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Police open a murder inquiry after a man was stabbed


on a bus in Birmingham - patrols for passengers


It's absolutely terrible. If you can't be safe on the bus, where can


you be saved? Police are appealing for witnesses,


the man was stabbed in Handsworth. Worcestershire Children's Services


is rated inadequate. A report shows vulnerable children


are at risk of significant harm. The mother who's received online


abuse for posting a video of her baby receiving crucial


physiotherapy. It's had loads of use and share send


them we started getting nasty messages, started getting death


threats, saying we should be killed. And there are murmurings


of discontent as warnings for fog Police have increased patrols


on buses in the West Midlands, in an attempt to reassure


the public, after a man was stabbed to death on a bus


in Birmingham last night. The victim, who was in his 30s,


was attacked on the top deck of the bus in the Handsworth area


of the city at around Searching for evidence


in the Handsworth area of Birmingham this afternoon,


police are trying to work out why a man was stabbed to death


while travelling on a bus Police believe the two men


didn't know each other, They say the victim


was already on the bus. Further along the route, the other


man got on and sat opposite At some point, a verbal


altercation started which A knife was produced


and the victim was stabbed. When emergency services got


to Rookery Road at around a quarter to 11 last night,


they found the man, a 35-year-old from Smethwick,


slumped over one of the seats We know there were five people


sat around with the two males on the top deck,


so we managed to speak to one of the people who very


kindly stayed behind. The other four people


left the bus shortly It might be that they didn't realise


how serious the matter was and just wanted to get out of the way,


which is perfectly understandable. However, I would ask for them


to come forward to speak Good afternoon,


ladies and gentlemen. Extra patrols were added to buses


across the city today, including the 11A -


the route the man was travelling The aim of officers from the West


Midlands Safer Travel Partnership, In Handsworth, concern too


from people living close by. You know, what happens


if I'm on the bus with my children one day and then,


you know, someone gets stopped? Everybody on this road,


they're worried about, even for the businesses


as well, you know? If you can't be safe on the bus,


where can you be safe? Police says they're looking


for a black man, aged between 25 and 30 with short dreadlocks,


in connection with the murder. He was last seen wearing a puffa


jacket, had headphones over a baseball cap and was carrying


a duffel type bag. Ben Sidwell, BBC Midlands


Today, Birmingham. Worcestershire Children's Services


has been rated inadequate. A report from Ofsted showed


vulnerable children are at risk It's the fourth local authority


in the West Midlands to have their Children's Services


department rated inadequate. Worcestershire have


said they are sorry - and will spend


an extra ?3.5 million Tom Turrell has been speaking


to the people in charge It is the job at the Children's


Services is department here at Worcestershire County Council to


protect the most honourable residents in the county, children.


I'm talking about children who are potentially in foster care, have


been adopted, potentially who have lived with parents who are violent.


Today we learned that Government inspectors, Ofsted, rated this


department as inadequate. It said that the children here were at risk.


I put it to the chief executive of Worcestershire County Council that


we needed our response. The thing I would like to say first and foremost


is sorry to those children's families who feel they been let down


by the services or feel disappointed in terms of those services. My


commitment is to absolutely ensure that we pick up the pace of that


improvement plan, real confidence that the leadership we put in place


last year is the right leadership, Ofsted have said that as well. And


things we're put in place, single multi-agencies focus is the right


things as well. The County Council say a high


turnover of staff has not helped, possibly by low pay and the


pressures of the job. They also say they are hiring too many agency


staff by third parties and that is not helping. And the demand for


children services is the rise. They say they are putting the problem


right, investing ?3.5 million extra to fix this, but the NSPCC says the


situation isn't good enough. To get "inadequate"


