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Good evening. for the news where you are.


The funeral took place today of Jill Saward,


the sexual violence campaigner who used her own experiences


to change the law surrounding rape cases.


The 51-year-old from Hednesford in Staffordshire was the first


person to waive her legal right to anonymity after


she survived what became known as the Ealing Vicarage Rape


Today's service at Lichfield Cathedral was a celebration


of the life of a woman described as


"very loving, very caring, and absolutely beautiful".


Doing what she did best, speaking out.


People often say that they feel like they have been raped again


Jill Saward was only 21 when she was raped by two men in 1986


during a burglary at her father's London vicarage.


Incredibly, the perpetrators received much shorter sentences


than the man who had committed the burglary.


That set in motion what was to become her life's work -


campaigning for victims of sexual assault and for changes in the law.


Her identical twin sister Sue Lancaster and Jill's


husband Gavin Drake knew how special she was and


But we have been supported by so many thousands of people


She knew she was making a difference but she couldn't take


the compliments always because to her she wasn't


Sue is not sure if she can never follow in her sister's footsteps.


I have thought about whether I should step up and try


and take her place but I just don't think I can.


Jill was involved with Lichfield Diocese for many years.


She was very courageous, she was very humble and she did


a great deal and stuck at things with a great deal of determination.


As the service got underway, eulogies echoed around


I know there are many, many people alive today


We looked after each other as best we could over the years


Jill was a survivor and used her traumatic


Very loving and very caring and very, very beautiful.


The Chairman of Staffordshire digger maker JCB


is one of the first of our business leaders to give his reaction


to the Prime Minister's speech today about leaving the EU.


Lord Bamford, who backed the leave campaign, says he was


"very encouraged" by what he heard today


and is now calling on other businesses to


But what do smaller businesses feel about the plan


At the time of the referendum we talked to a panel of viewers,


both leavers and remainers, about their thoughts


Joanne Writtle has been back to two of them,


to see what they made of the Prime


Then you want a ?5 pack of pork chops.


Bridgnorth Butchers, Mike and Sarah Pearce,


We filmed as they waited for the Prime Minister


to explain more about how the country will do that.


I voted Conservative for the first time in


my life two years ago and then I voted Leave.


Then I felt cheated that Cameron gave up his post and


now I'm hoping today she gets things straight.


I'm hoping we will be off to govern ourselves like we used to


As Theresa May spoke the butchers reacted.


I want this United Kingdom to emerge from this


period of change stronger, fairer, more united.


We will take back control of our laws and bring


an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court


She's going for the country wants so it is good.


I was much in favour of getting out of Europe.


I voted to stay in so I'm not happy about the situation at all.


I am very, very worried actually about


This family owned engineering company in Shrewsbury


is celebrating its 50th year in business this week.


In the last five years they have been exporting


15% of what they make to Germany and America.


Personally, for us, I would like to go over to America,


do a trade mission and that is our biggest export opportunity to grow


I think they would look at us uncertainty to


start with but I think really, again, we have got the chance.


We are world-class leaders in manufacturing and they will come to


100 people work here making parts for


the likes of Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover.


It might be little bit of the unknown but I think the


opportunities are there for advancement.


We will work hard as a country and I think we will be OK.


Businesses like this say they want to continue closing deals in


Europe and further field and will be watching the twists


Two disability-rights campaigners from South Shropshire have failed


in their second attempt to persuade judges to reconsider changes


Merv and Nikki Kenward, from Aston on Clun, are worried


proposed reforms could lead to unscrupulous health-care


But they've been refused leave to go to the Court of Appeal.


The trust which runs Worcestershire's hospitals


has been criticised, for making ?20,000 available for its new chief


The Trust is in special measures and has been struggling to keep


Michelle McKay is arriving from Australia in March


and the money has been set aside to help with relocation costs.


More than two years after the Staffordshire based firm


Phones4u went bust, around 400 former employees have


A group of workers took their case to an employment tribunal


because it failed to consult staff before making mass redundancies.


Each claimant has received compensation of more than ?3,500.


Severn Trent Water has made a stretch of the River Severn


from Tewkesbury to Shrewsbury a pollution priority.


So it's working with farmers on ways to reduce the impact


of water from their farms, when it enters the river.


Education sessions, like this one for student farmers


from Walford College are being held to show the younger


generation how reducing run off from pesticides and fertilizer can


Most farmers, especially if they have got riverside land, do love


their river and they have noticed the changes over the years.


So, slowly, as water quality improves they are noticing


fish coming back and other wildlife coming back to the river.


A celebrity reception was held in Birmingham this evening,


to launch a million pound appeal for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


It's to expand the facilities available to leukaemia patients.


Sporting stars have already lent their names to the project


to develop and offer new treatments for blood cancer.


Our reporter Ben Godfrey is near the hospital for us now.


The Centre for Clinical Haemotology opened in 2006 and gave patients


access to more than 25 trials not normally available in


But success in saving lives has had a big impact,


they're running at capacity and need to expand.


It will cost ?3.5 million, two thirds of which is coming


So they still need a drive for ?1 million.


I say drive but really we should say cycle because one of their patrons,


the former Wolves and England footballer Geoff Thomas,


will cycle more than 6,000 miles later this year to raise money.


The NHS has always been lambasted for bad things


and we want to celebrate what's happening on the good side.


The haematology centre with Charlie Craddock and his team


are leaders in their field and we want to support them


to accelarate the good work they're doing.


The expansion would double the centre's space and double


the number of drug trials they can do, creating around 100 jobs


Helping people like Jaymz Goodman from Telford, who was treated


at the centre after a 14cm tumour was detected in his lungs.


I value everything that was given to me because it saved my life.


Without the clinical trial I was on, without the Centre for Haematology,


Others supporting the fundraising campaign are the broadcaster


Adrian Chiles, cricketer Jonathan Trott and business


Worcester City council has put forward plans


The city held its first 10k race in 2014


and hosting a half marathon would put it on a par


with cities including Cardiff, Leeds and Birmingham.


The council is hoping the event will help attract more visitors.


Finally, Warwick and its surrounding districts have bee


declared the most vibrant place in the Midlands in a survey


carried out by the accountantcy firm Grant Thornton.


The area was singled out because of its high employment,


low crime rate and good GSCE results.


Stratford-upon-Avon also ranked highly.


That's all from me, have a good night.


I'll leave you with the weather from Shefali.


Good evening. It was another day that can seriously drag down your


mood but we had the weather watchers pictures to offer aid burst of


colour on what was eight grade date with the fairer amount of rain


around. You will see from this picture in Dudley just the couple of


hours ago committed looking drier we've got dry weather to come. This


is after tonight and tomorrow. It will remain cloudy and that is


because once this friend that is producing although it might rain and


drizzle slips out of that it is going to leave us with high pressure


across us. Not Owain to stir up the clan break it up, but unfortunately.


-- not Owain. It is going to be fairly mild as with lows of around


3-5 C with the few spots of rain tonight which should die away. It is


going to be cloudy day, allows lastly died with temperatures rising


to eight Celsius so it is going to be little milder than today. Better


brightness as that cloud thins. The national forecast is next.


from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if


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