12/05/2017 Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Breaking News first tonight, and a rail passenger has


lost an arm after falling between the platform and a train


as it was pulling out of a station in Worcestershire.


The man was airlifted to hospital after the accident in Droitwich


The train from Hereford to Birmingham was delayed for over


an hour while the emergency services attended the scene.


London Midland Trains, which operates the service,


says a full investigation has been launched.


A judge has described a paedophile from Leomington Spa as "a clear


Andrew Pykett was today sentenced to 15-years in jail


for abusing 10 teenagers, the youngest was just 13.


Pykett groomed children online - and travelled across


He was eventually stopped after he was reported to the NSPCC.


Police warn there could be hundreds more victims.


You may find Sarah Bishop's report upsetting:


38 year old Andrew Pykett, he ran his own IT business.


And used technology to find his victims then


Flirty and complementary, that was how his


youngest victim, who was just 13, described him.


Another, who was 14 at the time, came to court to see


The court heard how Andrew Pykett, who used the name


English daddy online, would groom his young victims


by taking them out for lunch, or a walk in the country


with his chocolate Labrador and drives in his red BMW.


Inevitably, he would want sex with them, sometimes


it instigated after just a few hours of meeting them.


Several of his victims were virgins, often he


I've got 16 years service this year, and having viewed all of the


material that we built this case upon, it's absolutely horrific.


It's probably the worst case I've ever seen.


His victims came from up and down the country.


One he persuaded to film indecent images


It happened while he was on police bail.


As well travelling as the country to meet his young items


Andrew Pykett brought several of them here to his home in


One of them, who was just 14, recalls how he took her to


the bedroom, tied her up and on one occasion refused to release her.


She had to cut herself free, she said.


She told police she thought the got the older she


got the less interested Andrew Pykett was in her.


She approached her 16th birthday he stopped talking


It has just sort of made me depart from people in my life so I don't


really have the close relationship I used


to help with my family because


The judge told Andrew Pykett no sentence of


this Court can reflect the misery you're selfish conduct has caused.


He ordered that he serve a minimum eight and a half years of his 15


Well, in response to this case Warwickshire Police has set up


a Major Investigation hotline and if you have concerns you can


call them with any information on 01788 853981.


Drayton Manor theme park is to reopen tomorrow -


four days after a girl died on a water ride.


The Staffordshire amusement was closed


after 11-year-old Eva Jannath, from Leicester, fell


from the Splash Canyon rapids while on a school trip.


While the park will be open, the ride itself is to remain shut.


A convicted sex offender has been jailed for life


for murdering a nurse at her home in Bilston near Wolverhampton.


Lisa Skidmore was strangled by Leroy Campbell from Birmingham.


He'd recently been released from a 17-year prison sentence.


Campbell tried to cover-up the attack by setting


Hospitals across the region are dealing with a large scale


cyber attacks tonight - which as you may have


heard are causing chaos across the country.


Nurses and doctors are finding they're unable to access


Our reporter Lindsay Doyle has the latest.


Lindsay - how has the West Midlands been affected?


Well, it's put our hospitals on high alert tonight.


As we've heard this is a malicious software which blocks access


to a computer or data, and demands money to release it.


Earlier I spoke to Mark Lomas a Cyber Security Expert


from Probrand an IT company in Birmingham who explained


The light of all the viruses that might have simply slowed a computer


down all made it crashed, this type of virus actually locks your files


and data and prevent you from accessing it. They demand a ransom.


It actually requires you to pay some money in order to give you access to


your day-to-day gain and it uses an encryption so it is buried got to


We've spoken to several hospitals across the region today,


the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton has for example


cancelled a number of out patient appointments The Royal Stoke is one


of many who have disabled their own systems to try and stop


What they will want to do is try and quarantine and contain this


infection. To ensure that it does not spread further and then they


will be looking to find ways to clean their systems, remove this


infection and of course restore access to the data that they have


lost access to. In most cases I would expect that they would have


good back-ups that they could call upon but could take some time before


All of our hospitals are asking people to try and avoid A


unless its life threatening, instead dial 111 for advice


on what is likely to be a busy Friday night.


A Black Country school has been placed into special


measures by Ofsted - Inspectors say pupils pelted them


Willenhall E-Act Academy has been ordered to improve


after a highly critical report highlighted a catalogue of issues


including a third of pupils being persistently absent.


Onto the rugby and there was disappointment for Gloucester


tonight as they lost in the final of the European Challenge Cup.


They were beaten by Stade Francais by points to in Edinburgh.


And in the football West Bromwich Albion have


The defeat means the London club have now been crowned


Midlands Today is back tomorrow tea time.


The weather's next with Rebecca Wood, bye for now.


A bit of a mixed picture to come through this week. We have had rain.


Good news for the gardens. There should be some sunshine as well.


Through tonight we should see some showers following on. Some clear


spells developing as well but we keep a breeze so agriculture attempt


to shoot at far. Quite muddy as we had to tonight. Lows of between nine


and 11 Celsius. As we start the day tomorrow, pressure changes a little


bit for Docklands coming from the south and west. There is a risk of a


bit of an odd shower through the day stop good spells of sunshine. A very


different picture to how we have been today. Fewer showers. Lots of


lovely sunshine and are at average is back up to between 16 and 17


Celsius for stock more information on that and a look ahead


A bit of a mixed bag earlier on today, some of us were cloudy with


rain. This is the view from one of our weather watchers in Cornwall.


But in the Highlands of Scotland, it was completely different, find,


sunny and warm. The satellite and radar picture shows the variety of


weather we have had. It brightened up into the afternoon, early


evening. The north-east of Scotland and England have extensive