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Plans to restrict hip and knee replacements in Worcestershire


to cut cost are described as "alarming".


I'm very frustrated and I'm worried. I'm worried that they're going to


leave me like this for a lot, lots longer.


Hundreds of cannabis plants are found in an industrial-size


The RSPB's big garden birdwatch starts this weekend.


There are plans to restrict the number of hip and knee


The proposal is that unless patients are in enough pain that it


stops them sleeping, they won't be considered


Our health correspondent Michele Paduano is in


Well, this is an unusual situation because across the region people are


having to make very difficult decisions and we already know that


with a five-year NHS plan going forward there is talk of actually


cutting planned operations back 20% but they have hit on what is going


on here in Worcestershire. We have been today to see one lady, Susan


Morris. She actually started trying to get onto a waiting list about a


year ago in January and September because of a severe arthritis she


got onto that waiting list for a knee operation but she doesn't know


yet when that operation will take place and is clearly extremely


distressed by the pain. They just don't seem to understand exactly


what the patients go through. I'll go anywhere, I said I will go


anywhere to have this operation, I don't even mind going up to Russell


hall or somewhere like that, it's just as long as I can get it done. I


can't afford to go private so I'm stuck. Well, I am joined now by the


chairman of Bromsgrove clinical commissioning group and I had to ask


you the question why are you changing the criteria, why are


people going to have to suffer more pain before they can get these


operations quiz green? The NHS only has a certain amount of money and I


don't want patients in pain but we are clear that these are life


changing operations and they should take place. We also very clear that


in many cases actually if they could lose weight, perhaps we did use


physiotherapy, and actually many patients don't need that surgery and


I think that is probably the main thing. But you are rationing, aren't


you? The Royal College of surgeons said there is no justification. The


NHS is in a very, very difficult place at the moment, a certain


amount of money can an ageing population, a good thing here in


Worcestershire, but we only have a certain amount of money so we have


to draw a line somewhere. So what we try to do with the money that we


have, we have a statutory responsibility to make sure that the


CCG comes in even, that actually we need to do that properly. The other


night I thank you. There is going to be a lot of playing clearly for the


people and the NHS in the years to come. That occurred a lot of pain.


And we've been hearing from you today -


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Police have uncovered a large cannabis factory in Staffordshire


Our special correspondent Peter Wilson is at the


Peter, how did they find out about this?


Well, I am in a basement just below some fast food shops right in the


centre of Burton upon Trent. And police have discovered more than 800


cannabis plants and as is so often the case with these illegal cannabis


factories, the smell is almost overpowering. With me now is Chief


Inspector Rob Neeson. Rob, how did your officers discover the place? It


is as simple as a member of the public calling us about some


suspicious activity with a tractor. There was a tractor? Yes, it is


incredible the length these people go to. As I have said they have


discovered more than 800 and are going through forensics at the


moment and they think the street value could be as much as ?400,000.


Everywhere around here, and it bridges right the way around the


corner you can see these garlic plants just hanging up here. That's


not to mask the smell it in fact to keep bugs away but it certainly


hasn't kept the police away. A 25-year-old man from Birmingham


has appeared in court charged with murdering a man on a bus


on Monday night. 36-year-old Leon Barrett-Hazle


from Smethwick was stabbed and killed as he rode on the top


deck of the 11A in Handsworth. Kieran Gillespie who lives


in Handsworth appeared in court Events are being held


across the West Midlands to mark There is a commemoration


in Coventry this lunchtime Susi Bechhofer lives in Rugby


and survived the holocaust when she and her twin


were amongst 10,000 children But her mother, Rosa,


was murdered in Auswitz. She says she hopes telling


their story will help others. The RSPB's big garden birdwatch


starts this weekend. The charity's asking us to record


the birds that visit our gardens over the course of an hour,


so they can work out which species are doing well,


and which ones are struggling. So for some top garden bird-watching


tips we sent Environment Correspondent David Gregory-Kumar


to meet Springwatch star Kate MacRae, who took


these amazing pictures... Last year in the RSPB's Big Garden


Birdwatch half a million of us So let's get some tips


for this weekend. What are your top tips


for how to feed birds, how to get more birds


into your garden? Well, I think you have


to think of it a bit like a The more different kinds


of food you can put out and different kinds of ways you can


feed them, then the more different species you're going to


attract because not all birds like the same food and not


all like feeding in the same way. Kate has spotted over


50 different bird species The Midlands gardenwatch top five:


sparrow, blue tip, starling, blackbird and wood pigeon have


all been caught by her cameras. But she records less


common visitors, too, Well, one that is always


really exciting to get is the woodpecker, and Great Spotted


Woodpeckers were another species that have taken advantage


of our changing in the way we feed. And this year the whole


event has been extended by a day


to cover the Monday as well as the weekend,


and that means you don't


have to do a whole hour in your garden,


you could Garden Birdwatch is our largest


citizen science experiment, providing vital information on how


all our garden birds are doing. David Gregory-Kumar,


BBC Midlands Today, Lichfield. And for more details on how


to take part in the garden birdwatch, check out David's


blog at bbc.co.uk/davidgregorykumar. Time for the weather


now, with Rebecca. Will it be good weather


for bird-watching? Still chilly in the centre


of Birmingham this lunchtime, although the Chinese New Year


celebrations are warming things up. For this weekend a change


is on the way - bringing something a little milder,


but I'm afraid we will see rain at times through


the next couple of days. We've been very settled


recently with high pressure controlling our weather -


but gradually this weekend low pressure will take charge


and with that we will see weather ahead of that cloud will thicken


and it will be a wet afternoon - but that should introduce


a different, milder airmass so temperatures climbing


to six celsius today - With another cold front working


in from the west overnight, there will be more rain to come,


slowly moving in from the west, that will keep temperatures up


to between three and five Celsius. Although it's a wet start


to Saturday, that weather front will clear away and there will be


sunny spells left behind, but showers will follow


on through the afternoon. Temperatures up to eight Celsius,


so feeling much different to how For sunday there is still some


uncertainty as rain works its way across the south of the country -


it could push a little further north or drop a little further south,


but it does look like there will be I am off to touch a lion, apparently


it is very good luck! Later, if you remember


the music of Northern Soul, you're in for a treat


in Midlands Today, The FA Cup fourth round,


next weekend, across the BBC. It's incredible, the changes that


have occurred in just 50 years. Oh, my goodness me,


I don't like the look of that. The Robshaws are going back in


time again... Feel a little bit


overwhelmed at the moment. How people did this every day,


I don't know. Calf's head. Leave the teeth


out of it, won't you? It's incredible, the changes that


have occurred in just 50 years.


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