11/05/2017 Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire will be closed


for a third day while a health and safety investigation


continues into the death of a schoolgirl from Leicester.


11-year-old Evha Janneth was on the Splash Canyon Rapids ride


on Tuesday when she fell into the water.


The park closed yesterday as a mark of respect


Our Staffordshire reporter Liz Copper's been


Drayton Manor has confirmed that the gates behind me will be


closed to visitors tomorrow and that is to allow the Health


and Safety Executive to continue their work on the ride.


Staffordshire police will also be here tomorrow.


This closure is unprecedented in the park's 67 year history


and the park's owners say their thoughts remain


with Evha's family and everyone he was affected by the incidents


Throughout today, flowers have continued to be laid at the entrance


to the park and Evha's family who spoke so movingly yesterday


about how their world had been torn apart by her death are now preparing


That is expected to take place sometime next week in Leicester


and the family say the whole community has been deeply


As for the investigation, it is expected that a postmortem


examination will be conducted on Monday and then an inquest is


Today, we heard that theme parks across Europe closed similar rides


but this evening we have heard from Merlin entertainment


who own a number of theme parks including Alton Towers and they say


they have conducted their own safety and risk assessment and spoken


to the Health and Safety Executive but as a result, they are confident


they can reopen those rides tomorrow and I think that is an indication


any wider safety concerns have been allayed fairly swiftly


but when things will reopen here it Drayton Manor isn't yet clear.


A man's been charged with using drones to fly


drugs and mobile phones into Birmingham Prison -


the first prosecution of its kind secured by West Midlands Police.


Drones were allegedly used to drop contraband into an exercise yard


at the jail in October and November last year.


27-year-old Michael Tovey, from Erdington, is set to appear


before Birmingham magistrates on the 7th of June.


The inquest into the death of a woman struck by debris in high


winds during storm Doris in February is to be held in October.


Further investigations need to be made into how 29-year-old


Tahnie Martin came to be hit by a piece of timber outside


Exactly four weeks to go now until polling day and nominations


have closed for candidates standing in the General Election.


So, in the run-up to June eighth, today was always going to be a big


moment for those seats where there are slim majorities.


That's why we sent our reporter Ben Godfrey to one tightly fought


West Midlands constituency to find out what issues are on the minds


It's a beautiful day in Dudley North, the seat held


by Labour since its creation in 1997 but high up on the list


We have come to Corbyn Road to see what people are thinking.


First we met Mandy Yerster, an undecided voter who wants


the next Government to champion social care.


Giving single parents more leeway, childcare because my son


is autistic, a little bit more help regarding autism and stuff.


With support for Labour, the Conservatives and Ukip in this


area - it's no surprise the big hitters have been


Far from getting ready for the next politician to visit -


Lyndon Corbett - just to clear it up he's the Corbyn Road beekeeper -


would welcome a ban on zero hours contract hours.


Lyndon also runs a business providing home care


It would be beneficial because we don't get paid enough to do these


jobs. Basically when you do a 15 minute call for an old-age pension


you do not have enough time to communicate with the one that is


what some of them the most of all. Retired shop worker Betty had a bee


in her bonnet when I caught up There is a lot of men in London,


they are not in the real world. My bus is here and I


am off, thank you! Some polling experts suggest


Dudley North may turn blue in fours weeks' time,


but on on Corbyn Road we found many That's for me to know


and you not to! People who work or play sport


outdoors are being urged to protect their skin now that


sunnier weather's around. According to a recent study,


working in the sun could lead to one death and five new cases


of melanoma every week. Laura May McMullan's been talking


to a former beach lifeguard from Shropshire who now


has incurable melanoma. First being diagnosed with melanoma


22 years ago and again in 2014. This time it's stage


4 and incurable. Melanoma is such a cruel


and unpredictable disease and I wouldn't want anyone to go


through what I've gone through, the surgeries,


the shock, the anxiety. In his youth, he spent years


working on the beaches Doctors say it's vital


for us to apply sun cream BEFORE we go in the sun,


and that's because we all have a different burning threshold -


when our skin starts to turn pink. Construction workers


are at the highest risk of skin cancer, due to long hours


of sun exposure. We've brought a UV camera


to this Wolverhampton site You can see some sun damage


on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. I wasn't surprised to see


I have damage to my skin. Without doubt, having seen


what has been evident, I've been sunburnt and after seeing


this today, I would, He's urging others to stop burning


up and instead cover up. If you take a look out


of your window you might be lucky enough to spot ivy,


hydrangeas, fuschia, magnolia, We have our ancestors


to thank for bringing The great explorers of the day


travelled the world. Ben Sidwell hasn't been that far,


but he did take a trip to the Malvern Spring Festival


on the trail of plant history. In the shadow of the Malvern Hills,


some of the greatest flora and fauna the world has to offer


and for this, we need to thank the Victorians which is what they're


doing this year at RHS Spring At the heart of the floral marquee


is the plant finder's parlour, It is important to the intrepid


explorers who search They would search for months on end,


some of them would never come back, some would come back with broken


legs and they would go in search for clients and bring them


back in Edwardian cases because they couldn't figure out how


to get the plans back. You don't have to go far


to find species Victorians These carnivorous plants


are from Malaysia and Indonesia. It was brought in by the Victorians


and remains in cultivation today so if it wasn't for the plant


hunters, they wouldn't There was one type of plant that


surprisingly got the Victorians more Now grown in abundance


in Warwickshire, in the 19th century There was a period known as fern


fever and they went mad for building little got


was like this where the theories could live


and the imagination was amazing. Today we are just as


captivated by horticulture. 100,000 people will come


to the showground in Malvern, making it the biggest gardening show


outside of London. I've been going to


Chelsea since 1968. If you were to say to me you can


pick one show way you like being, From award-winning show gardens


to pupils from local schools who are just


beginning their gardening journeys, the Victorians would be


amazed that the plants to discover are now common sights


in gardens across the country. Before we go, I'll leave you with


the weather from Rebecca Wood. Temperatures did very well indeed


today helped by the sunshine but through the afternoon we started


to see it turning a little more hazy, not quite the blue skies


but in Perthshire temperatures As we head through the next few days


there was a change on the way, gardens will be grateful for some


showers which will build and tomorrow we could get quite


a lot of rain through the day. Tonight, a few showers out


and about, some are quite lively across the South Midlands containing


a rumble of thunder Across the North Midlands,


with clear skies temperatures are still will not fall too far,


a muggy night, lows Tomorrow, a weather system moves


through, low-pressure back in charge and some showers,


unstable air so we see the first band of showers clearing


the way to the north, we are left with brighter spells


and showers star to trigger off with the heat and unstable air


so temperatures lower than they have been today,


16 to 17 Celsius but the sunshine Saturday, fine and dry,


Sunday more rain. More information on


the national forecast. We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not Now the weather.


, yes a humid dead. We have had photographs of the