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Tonight the verdict on the Prime Minister's exit Strang. Join me now


on BBC Two. Tributes have been pouring


in to Baroness Rachael Heyhoe Flint, She was Vice President


of Wolverhampton Wanderers - and captained England Women's


cricket team, helping them to win In a tribute on their website,


Wolves said "Rachael's contribution to the world of sport,


the local community, and in later years politics,


cannot be measured - and neither can her seemingly


never-ending kindness She was a supreme sportswoman and


she took her cricket very seriously I shall just have to go off and see


the physio, is that all right? Arguably the most famous


female ever to play the game, her exploits


were In 1991 she struck a blow


against chauvinism persuading the very male


bastions of the game the MCC I hope I won't have antagonised


any people and it will make the MCC realise


that there are thousands of women A battle and a victory


she recalled speaking to This member is asking


for a screen to go across because I can still


see a woman there! Now it is great because I aways know


who voted against me because they turn their back on me


when I go into the Long room. will point them in


the right direction. Playing days are over,


her love for the game flowered in the community and community and


schools and tireless charity work. She was awarded an OBE in 2007


and later became Baroness Flint. But her passion for sport


embraced football. A big fan of her hometown club,


she served for many years as vice I have lived with Wolverhampton


Wanderers in my heart for all those years and to work


there is just wonderful. She passed away early


this morning after a short illness and leaves behind


husband Derrick, their son and three A pioneer of women's sport


she achieved so much and meant so much to her fellow cricketers,


footballers and to the city of Wolverhampton she was


proud to call home. Our reporter Ben Godfrey is outside


Molineux in Wolverhampton for us tonight, where flags have been


flying at half-mast. Ben, Rachael was a real ambassador


for Wolves, wasn't she? Rachael Heyhoe Flint


was a lifelong Wolves fan The club has sent its condolences


to her husband Derrick In the 1990s, she was invited onto


the board by a close friend. Working in PR, widening the appeal of


Wolverhampton Wanderers, often seen as a guiding hand around the young


players, hoping to forge their careers, sporting success avoiding


the glare of publicity. The current crop of players we were an armband


as they take on Norwich at the weekend. A book of condolence has


opened here. Tonight, I spoke to John Richards, who paid this


tribute. She had everything. She was


tireless, she was talented, she was very loyal to people. She was full


of energy, always helping other people and of course she was


Wolverhampton surrendering. She was a screw Wilf. She had time for


everybody and I just cannot believe the amount of work that she did.


The impact will be felt we beyond Molineaux, will it not?


She grew up in Wolverhampton, she was the teachers, she went to the


girls' high school. Her legacy will live on. She got freedom of the city


of overactive in 2011. The city council leader paid tribute to her


today. She is a fantastic ambassador. Her son, Ben, said she


had a profound influence in many fields, government, cricket,


politics, food bowl. Her tenacity broken glass ceilings.


It certainly did. Thank you very much.


A leading property developer has told the BBC that Chinese investors


are increasingly choosing to buy in Birmingham, rather than more


glamorous locations such as Sydney and New York.


The weak pound and the prospect of High Speed Rail is making


Britain's second city an increasingly safe bet.


With growing demand for housing, many Chinese investors are focusing


on residential projects in run down parts of the city.


Here's our Business Correspondent Peter Plisner.


Birmingham's skyline is changing fast, and where there are cranes


there's often millions of pounds spent on the ground, and a clear


This site could be next - they're selling cars here now,


but soon they'll be selling luxury apartments.


And these are the Chinese investors who are backing


the latest development at Digbeth in Birmingham.


Spending around ?150 million, the property developer who's


brokered the deal says the area is becoming an investor hotspot.


The city is growing southwards, and as a result of that the wider


area of Digbeth is really receptive to big dense schemes like this one.


And part of the reason is the proposed HS2 station


There are also plans for a Metro line.


In Birmingham's jewellery quarter, have Chinese have already


Almost 80 apartments are going up and the delegation


is eager to invest in more projects like this.


This is the second largest city in the UK, most promising land here.


And also your leader, Theresa May, will be heavily putting her focus


You've got lots of cranes here, lots of development.


The latest figures suggest that 54 major projects across the whole


of the West Midlands have been funded by the Chinese


over the last ten years, and that 23 of those have happened


And it is not just Chinese money coming to the region.


We have Canadian money invested into Paradise,


Middle Eastern money invested into the Colmore building.


And recently we did a transaction when we had South African


money being invested into an industrial property.


Birmingham civic leaders have just returned from the crown state


of Qatar and meetings with potential investors for several


A man's appeared in court charged with the murders


Eight-year-old Saros and his six-year-old sister


Leanor Endris died in hospital, following a fire at their home in


Their father, Endris Mohammed, was led into the dock today


in bandages, still recovering from the burn injuries


The 46-year-old is also accused of attempting to murder his wife.


A car has crashed into a 12-tonne pile of rubble left dumped


The driver was left shocked, but uninjured, after hitting


the mound of soil, stone, bricks and kerbs which completely


Telford and Wrekin Council says it appears to have been fly-tipped -


Two months after one of Birmingham's major water mains burst,


residents nearby are still coping with the impact.


Hundreds of gallons of water escaped last November when a three foot lead


pipe collapsed and some homeowners in Selly Oak are effectively


Every morning, Terry Josephs fears the worst.


How deep will the small lake that's appeared under his home be?


Which is 11 inches, nearly a foot of water.


The water arrived after the mains burst at the top of his road


I shouldn't have to suffer this every


So far, Severn Trent have sent in contractors to pump out


Pumping all day, it just comes back in again.


There is something wrong outside that is wrong.


It shouldn't be going back in the house.


Severn Trent have been working around the clock on the sinkhole


created by the burst pipe and say they'll be ready to start the actual


It is taking so long because we have had to start to move water around


Or primary reason is to keep the supply on to all of the customers


while we make this repair and we have


done over 500 checks in the


area and 500 inspections to be able to prepare us to do that.


It can't come too early for this student who


We are passing the road, the supermarket is


just beyond the squalor but because of the road


Just beyond this corner but because of the road closure, we have had to


drive about 15 minutes to get here. Severn Trent say as


other homes have dried out this suspect Terry's what is


you may be a pre-existing problem. Under the circumstances


they will continue In football Birmingham City


were in action tonight in their FA Cup third


round replay against Newcastle. Match of the Day follows this


programme so if you don't want to know the score,


look away now! That's all from me,


have a good night. I'll leave you with


the weather from Rebecca. Thank you


Thank you very much. The weather has next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of different weathers, for example


this beautiful sunset in Southampton which was shared by


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