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A four year old boy has been praised by the emergency services


after dialling 999 when his mother collapsed at home.


Jake Onions from Shropshire reacted the moment he saw her lying


Four-year-old Jake onions at his home in Telford with his very proud


family. Even at his tender age, he knew exactly what to do when his


mother, Gemma, fell to the floor unconscious...


Gemma was walking across her kitchen when she stumbled and fell. She


banged her head on her son's toy car. He reacted by picking up her


an undiagnosed condition where she an undiagnosed condition where she


can lose consciousness at any moment. I woke up with him tugging


on my hair. He was on the phone to the police lady. She was trying to


talk to me, saying what a wonderful little boy he is. It was not easy


for Jake. He has develop mental problems with his speech, making his


family even more proud. He knew what the lady was saying to him, but to


carry that over was amazing. The operator said that she shared a few


tears after speaking to Jake. Campaigners opposed to plans


for the controversial high speed rail link between London,


Birmingham and the north of England say their fight will continue,


despite the news that phase one is likely to get royal


assent in the next month. Protestors say there


are still issues over A group of elderly and disabled


people have had a roller coaster of a week -


and now their fortunes have First a trailer filled


with their mobility scooters was stolen - then a Midlands Today


viewer donated a new trailer. Well the stolen trailer's been


returned, and they've had scooters and a wheelchair given to them too


by people touched by their story. They've certainly got


something to sing about now. The Place of Refuge Community Church


in Walsall had had a terrible week when a trailer and mobility


scooters were stolen. It threatened day trips


and independence for But yesterday, after an anonymous


tip off, their trailer was returned. I find it hard to cry, but inside, I


was really sad. And really, really... Worried that we would not


get it back. How are you feeling now? I am really proud that I have.


They've brought it back. And I'm able to regain my life again.


donated another trailer, and he's happy to let


The viewers and the listeners, the contacts that we have had through


this misfortune... It is the positives outweigh the negatives in


all of this. I want to thank everyone listening now.


haven't been returned - but others have been donated.


The fantastic thing about this is that they have ended up with more


wheelchairs and mobility scooters than they had in the first place,


such has been the response from the public.


West Midlands police are investigating.


Meanwhile, the church is now planning lots of trips out.


Let's have a look at the weather forecast.


Good evening. It's another cold night on the way tonight. It looks


like we will see some dense patches of freezing fog forming. Plenty of


cloud about but there will be some breaks. It is where those clear


skies are that we see frost and potentially from developing.


Temperatures fall to -4 and minus two Celsius. A cold start of the day


tomorrow, there will be dense patches of fog. They take their time


to clear through the morning and some patches could last all day.


When they clear, sunny spells and temperatures weaklings -- reaching 6


degrees Celsius. Tuesday is a similar story. The


chance of seeing fog but behind, some sunny spells.


Have a good evening. just after six o'clock.


Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out your


BBC local radio station, go online for the latest updates where you


are. The fog thickening up as I subpoenaing, particularly across


southern parts of the UK. There are warnings in force with some patches


of fog elsewhere, too. A cold one, needless to say. Some places already


well below freezing. Where you have cloud cover, hovering just above.


Some showers around, too, coming out of the cloud. So ice around first


thing in the morning. Let's concentrate on the fog. It includes


the London area, some of the airports


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