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The headlines this lunchtime: Police launch a murder inquiry


after a man is stabbed to death on a bus in Birmingham.


At some point during the journey, there was a verbal altercation at to


a physical fight. One of the wells a physical fight. One of the wells


produced by. -- one of the males. Plans to run former


London Underground trains on Midlands railways


are still on course, And keeping our canals


running smoothly. The divers going deep underground


to carry out vital maintenance. Police have opened a murder inquiry


after a man was stabbed to death The victim, who was in his 30s,


was attacked on the top deck of the bus in the Handsworth


area last night. Roads in the area remain


closed-off this lunchtime Our reporter Ben Sidwell


is there for us now. Within the last half an hour, police


have been carrying out searches here. They have been searching the


road and the guttering in some of these shops. On the bus itself, the


incident happened further down this road in Handsworth in Birmingham.


Police say they were called at about quarter to 11 last night. When they


arrived, they found a man slumped over one of the seats. Paramedics


did their best to save the man, but sadly he was pronounced dead. Police


say there were also a number of other people on the bus at the time


and they are keen to tilt to them. -- keen to talk to them.


We know that there were five people sat


around with the two males on the


top deck, so we've managed to speak to one of the people.


The other four people left the bus shortly after


Now, it might be that they didn't realise


how serious the matter was and they just wanted


to get out the way, which is perfectly understandable.


However, what I would ask is they would come


forward and speak to the


It is a large area as you concede that has been cordoned off. A lot of


locals have been coming out to look. I've spoken to a few of them and


they all have the same feeling. They are all very concerned.


Everybody in this road, they are worried about it.


If you can't feel safe on the bus, where


What happens if I'm on the bus with my children one day and then,


Police say they think this was a completely chance altercation. They


say the suspect they're looking for is a black man in his 20s with Greg


Clark chair and a centre part ten. -- dreadlock hair. And a centre


parting. A man's been jailed for 21 years


for killing his former partner and trying to murder her lover


in West Bromwich. 26-year-old mother of three


Wendy Mann was strangled in her own home by 63-year-old


Leroy Sterling in August 2015. A month earlier he stabbed


Trevor Tyndale who was in A jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court


found Sterling guilty of murder Vulnerable children


in Worcestershire are at risk of "significant harm" according


to a report into social services Services to help children leave care


when they become adults have been It is failing to McCann to counsel


are leaving them in continued risk of is significant harm. -- failing


of the council. It's claimed plans to run former


London Underground trains on the Midlands rail network


are still on course, despite a fire The Warwickshire company Vivarail


is converting Tube trains to help It says the fire on a test train


is still being investigated Our Transport Correspondent Peter


Plisner has been given exclusive access to the firm's


testing facilities. Here we are at Long Marston. The


fire last month caused by a fire in the engine. This is the very fire.


As you can see, it is business as usual. This is one of the London


Underground trains currently being converted. This is the actual test


trainer caught fire. A lot of work going on to it. It should be back on


the tracks in the spring. Here with me is the Chief Executive. Tell me,


the investigation, how is it going? The investigation is almost


complete. We are going to publish a final report next week. We know why


the fire happened, we have a series of actions that we are going to put


in place to make sure it doesn't happen again. How disappointing and


a setback was it for you? Clearly it is disappointing. But the train was


a test trainer and the purpose of them is to find out what happens.


Alexi ran extremely well apart from that one incident -- it actually ran


extremely well. Other things we're very pleased about that the fire


didn't damage the car body much at all. Minor repairs. We put special


plates under the floor to protect passengers in that worked extremely


well. How much difference will this make to the overcrowding we are


seeing on the rail network? They have the potential to move a lot of


people very quickly. Also, shorter station times. Really is what this


whole train designed for. Thank you. There is a national shortage of


diesel trains, so they could be coming to eight station near you


pretty soon. -- a station. Now, a diving team is working deep


under Birmingham this lunchtime to keep the city's


canals workng smoothly. The divers will use an inflatable


pillow to plug and then drain a stretch of pipeline which moves


water around the canal network. Our Environment correspondent David


Gregory-Kumar has been on site. Well, this is something you don't


often see in landlocked Birmingham. This is actually, believe it or not,


a diving operation and it is going to be taking place about 17, 19


metres beneath that entrance hall. And to explain what it is all about,


it is Neil Bedford. Neal, there is a culvert


down there, a pipe. This pipe, it connects to the canal


down at Saltley and it's And what allows us to do


with the pumping station, we can pump water from


down at the bottom. From there, we can


feed the rest of the canal system down through


Knole and further south. So, this diving operation


is right at the We're going to be blocking it


off because they want to drain it so you can check


the pumps themselves. What the diver's going to do


is insert an stopper. That is effectively


an inflatable balloon in The diver is going to push


this stopper under the We're then going to inflate


it from the ground. Once we're happy, I can


then start the pumps up. I can then dewater just that


short section of the culvert, between the


stopper and the pumps. So we're dewatering a short


section and protecting the And that means you can


check the pumps that have The pumps were installed


27 years ago. They pumped nearly


400 litres of water We're looking to actually


replace them later this year, but we need to


inspect the installation. As you can see, the


operation is ongoing. We'll have an update


in tonight's programme. Time for a look at the weather now


with Charlie Slater. Not a bad afternoon


in store for you either. A good deal of dry and fine weather


around over the next few hours, just a little bit of cloud


building into the picture. Particularly the further


west you are. Basically, the further east


is better this afternoon. You will find more blue


sky and sunshine there. Temperatures will climb up to around


six or seven Celsius. You might even get the odd


eight Celsius at fair. That being said, there


is still the occasional area where there is an isolated


patch of fog which will last all day long today and that will of course


limit the growth of temperatures. We will go through


tonight and onto the early hours of Wednesday morning,


the foggy patches unfortunately are going to return, particularly in


further southern and eastern areas Temperatures not falling


as far as last night. Last night was minus four minus five


and a couple of spots. That being said, there


are a couple of warnings that have been issued from the to


Met Office, still cold enough for there to be a little


bit of ice around. Again, we will have


to look out for some fog first thing


on Wednesday morning. Of course, ice and fog


are not a good combination. Can affect visibility


out there on the roads. Going through the daytime,


on Wednesday a good deal of Occasionally, the cloud


will thin and break. The fog patches could linger


a little bit as well. Temperatures will do


all right on Wednesday, getting up to around


six or seven Celsius. But later, we'll be in Worcester


as Paralympic gold medallist Claire Cashmore officially opens


the city's new swimming pool. That's in Midlands Today with


Mary Rhodes at 18:30 on BBC One. Until then, have a very


good afternoon.


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