on Child Protection, on your work with care leavers,


on your work with children in care and on your overall leadership


is obviously a pretty damning indictment, so lots more work


for Worcestershire to do and our view is keep


the focus on the child, keep the focus on outcomes


from the child and learn from other authorities


where they have been able to turn Councils, businesses,


the BBC even fails at what it The problem is, when it is the


children services department here at Worcestershire, it leaves the most


honourable in society at risk. "If your child's life depended


on it, you would do it, too." The words of a young mother who's


received abuse online, after posting video of her giving


crucial physiotherapy Sam Carrier's daughter Daisy


has cystic fibrosis - and needs a type of vigorous


massaging called She put video of the technique


on social media, to try to raise public awareness of the condition -


which affects more than But the pictures have


sparked hatred and abuse. So you do it in a cupped position


with your hand to try and create a pocket of air. It doesn't hurt her


at all. It's called percussion and experts


say it can be the difference between life and death


for 15-week-old Daisy. She has cystic fibrosis


and the physio her Mum Sam gives her twice a day


helps break up mucus on her chest which could become


infected and deadly. The first time we started doing


this, she was actually three weeks old and they came to our house to


show us and they started doing the percussion and I just cried, it's


devastating to see this is what you've got to try and do to keep


your children a life. She is happy all the time. She is just a smiley,


smiley baby. Daisy was diagnosed with cystic


fibrosis just a few weeks It was Christmas Eve that Sam


decided to post a physio session with her Facebook page,


in a bid to raise But by Boxing Day


the trolling had begun. It's had loads of views and shares


and that we started getting nasty messages, started getting death


threats saying we should be killed, lots of foul language which I cannot


repeat. We got the told we were child abusers and we were going to


break her ribs. She's never replied to the trollers,


except to forward details of cystic fibrosis -


which affects one in Historically, half of all children


with with the condition Sam's hopeful new research and fund


raising will change that. Sarah Bishop, BBC


Midlands Today, in Dudley. There's been a lot of support


for Sam from many of you. Kat Cassidy posted on our


Midlands Today Facebook page, she and her husband used to do


percussion for their daughter She says, "Just keep


doing what you are doing "and don't worry about


the ignorant people jumping A cancer surgeon has pleaded not


guilty to fraud after claiming that he had performed 88


keyhole surgery operations. Sudip Sarker was alleged to have


made the false claim during an interview for a consultant


job, at the Alexandra Hospital Mr Sarker was suspended a year later


and eventually dismissed, following concerns


about his surgical ability. Leroy Sterling strangled Wendy Mann,


his former partner, simply because he couldn't cope


with her having a new lover. At Wolverhampton Crown Court,


Sterling was jailed for life. Detectives have described


their investigation as complex. They've also apologised


because another man spent almost three months in custody charged


with Wendy Mann's murder - Here's our Black Country


reporter, Ben Godfrey. Cold, calculating -


a man intent on revenge. He strangled 26-year-old Wendy Mann,


the mother of their three children, after they separated and she started


seeing another man. It has been a long process getting


justice for our sister Wendy. We are happy with the verdict here today


and it will bring a sense of closure to our lives.


It's August 2015 - Sterling is seen loitering outside


Fueled by jealousy, he confronted his former partner and strangled


her. He strangled her, dragged her body


into her kitchen where Sterling proceeded to mop the floor


afterwards, hoping to wipe away Then he calmly headed home -


here he is on CCTV images carrying a holdall -


he'd snatched his childrens' He admitted no part in this offence


and showed no remorse whatsoever for Wendy's death. This was a very


complex investigation involving very detailed forensic examinations of


the scene. But initially, detectives


charged an innocent man. Wendy Mann's lover Trevor Tyndale -


seen here leaving court - spent almost three months


in custody. It turned out too that Sterling


had tried to kill him All of the telephone data and the


CCTV evidence available at that early period .22 Trevor to being the


person that could be responsible for Wendy's death. Does he deserve an


of course he does, we have spoken to him over the intervening months and


we have apologised to him. We have supported him through this process.


Thanks to forensic evidence then, Sterling has been jailed for life


for Wendy Mann's murder and the attempted murder


He'll serve at least 21 years behind bars.


The verdict will not bring Wendy back, but it will give us some


comfort that someone has faced justice for this terrible act and


her memory has been honoured. Ben Godfrey, BBC Midlands Today,


Wolverhanpton Crown Court. Thanks for joining us


on Midlands Today, this Police open a murder inquiry


after a man was stabbed on a bus in Birmingham -


patrols for passengers Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly. Looking at our canals


from a different angle, the divers helping to keep our


waterways running smoothly. Plans to run former


London Underground trains on the Midlands rail network


are still on course, despite a fire The Warwickshire company, Vivarail,


is converting Tube trains to help meet a shortage of carriages


and relieve overcrowding. It says the fire on a train


is still being investigated. Our Transport Correspondent Peter


Plisner has been given exclusive access to the firm's


testing facilities. Stranded after a on-board fire


and a problem that could have derailed the Vivarail project -


but almost a month on at the company's depot at Long Marston,


it's is busier than ever. This is the train that caught fire


undergoing repair work which the man in charge of Vivarail's says should


be back on the track by early


Spring. The idea of testing a train is to


find out how things work. Clearly the fire was a setback. The fire


that stop the testing of the new train was caused by a blaze inside


one of the engines. This is the engine that caught fire. As you can


see, it is pretty burnt out. The investigation is still underway, but


it looks like it was caused by a fuel leak.


But the delays caused by the fire halted plans to use the new train


to help get more people in and out of the Richo Arena in Coventry -


today Vivarail were hopeful that could still happen.


