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Good Evening. late news at 11:30.


A Staffordshire-based wedding clothing company has gone


into administration with the loss of nearly 40 jobs.


It's caused heartache for prospective brides


who fear they won't get the dresses they've ordered.


Laura Sparrow from Tamworth spent months trying to find her dream


wedding dress and eventually, she found one.


She ordered the outfit from Formal Affair weddings,


Now, the company has gone into administration.


I just haven't heard anything from them.


I don't even know if my dress has been ordered.


The dress was paid for in full and I'm totally gutted.


Formal Affair weddings is based in Tamworth and


has nine branches across the Midlands.


Formal Affair weddings say they have worked or to restructure


their business to make it more competitive,


but changing consumer tastes and spending habits have


It is the second time the company has gone into administration.


I could have quite easily cancelled Christmas I was that upset.


But I've got my granddaughter, who is just


getting used to the idea of Christmas.


And you just can't, you've got to carry on.


Laura paid up front to get a discount.


She fears she will not only not get the dress,


but will be also severely out of pocket.


Robbers threatened to cut off an elderly woman's fingers


during an hour-long ordeal at her home in the Billesley area


of Birmingham in the early hours of Wednesday.


Police have released CCTV footage of a man using her debit card


Jewellery and a mobile phone were also taken.


The victims of the terrorist attack on the Berlin Christmas Market


will be remembered tonight during a live


television broadcast of Midnight Mass at St Chad's


The service will be shown on BBC One in a programme which starts


Three months after shouting at the Prime Minister,


a five-year-old from Coventry says she's still determined


Brooke Blair's video message to Theresa May was seen by millions.


Yesterday night I was out on the street and I saw 100 million


This was Brooke earlier this year, dismayed by the


rough sleepers she'd seen on the streets.


You should be out there, Theresa May!


But today, Brooke, mum Holly and sister Texas are visiting


the Cyrenians charity in Coventry where they are helping wrap presents


for the homeless with other volunteers.


Broke's message reached millions of people and the


She now refers to it as "When I got a bit famous."


More should be done for the homeless and


the fact that a five-year-old girl recognises the problem and wants do


something about it I think is amazing.


Earlier this week, the Government announced ?2.5 million to


be spent in Birmingham and Solihull as part of a homeless prevention


But Holly remains surprised the family never had a


On Christmas Day, the family will be spending part of their time serving


Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter and Brooke, well, she's


To sport and in rugby, Wasps ended the year


with an unbeaten home record after a scintillating match


There were to tries from Christian Wade in the first half.


He completed his hat-trick after the break, smashing


the record for the most tries in a calendar year.


Time for the Christmas weather forecast now.


Season's greetings. It is not feeling very Christmassy, dull,


cloudy and drizzly. Quite windy overnight as well as temperatures do


not fall far. As for Christmas Day, largely cloudy, occasionally bright,


a bit of drizzle as well. Quite windy. Ten - 14 Celsius. It will be


mild, but a lot colder by Boxing Day. A dry, bright and breezy day,


but it will be quite windy, this time with storm,.


We're back with our next bulletin on Boxing Day.


Hello. Nice and toasty both inside and out. It even struggling to snow


across the Scottish hills, it's so mild outside, whether you like it or


not. It's all thanks to this storm, big windstorm in the North Atlantic.


It is drawing up warm air from the southern climes. You can see the


Azores, warm air moving in our direction. It's here to stay. Just


in time for Christmas. Cloudy with bits of rain in the centre pushing


through across parts of Scotland, western part of the UK. It could be


quite heavy, that rain, for a time. The real story is how my old tonight


and into tomorrow is going to be. First thing in the morning, 10-11d


across the South. Strong winds keep blowing from the south-west through


the day, tomorrow some gusty showers across the North. Even here, not


going to be cold. 13 degrees across decent parts of Scotland.


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