deprecation steeped in


history and heritage, anyone who would like to volunteer or try their


hand at lock keeping hazards in the end of the month the reply.


We'll turn to the weekend's football shortly - but first tennis.


Dan Evans is flying home from Australia,


A few sponsors queueing up to have a word with him. He's heading for a


place in the top 50. First he achieved... He reached the fourth


round of the scaling open in Melbourne. His best ever run in the


Grand Slam was ended in four sets by the Frenchman. Please welcome from


Great Britain, Daniel Evans. The rise of Birmingham's Dan Evans


has been one of the stories of this His French opponent Jo Wilfried Tson


seed and regularly reaches The first set went to a tie


break and Evans won it. The opening game of


the second set was an epic. But Tsonga finally broke


the Evans serve and with it The frenchman soon levelled the


match winning the second set 6-2. And although Evans


continued to fight hard. But he said afterwards


his body was sore. That the efforts of the past


fortnight were catching up with him. Evans just couldn't break


the frenchman's serve, and after nearly three hours


of tennis he was So Evans didn't quite reach


the quarterfinals but he's enjoyed What has happened here has been a


hell of a ride. As soon as I lost, my thoughts turn to home and getting


back. It has been a long time. I am ready to go home.


Dan Evans has savoured his time in Australia -


even taking in some Big Bash Cricket with free tickets


He's still only 26 and he'll now get invitations to the best


Life may never be the same for Dan Evans.


And before he left for Australia Dan Evans trained


And Nick Clitheroe is there right now.


I bet they've enjoyed the last few weeks.


Absolutely. I am at the indoor tennis Centre at the club. Dan Evans


trains here when he is in the UK, as you can imagine that everyone here


is excited. Let's ask someone who knows him well. How inspirational


has Dan been here? It is so inspiring for everybody here. I have


some like who has trained here and see how well he has done over the


past year, it has been really exciting. Now we have some of the


top 50 in the world who has trained here. It will encourage more kids to


take up tennis. That is what we want. More kids playing in more


often. We have great facilities here, six indoor courts, we worked a


lot with the community. We have outreach programmes with schools. We


see over 800 kids at weekly and it costs ?2000 within the schools. We


really are excited to see him. It'll be great to get him back and get all


the kids this year well he trains. Batter the kids here want to make


sure that one of them could perhaps be the next Dan Evans. Because


couple of controversies at the weekend.


The commitment of the Villa striker Ross McCormack has been


Steve Bruce says McCormack keeps missing training.


He was a big money signing in the summer.


He's scored three goals so far and was dropped


from the squad for Saturday's 2-2 draw with Preston.


Bruce spoke out after the game and said that McCormack's latest


excuse is that his electronic gates wouldn't open.


Alessi 's attitude changes then he won't be picked, because I don't


think he's in the right physical state to contribute. Disciplinary


measures have been made against him because of his attitude and missing


training. for the Wolves goalkeeper Karl Ikeme


is over enthusiasm. A miserable afternoon for him


and Wolves at Norwich on Saturday. At 1-1 he conceded


a penalty with this Ikeme was angry with Hoolahan


pushed him and was duly sent-off. It mean he'll miss the FA


Cup tie at Liverpool. Wolves are now


appealing the red card. And Coventry City's


downward spiral continued. The latest set-back


was a 1-nil defeat at The Sky Blue Trust is holding


a meeting this evening to discuss But the owners SISU maintain


the club is not for sale. If it all sound a bit miserable


good wins for Albion, And Wasps are into the last eight


in Rugby's European Champions Cup. A Worcester family's been reunited


with a memorial bench which was swept out to sea


during storms at It was carried 60 miles


from Port Isaac in Cornwall The woman who found the bench used


social media to track down the family of the teenage boy


commemorated on the seat. Archie Thomas died 32 years ago


today at the age of 15. He came with his family to Port Isaac for


holidays every year and lovely place. He liked nothing better than


to stand with fishermen, chatting for half the day. When he died, we


wanted to have this memorial bench. Somewhere that was important to him.


It was phoned by cafe where she was walking her dogs. Eyed empathy for


the family of the beds because our brother had died a year ago and we


have a bench for him, which is why I knew this had to be somehow found,


whose family belong to. I think there is a miracle. It is brothers


of these wonderful people and also made so many contacts with old


friends. It has reopened our eyes and ears and hearts. It is


wonderful. Help came from another North Devon family with their own


commemoration bench for their daughter. Fermented cider gone would


have been awful. At least they know what has happened, they been able to


bring it back to where it's supposed to be. It really nice. A real sense


of homecoming. It is really lovely. What a journey it has been. It has


been incredible. As each amenity spirit and amazing connections, ITed


bench is back where it belongs. A raw start to the week, let's find


out it's going to stay that way. There is a bit of everything this


week. Fog was a problem this morning, but was it left beaver into


brilliant blue sky and sunshine across much of the region. By this


evening, everywhere was at it. Fiery sunset which turned into smouldering


embers before it turned dark. This is what is keeping things die this


week with the high pressure in control. There is the threat of rain


to the west, but high pressure will find it off by the time beget and to


be ten. The winter are turning not -- south easterly and that will draw


much colder air. This is how it is shaping up this week. It is going to


be cold, frosty and folly to begin with, mostly dry, and Miles by the


weekend. -- milder. For the Fogg tonight, we have a warning in place


for much of the region. This is for freezing fog patches which are


likely to cause tricky driving conditions. Do take care. It is


developing quickly across the west of the region. Got cloudier skies to


the east, and that shifts, the Fogg will become more widespread. There


is also the frost, temperatures dipping to between 0 degrees and


minus four Celsius which makes for a very chilly start. It foggy one as


well, but that Fogg will only gradually left and maternity low


cloud, it will break up together sunshine to round off the day. We


may get another beautiful sunset. Damages are around seven Celsius


with light southerly winds. Tomorrow it will be less foggy, with much


more cloud across the region. That is what we are left with. It is


going to hold those temperatures up above freezing. Not so much frost.


For Wednesday, a cloudy start, some sunshine in the afternoon, cold


biting south easterly wind will take effect.


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