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Warnings from the military in Shropshire that drones could collide


It's only a matter of time, I think, before we have a collision.


Production soars by 11% at Solihull's Jaguar Land Rover.


And two patients have died within six weeks of each other


at University Hospital Coventry after being sent home from A and E.


And upset about how she'd been treated.


She told me they told her she was a time waster.


There are warnings this lunchtime from the military in Shropshire


who say it is only a matter of time, before one of its aircrafts


collides with a drone, causing a potential disaster.


RAF pilots in the area say they're seeing an increasing number


They're asking people to contact them if they see drones


Our special correspondent Peter Wilson has been investigating.


They've been flying here for 100 years.


There's not much that scares these men and women, but


the defence helicopter flying school has a new enemy - drones.


It's only a matter of time, I think, before we have a collision.


We have had reported sightings in various parts


of Shropshire, over Nesscliffe Training Area and over


Telford and even though drones are only supposed to be flown


up to 400 feet, these have been spotted at up


Drones are remote-controlled aircraft costing as little as ?50.


Last Christmas, one UK retailer sold 30,000.


So concerned by the RAF about drones that they're saying to people living


in Shropshire, if you see a drone flying, phone the RAF.


At Harper Adams University in Shropshire, the next generation


of drones are being developed for the farming industry.


The researchers are working closely with the RAF


to make sure their drones are safe.


So, cloudy day, lights work really well.


On really bright, sunlit days, you can't see


lights too well, hence mirrors on this system here.


The disco balls allowing it to actually be visualised


by flashing light from the strongest source of the sun.


More than 50 flights a day take-off from Shawbury.


A helicopter crews pray that they won't be the first


One of the biggest employers in the West Midlands has reported


Jaguar Land Rover made 544,000 vehicles in 2016.


The news means JLR remains the largest car manufacturer in


It's news that will be welcomed by thousands


of employees at the company, not to mention the local businesses


But with Brexit looming, what does the future hold?


Our reporter Vishala Sri Pathma is on the factory floor


Vishala, these figures look like good news


Well, it is good news. I'm here at Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull.


Jaguar Land Rover are now the biggest car-maker in the UK for the


second year running. Closely followed by Sunderland's Nissan


factory. So it is good news, positive. Last year, car production


was 1.7 million which is the highest it has been since 1999. Earlier, I


spoke to the sales director at JL are and he is very optimistic about


the future. From our perspective,


we've not changed You know, we've got a huge


ambition and we're keeping steadfast on our particular plans


and so far, you know, our sales performance


has not missed a beat. And so he's pretty optimistic about


the future and, as he should be. He has just become the second year


running the biggest car-maker in the UK. With a future with the European


Union, the trading relationship under a bit of question because of


how tariff free access is going to be, earlier on I spoke to some of


the employees here. They are pretty confident. Pin-mac Prep proud of the


company really. It seems everyone has been working hard and it seems


to be picking up and everyone has a bright future for it. Proud to work


year, proud to be part of the company. It's so well. So, yes,


pretty positive about the future. Tariff free access will be key for


the car industry. It is interesting to see what kind of deal Theresa May


and Government will have the European going forward. Thank you.


A major fire in Wolverhampton is still alight, but under control.


At its peak the blaze at the AP Paper and Tissue factory


saw 100 firefighters trying to put it out.


There are currently still around 40 firefighters on the scene.


The unit, on Wobaston Road in Fordhouses,


People living nearby have been advised to keep doors


Two patients have died six weeks apart after being sent home


from accident and emergency in Coventry with a known condition.


They both had an aortic aneurysm - a swelling of the body's


main blood vessel - which if it bursts can be fatal.


Both families blame a crisis in the NHS for the death


Our Health Correspondent, Michele Paduano,


This was June Foxwell on holiday last March.


She suffered from high blood pressure and on August 22nd,


following a scan, she was diagnosed


with an aortic aneurysm, a bulge in a large artery in her tummy.


Her family are still trying to come to terms with her treatment.


After being sent home from A and E twice, she collapsed 11 hours


University Hospital Coventry wouldn't answer any detailed


questions but said it was working with the coroner to address all the


But the coroner has already held an inquest into a death


that occurred six weeks before Mrs Foxwell's


The father of prominent Labour MP Toby Perkins died


after being put in a taxi and sent home from University Hospital.


Mr Perkins was shocked it could happen again.


It is very worrying that the pressures that are on the


National Health Service, on the University Hospital


in Coventry particularly in this case, are such that the hospital


are constantly having to make decisions about sending people home


that really should be in hospital beds.


She told me they told her she was a time waster and a malingerer.


June used to count home their racing pigeons,


Her husband is having to come to terms now with life without her.


A 37-year-old man has denied causing religiously aggravated


criminal damage at a Sikh temple in Leamington Spa during a protest


Kulvinder Bir Singh of Tilehurst drive in Coventry,


is alleged to have destroyed signs relating to the wedding ceremony


inside the temple in Leamington Spa last year.


Well, it's been really cold bitterly cold outside today.


Is it likely to get any warmer, Shefali?


It is, yes. But as you point out, the cold is the most outstanding


feature of today. Otherwise, a sense of nothingness really. Dull, dreary,


but at least it is dry. However, it will not look like that for the rest


of the week. There is likely to be patchy rain around. Turning milder


but the best of the brightness looks like it will be on Friday morning


and through much of Saturday. This is today. We have this big clump of


cloudy right across as as you can see from the satellite picture from


earlier on. That is pinning down temperatures to between 0 degrees


and two Celsius. At the wind-chill factor to that and we are talking -2


2-6 is what it will feel like. You can see from the blue tinges that


the temperatures are struggling. The cloud is just part of the story. The


results or cold continental air being sucked up from the south and


that will continue the cooling down processed through this evening and


overnight as indeed will be cloud breaking up. That will be


temporarily filling in again. There will be a widespread frost tonight


and we will have some snow on wet surfaces and ice on untreated roads


which could be a hazard. Temperatures plummeting 2-3 C, just


the odd missed patchy and there. Tomorrow morning, a largely dry day


but cloud thickening for the afternoon ahead of a frontal system


pushing in from the West for Friday evening.


Later in Midlands Today at half past six, we'll be hearing from a mother


from Warwickshire who wants cannabis oil prescribed


to her five-year-old son to help treat his chronic epilepsy.


That's with Mary Rhodes this evening.


But from me and the lunchtime team, it's bye for now.


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