It will be available to go back in-service on the Coventry line if


required. If it is not used there, we will have it operating somewhere


else. And undeterred, the company is also


developing a hybrid train. We are building a battery test car,


which has the capability of running either on battery or hydrate, there


are lots of hybrid vehicles now, with battery and engine.


And there's certainly no shortage of trains -


There are more than 200 former London Underground carriages


Peter Plisner, BBC Midlands Today at Lond Marston.


Landlocked Birmingham is the last place you would expect to find


But today a diver has indeed been hard at work -


under the city, making sure our canal network


The aim is to use use an inflatable pillow to plug - and then drain -


a stretch of pipeline, so vital maintenance


Our environment correspondent David Gregory-Kumar


This is the Grand Union Canal on the east side of Birmingham.


But the team won't be diving the canal.


They're going much much deeper, under the canal...


into the hidden network of pipes and culvets that


Canal and river trust employed divers across the network, across


the country, to undertake specialised work for us. There's


lots of things for structure under the grounds that a lot of the


general public won't know about. Today's dive is about checking


on some vital but elderly But the diving will only start once


the diver gets down this 15 metre shaft to reach the water


inside the culvet. Now, that black is shaded there,


that is what will go inside and block off the culvert so they can


drain it out and checked the pumps. The diver himself is probably going


to be in there about five hours today. Get all the air out of it, it


is trying to push something poignant under the water, so it's difficult


to push him. -- poignant. It's hard work, but finally the bung


goes in and the team up top But why would anyone


want to work underwater I can't see doing anything else, I


love doing it. It is not everybody's cup of tea though.


Surprisingly good. It is not been exposed to frost. It tends to be in


good condition, the water at the bottom has help reserve the state of


the brick work. network should easily


celebrate its double century. David Gregory Kumar,


BBC Midlands Today, under Fascinating. On to sport, we will


meet some new faces at Birmingham City shortly, but a new start for


swimming at Worcester. This is exciting, isn't it? Yes, exciting.


Two paralympic swimmers officially opened Worcester's new ?10 million


Rebcca Redfern and Claire Cashmore opened the centre in Perdiswell.


The City Council hope the pool will benefit everyone from pleasure


There's often a ribbon involved in these things.


But today wasn't so much about cutting - as splashing!


Paralympic silver medallist Rebecca Redfern took


the plunge first, quickly followed by a school


But 17-year-old Redfern will train here almost every day


It's amazing. The facilities they have here are so much better and


there are so many different ways that we can improve our swimming


with these facilities. Today she was joined


by Kidderminster's Claire Cashmore who has won eight paralympic medals


including a gold in Rio. She says great facilities


make great swimmers. When there is so much money invested


into the pool, you feel that money is being invested in to give because


turning up into a bright, fantastic, clean pool really makes a


difference, it makes you feel proud to almost be here and you feel like


money has been invested into that sport. Just a superb new facility.


Not just for our city but for the whole county and region, in fact. It


is a competition standard pool. Alongside the 25 metre main pool


there's a training pool. The new pool also boasts 284 seats


for spectators. Perdiswell also revamped


the main sports hall. They've introduced


an indoor cycling centre - The age range of users spanned


nearly 80 years today. There really is something


for everyone. So great news for Worcester -


but the wait goes on for Yes, we still haven't


even got a date. Birmingham University are building


it. from them came just before


Christmas which said... Regrettably it is delayed further,


they are doing everything they can to finish the building. We might get


another update next week, but in the meantime we have to be patient. The


region should have 250 metre pools, the Council approved plans to


replace the pool in the city centre. In the long-term we will be better


off. On to football now. A couple of weeks ago,


Dan Scarr was making FA Cup headlines with non-league


Stourbridge. And his excellent performances


didn't go unnoticed. Today, he began his new


career as a professional It's a dream come true


for the lifelong Blues fan, He is still looking for his first


wind after eight games in charge, but the blues' boss remains upbeat


and firmly focused on making plans for the future. He has certainly


been busy during the January transfer window. He's made it six of


new signings from as far afield as equatorial guinea and is close to


home as start Bridge. Dan Scarr will always have good reason to love the


FA Cup, because this goal against Wycombe in round not only cast a man


of the match performance, it also caught the eye of half a dozen


professional clubs. But after a week's trial with West Brom, it was


Birmingham City who won the race to him up. It means a lot, being a


blues Fan. To be here, training full time with them, couldn't ask for


much more, really. It's a bit surreal, hasn't really sunk in yet.


So Dan Scarr has packed in his day job as a part personal fitness


trainer. He has had goodbye to his friends in Lade, and has jumped up.


