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now on BBC1 it's time for the news where you are.


Ukip leader Paul Nuttall was confirmed today


as the party's candidate for


the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election.


The vote on February 23rd follows the resignation


Candidate for the Stoke by-election and our leader, Paul Nuttall!


Applause for the man hoping to end 66 years of Labour's hold


Stoke is already the capital of Brexit.


Let us make Stoke the capital city of change.


And change is what this MEP needs to become an MP in a seat


where Ukip came second in the 2015 general election.


Tristam Hunt only had a 5,000 majority, at a general election


which was pre-Brexit, and pre-Jeremy Corbyn.


I think we are in with a great chance.


Half a mile across the A500, Labour launched their by-election campaign,


but in the absence of a candidate yet to be selected, the Shadow


We're taking nothing for granted, here, and we're talking to people


and listening to people today about their concerns about what's


We know the Royal has been under huge pressures.


We're going to fight for the NHS in this by-election and beyond.


But will this remain a Labour city when it comes to polling day?


I know Ukip are trying to come in and get the seat safe,


but I think it will still be Labour at the end of the day.


Ukip's campaign will be encouraged by the numbers.


70% of people in this city voted to leave the EU,


but when the ballot papers are counted here next month


or prove that this is still a safe Labour seat?


And Patrick Burns will be talking to the Ukip leader Paul Nuttall


about the Stoke Central by-election in this week's Sunday Politics.


That's here on BBC One from 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.


The Environment Agency is continuing to monitor


a river in Shropshire after yesterday's pollution incident.


An incident room was set up after chemicals were found


The water company United Utilities says it's investigating an issue


People are being advised to keep themselves and animals clear from


the water. Six army reservists


from Birmingham and Hereford have completed their hazardous expedition


to reach the centre The six, known as Spear 17 became


the first military team Only three teams in history have


ever gone before them. we hope to catch up with them


via satelite phone. Today's football results now, and,


starting with the Premier League, Stoke City drew 1-1


at home to Manchester. Meanwhile, West Bromwich Albion beat


Sunderland two nil at the Hawthorns. In the Championship, Aston Villa let


a two goal lead slip, drawing 2-2


against Preston North End. Birmingham City drew


one a piece at Blackburn. In League One, struggling


Coventry City lost 1-0 In League Two it finished


Cheltenham Town lost 2-1 And in the National League,


it was a goalless draw for Solihull Moors at home


to Boreham Wood. In Rugby, Worcester beat


Enisei by 57 points to 14. Cricket, and Warwickshire


and England all-rounder Chris Woakes says he's confident


going into the final 50-overs The tourists will be looking


to avert a three-nil whitewash in the series, and Woakes believes


the team has the ability to do that. The fact that we've


taken India so close in their own backyard twice,


you know, we're really keen to go one better


and get a win on Sunday, and, you know, take some


momentum for the guys It's been bitterly cold


so far this weekend. So, what's the forecast


for tomorrow? We've got another cold


night on the way today, there will be some cloud around,


there will also be some breaks so we're looking at some clear skies


and where we see those clear skies, the temperatures falling away


quite quickly, and a bit That cloud could be thick enough


to produce the odd spot of rain which could be wintry over high


ground, but those temperatures falling to an overnight low


of minus four Celsius. Now, as we move into tomorrow,


there could be one or two patches of mist and fog that linger


through the morning and then we're There will be some brightness


in the mix as well. Temperatures reaching


a maximum of 6 degrees, so it's not going to be feeling


particularly warm as we move through today into tomorrow,


and it's a similar story into next week, as high pressure stays


in charge, although it does look like we'll see some


more persistent fog. Our next bulletin is at nineteen


minutes past six tomorrow evening. Good evening. It does not get


warmer. If you check the UK as a whole, it has been one of the


coldest days so far. The hard frost to come in areas where it stays


clear, parts of East Anglia, the south-east, fog across Scotland, at


West, a change, showers and parts of Wales and England, some snow on high


ground as well. Meanwhile, down under through the early hours, Andy


Murray will be getting ready for his next match in the


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