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Welcome to Midlands Today. so it's goodbye from me,


The headlines this lunchtime: As the Prime Minister pledges


new support for industry across the region, we will be


getting reaction from staff at a manufacturing firm.


What's important for us is to make sure they have cross-bench support


with Labour and it doesn't change every four years when we


More than 1,000 miles across Antarctica.


A group of army reservists from the Midlands finally


Birmingham tennis player Dan Evans could be top 50


As soon as I lost, thoughts turned to home and getting back.


It's been a long time out here and I'm ready to go home now.


The Prime Minister and her cabinet are meeting in Cheshire this


lunchtime, discussing proposals for a new industrial


strategy after Britain leaves the European Union.


They want to tailor policies to suit different sectors of the economy,


with a focus on boosting training in technical skills,


The industrail stategy we will be committing to driving very hard,


to spread the opportunities right across the country, and to drive not


just jobs but really good, well-paying jobs in all part


It's going to be a big part of our strategy.


Our Business Correspondent Peter Plisner is at a company


in Birmingham that has already expanded and is looking


ahead to further growth under the new strategy.


Here, they make warning lights and sirens. They have expanded taking on


new workers and moving into a new factory. Will the strategy help or


hinder? What do you think of the strategy we have seen? As far as it


goes, it is great. We need crossbench support. 15 or 20 years,


otherwise we can't plan on that. It allows us to invest long-term.


Hundreds of thousands of pounds for plant and machinery. If we know very


far in ten years' time, we will commit to it. Would you expect the


industrial strategy to deliver grants for companies? It would be a


great help. We are all a bit worried about Brexit and what happens after


believe the European Union. Do you think an industrial strategy is the


right way to go? Essential. It needs to include the whole country, all


the nations and regions. Does the strategy help the country? It is


planning for equipment, capacity, if we know when we are going to be in


ten years, we can invest to sit at and hit those targets. Thank you.


Many feel something like this is needed. And developing more skills


to close that so-called skills gap. Tasers were used by police


in the West Midlands more than anywhere outside


of London in 2015. Official figures show that


officers deployed the weapon The devices have been found to have


played a part in the deaths of two men in England,


with ongoing investigations Officers in Staffordshire


and the West Midlands force now wear Rail services on a busy commuter


line were badly affected this morning after an articulated lorry


smashed into a bridge, The crash happened at around half


past seven near Blake Street station, in the Sutton Coldfield


area, disrupting services on the Cross City line,


causing delays and some It has taken 66 days,


crossing the most inhospitable Six army reservists


from the Midlands have completed a 1,100 mile traverse of Antarctica,


a feat only ever achieved This morning, one of the team


managed to call his Facing temperatures of minus 50,


a team from the Midlands has conquered the snowy splendour


of the Antarctic. Among them, Doctor Jamie Facer-


Childs based at Queen Elizabeth This morning, his sister


in Selly Oak was able to congratulate her brother


as she received a call How is your body feeling? It is


holding up, that is the main thing. Not how I felt before we started. We


have got something right in what we have got something right in what we


have done. In just over two months,


Jamie and his five fellow army reservists have crossed


Antarctica on foot. Their team Spear 17 often having


to endure whiteout conditions. What did you find the hardest? Just


how cold it got sometimes. You're going along and your hands start to


get freezing cold. You have your warmest gloves on and they are still


called. Before going to Antarctica,


Jamie and the team hoping their expedition


will raise ?100,000 for ABF, Tennis, and Birmingham's Dan Evans


will return home tomorrow from Australia heading for a place


in the world's top 50. The 26-year-old achieved his first


ever tour Final in Sydney. And then reached the fourth


round of the Australian Open Evans' best ever run


in the Grand Slam was ended in four sets by the Frenchman Jo Wilfried


Tsonga. Can you please welcome,


from Great Britain, Dan Evans. The rise of Birmingham's Dan Evans


has been one of the stories of this His French opponent


Jo Wilfried Tsonga is the 12th seed and regularly reaches the latter


stages of Grand Slams. The first set went to


a tiebreak and Evans won it. The opening game of


the second set was an epic. But Tsonga finally broke


the Evans serve and with it The Frenchman soon


levelled the match, Although Evans continued


to fight hard, he said That the efforts of the past


fortnight were catching up with him. Evans just couldn't break


the Frenchman's serve, and after nearly three hours


of tennis, Tsonga was So Evans didn't quite reach


the quarter-finals but he's enjoyed What's happened here has


been a hell of a ride. As soon as I lost, thoughts turned


to home and getting back. It's been a long time out


here and I'm ready to go home now. Dan Evans has savoured his time


in Australia, even taking in some big bash cricket with free tickets


from Kevin Pieterson, He is still only 26 and he will now


get invitations to the best Life may never be


the same for Dan Evans. Plenty of cloud around as we make


our way through the next few hours. That is kind of a theme


for early on this week. Some fog thrown into the mix as well


certainly as we make our way But generally dry and


occasionally bright as well. So it's actually an


improvement on last week. As far as this afternoon goes,


you can see a lot of cloud around. At times, the cloud will


thin and break to allow Temperatures, four or five,


maybe 6 degrees at absolute best. Overnight tonight and into the early


hours of Tuesday morning, an awful lot of fog building


into the picture. First thing tomorrow morning,


visibility on the roads Some freezing fog patches thrown


into the mix as well. Keep across your local BBC radio


stations for the latest on the travel situation


in the morning. The fog could take a while to clear,


but once it does we are in for a generally fine,


dry and cloudy afternoon. Temperatures again around


five or 6 degrees. That is very much the way


on Wednesday as well. Albeit with probably more sunshine


and blue sky thrown into the mix. There is all that nasty wet


and windy stuff they are. There is all that nasty wet


and windy stuff there. It looks like we will stay away


from the wet stuff this week, Finally, do you fancy becoming


a lock-keeper on the regions canals? If you do, you need to watch


Midlands Today at 6:30pm on BBC One. Have a good afternoon


and thanks for watching. a free five-a-side tournament


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God help them. To break someone physically... Agh!


..is not a problem.


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