Full-time pro in the championship. Sad to leave, I had some amazing


times with the FA Cup, if I haven't got game still come down to watch


them, pop to training. I will never be too far away. His new Permian


team-mates include Emilio Nsue, Kevin Fry from the Turkish club. He


is an opportunity Dan Scarr could only dream of until now, no surprise


to guess his New Year's resolution. A fabulous story. It would be better


if he could help his new boss to their first wind.


We keep talking about changing the fortune of the players. Some of the


players went on to a higher level, we hope he can settle in.


Fortunately, his day job was a fitness coach, I think he has an


additive vintage on most people. Turning up to training shouldn't be


an issue for him, should it? Thank you very much!


If you're a music lover and want to see your favourite band,


you're likely to have caught them at one of our big live music


But where do you go to discover new music?


In the '70s and '80s, small venues were all around our region -


Those that remain are getting a boost -


Our Arts Reporter Satnam Rana joins us from Birmingham City Centre -


They are getting ready for a gig here tonight. This venue has been


the talk of the BBC radio six music. One radio host has been doing a show


from beanie and burn them -- BBC Birmingham. He will be heading down


later on. An musical community,


not just for new bands but also for groups who,


you know, don't they don't play the O2 Arenas or even big 1000-capacity


venues, but they play to an audience, a really


enthusiastic audience. They might be slightly musically


left of centre, but there are no less culturally


worthy, I think, so it's great that there's a place


that you can see them. Now by bringing his show to the city


- Steve Lamacq has also given a platform for some local bands such


as Goodnight Lenin - here they are with their most recent


video. And I caught up with them ahead


of their studio session. It's pretty big for us, we've done


some stuff for the BBC before but it's nice to do something national.


Steve is a massive name, we listen to the show, when we were hers. He


plays awesome music. -- when we were hers. Bit of a legend in the field.


What about the people that come to these venues? In 2015, five .5


million people across the West Midlands got their music, live


music, from small independent venues like this one. But speak to some in


coming to the gig tonight. What attracts you to these sort of


venues? The independence of the venue, really. It's quite an


intimate venue, you can feel like you're around the musicians were


playing, and integral part to Birmingham's unity. One of the best


record labels in the world are here come a everybody can drink together.


You can see a great passion for the live music in the city. It's all


about supporting upcoming bands and local venues as well. Sounds great,


thank you very much. Let's find out how it's looking


for the next few days. Is that Dean going to continue? I'm


gathering probably yes. -- that beam? Plenty of sunshine out


there, but whether I not he can fight the fog. Dense fog during the


morning today, as the day went on or progressed, it started to left and


we had glorious sunshine. The frost is down, the fog is returning


tonight. We have ideal conditions for that to form, clearer skies and


freezing temperatures. Those temperatures. To pick up towards the


end of the week. In the meantime, it will be utterly cold. On Thursday,


the winds start to veer southeasterly. We have warnings in


place for fog and ice. Dense patches once again, tricky conditions,


driving conditions into the more. Let's look at it what's happening


this evening. The fog began to form, more prominent sports the


southeastern corner of the region. We could get more frost,


temperatures will fall to around minus one Celsius, but most places


where there is cloud, the values will remain above freezing. It will


be a dry night. Frog and frost, greeting us to start the day


tomorrow. During the morning, gradually starting to lift. Western


half of the region that sees the best of the sunshine through the


morning. In the East, we start to see another layer of cloud living in


from that direction. They'll here for most of the day, it even once


the fog has dispersed. Temperatures rising to between five Celsius to


around seven or eight Celsius towards the southwest, with a breeze


coming in at a moderate speed. Tomorrow night is a different story.


We're not looking how much fog at all and that is because the cloud


will start to stretch across the region. It will hold those


temperatures to above freezing in some parts, but generally speaking,


because the air is so cold, below freezing. Widespread frost as we


head into the day on Thursday. Chilly indeed.


Tomorrow, we'll be meeting the students from all over


the world, who're travelling to Coventry to learn how


Their teacher has 30 years experience protecting the likes


of Princess Diana along with the Queen Mother -


It all started with the Birmingham pub bombings when a lot of us were


taken from CID to protection work and it went on from there. I was


lucky enough to be involved with the protection of some of the royal


family. Princess Diana and the Queen Mother Tomic particularly when they


were visiting the Midlands. That is on tomorrow's programme. We will be


back tonight You might get the impression


that history is just a record Very often,


the line between fact and fiction In this series, I'm exploring how


three turning points in our history have been manipulated to become


our greatest historical legends. I want to be entertained.


Entertain me. It's the last chance


to impress the judges. What have you been up to?


Something grubby?


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