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A four-year-old boy has been praised by the emergency services


after dialling 999 when his mother collapsed suddenly at home.


Jake Onions from Shropshire reacted the moment he saw her lying


motionless on the floor of their kitchen.


Four-year-old Jake Onions at his home in Telford


Even at his tender age he knew exactly what to do when his mum


She stumbled and fled. Her son picked up a mobile phone and dialled


999. where she can loose consciousness


at any moment. I woke up with him tugging on my


hair. He was on the phone to the police lady on the service and she


was trying to talk to me. She said what a wonderful little boy he is.


And it wasn't easy for Jake, he has developmental problems


with his speech making his family even more proud.


It was so emotional, just hearing him and knowing that my little boy


was on his own, that is how it felt to me. He was trying to get the


right help for me. He knew what the lady was saying but for him to get


it across and say what was going on was amazing.


The operator who took the call for West Mercia Police said


she'd shed a few tears after speaking to Jake.


Campaigners opposed to plans for the controversial high speed


rail link between London, Birmingham and the north of England


say their fight will continue, despite the news that phase one


is likely to get royal assent in the next month.


Protestors say there are still issues over construction


of the line and how it will affect people living nearby.


A group of elderly and disabled people have had a roller


coaster of a week - and now their fortunes have


First a trailer filled with their mobility scooters


was stolen then a Midlands Today viewer donated a new trailer.


Well, the stolen trailer's been returned, and they've had scooters


and a wheelchair given to them too by people touched by their story.


They've certainly got something to sing about now.


The Place of Refuge Community Church in Walsall had had a terrible week


when a trailer and mobility scooters were stolen.


It threatened day trips and independence for


But yesterday, after an anonymous tip off, their trailer was returned.


I find it hard to cry but inside I was really sad and really really


worried that we would not get it back. Now I feel really willing


proud that they have. They have brought it back and... And I will be


able to regain my life again. Earlier this week Midlands Today


viewer Darren Logan donated another trailer, and he's happy to let them


to keep it. The viewers and listeners, the


contacts we have had through this misfortune, it is probably the


positives outweigh the negatives and I want to thank everybody who was


listening now. Mobility scooters and a wheelchair


still haven't been returned - The fantastic thing is they ended up


with more wheelchairs and mobility scooters than they had in the first


place, such as been the response from the public.


West Midlands police are investigating.


Meanwhile, the church is now planning lots of trips out.


The Midlands based discount retailer Poundland has been fined more


than ?130,000 after pleading guilty to eight offences under Food Safety


Birmingham City Council Prosecuted the Willenhall based company


after environmental health officers found evidence of mouse activity


throughout its store in central Birmingham on two


Wasps scored seven tries to defeat zebra. They will play Leinster in


the quarterfinals. It's been a bitterly


cold weekend hasn't it? Claire Baffin-Massie sent us this


frosty photograph of the sun rising And it looks like there are more sub


zero temperatures to come this week? Despite high pressure in charge, we


have seen quite a lots of variations, sunny spells, cloud and


snow. Through this evening and overnight, we have cloud around but


some breaks and the chance of seeing this -- frost developing and patchy


fog. Lows of minus four Celsius. A chilly start tomorrow, some dense


patches of fog first thing. The fog will lift and in some areas it could


last all day but we will see bright intervals, temperatures not up to


much, five Celsius and similar on Tuesday.


I'm back with the late bulletin at 10:22pm.


Until then, enjoy the rest of your evening.


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