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Police are investigating whether a number of recent violent


In the latest incident, an 84-year-old man was out jogging


when he had his car stolen by robbers who took his


84-year-old Michael Sheehan has been using this Moseley park


Last Thursday, he was attacked by four men hell-bent on


One of them said, get the knife, and they produced a


long knife and put it to my throat and said give me the


keys, or whatever it was.


As they kicked him, Michael did what he could to shield his face.


The immediate thing was to try and protect myself.


I did not want my eyes or my teeth to be smashed in.


I was trying to go into some sort of a ball.


Police say there has been a spate of similar


Recently a 75-year-old man fought off a gang who tried to steal his


He was thrown to the ground and suffered cuts and bruises.


Then last Sunday these men ran off after attacking a pregnant woman


Peter Leadbetter is the chairman of the residents association


There is an amount of fear and imitation.


We are a very supportive community and we're not going to


We are going to have to be very careful and


supportive, particularly of those folk who are on their own.


West Midlands Police were out in force today.


It's understood there's been some minor disorder at Hull


prison after the transfer of inmates from Birmingham.


15 prisoners were moved to Hull following Friday's riot


It's understood one wing was closed for a short time,


with the prisoners unhappy about being moved.


A leading businessmen says that Brexit is harming


the region's economy - six months after the EU referendum.


Sir Peter Rigby says the weak pound and rising inflation means


One European market that is here to stay,


Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas market.


The West Midlands voted strongly to leave the European Union but now one


of the region's biggest business owners and a key


that that decision is damaging business.


The views and warnings, if you will, of people who wanted


The fall in the value of the pound, the inflation that is


being introduced as a result of that.


Importantly, this lack of understanding of what the


alternative is to being a part of Europe.


In business, one man's loss is another man's gain.


A gold rush is underway at this jewellery shop.


Thanks to a fall in the pound, the rise of gold measured


It's owner never doubted that Brexit would be


anything other than a success and with plans to expand, they're


Certainly with the more expensive items, gold,


Are voters showing any signs of buyers remorse?


People who have to compete for jobs, council


housing, education and other things like that don't.


With the question of how the UK start the business of


leaving the EU stuck in the Supreme Court


will get will carry on going round in circles.


Time for a look at the weather now with Alex Hamilton.


A yellow weather warning for fog in force through tonight and


into around ten o'clock tomorrow morning.


Some patches will be dense in places.


It could cause some tricky driving conditions.


We're expecting some drizzle as well tomorrow thanks to


this occluded front that is working its way across the region.


As well as the patches of fog tonight where


in the cloud, and may see a sparkle of frost, especially in


Tomorrow morning, we will start off on a grey note.


It might take a while for some of those patches of mist and fog


Some drizzly conditions as well at times.


Highs of around eight Celsius with more cloudy weather on the way.


We'll be back in Breakfast from six tomorrow morning here on BBC One.


Until then, have a very good evening.


Good evening. It's a big week for pre-Christmas travel plans and the


weather can be quite challenging at times,


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