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Construction is about to begin on a ?4 million flood scheme


in Worcestershire, ten years after 300 homes


The money has been provided by the Government,


Environment Agency and local councils.


July 2007, and heavy rains caused chaos in the normally


More than 300 homes and businesses suffered severe damage,


but it was homes near the Badsey Brook that found


It almost looked like a little tidal wave coming across the field


It just came down the garden and straight in the house.


For ten years, residents in the area have been campaigning


to find a solution that would protect their homes


All these residents who flooded, and those near the ones who flooded,


They go away, and they hear it's raining, and they ring


A multi-million-pound flood scheme is now underway that stores water


We are going to construct a three-to-four-metre-high earth


There is going to be a control structure which is going to limit


the amount of water that flows down into the water course,


and at times of high, intense rainfall, water will store


in the storage area, rather than going down


Archaeological digs on this area have proven that people lived


With a ?4 million investment in this flood defence scheme,


the Environment Agency are hoping that future generations


will continue to live here without flooding.


Joan Cummins, BBC Midlands Today, Broadway.


Coventry City football club have sacked their manager Russell Slade


after less than three months into the job.


In a brief statement, the club said that they would like to wish Russell


Slade was appointed manager in December,


and, although under his management the team qualified


the club are anchored at the bottom of League One,


An investigation has begun into crowd trouble which forced


the game between Hereford FC and Didcot Town to be abandoned.


The referee abandoned the game at Didcot after Hereford supporters


became involved in scuffles with home-team players.


Two 19-year-old men from Hereford have been arrested.


After a long campaign by relatives, countless names which were left


fading from Quedgeley's War Memorial in Gloucestershire,


The century-old monument honours local men killed in


the First and Second World Wars, but it was showing signs of old age,


and families decided something had to be done.


A corner of Quedgely that certainly does still remember -


nearly a century after it was first built,


a ceremony's been held this weekend to rededicate the old memorial.


After years exposed to the elements, many of the names were becoming


illegible, something relatives felt shouldn't be allowed to happen.


My uncle David Morgan was a member of the 5th Battalion


of the Gloucestershire Regiment, and he died during the


He has no known grave, and, actually, his family didn't


receive confirmation of his death until five years later.


Concerned his name could disappear, Rachel wrote to the parish council,


which led to this new section of the memorial being added.


I thought, eventually these won't be legible,


and they will be...these people will be forgotten,


and I feel very strongly that they shouldn't be forgotten.


They sacrificed a lot for us and future generations.


The new plinth replicates all of the names on the original,


The Environment Agency still has flood alerts


We still have some showers through this evening and overnight.


Some of those could be a touch wintry over higher ground


for a time, but gradually they will tend to fade away


and we will have some clear spells as well.


Under the clear skies, temperatures could fall to around


and under the cloud more like four or five Celsius.


We will have a few showers around here and there,


It should be a better-feeling day if you can manage


to dodge those showers, and temperatures in the sunshine


could get up to a high of around 10 Celsius,


It should be dry as we go through the day on Tuesday,


some wet weather to come overnight to take us into Wednesday,


Midlands Today will be back tomorrow just after 6am.


Good evening. We have seen all sorts today. Some rain, some hail, some


snow and even a bit of sunshine. Things are calming down for the most


part but still a bit damp in some eastern counties overnight and some


showers in the western side of Scotland with a touch of frost


already here. And another weather system bring rain and snow towards


the south-west by dawn, it's quite chilly 3-5 will be fairly typical. A


little snow to be had over the tops of the moors in the south-west of


England but generally a lot of rain. Not a great commute. Some might


fringe nooted south of Wales. But generally speaking through Wales,


Midlands, and south-east a reasonable start. Although for many


eastern counties a fair bit of cloud and pockets of light rain and


drizzle. Further west that bit brighter. A decent start


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