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It has to be that man, the coach, Eddie Jones, about to win the Six


Good evening. Nations


Hundreds of people have taken part in a march


in Shropshire over proposals to change education funding.


They claim the county could lose over ?13 million a year for schools,


but the Department of Education says overall funding would go up by 0.1%.


Organisers say more people than expected turned out


for the march in Shrewsbury today, such is the level of anger


at the proposed changes to school finances.


It was organised by unions and schools fearful of the future.


We live in the fifth richest country in the world and we're now cutting


education drastically, and it's just not right.


The Government says they are spending more


on education than ever, but the National Audit Office say


there'll be cuts of 8% per pupil over the next two years.


The Department for Education says it wants to end what is a postcode


lottery in school funding, and that Shropshire were actually


lottery in school funding, and that Shropshire will actually


figures not accepted by those protesting today.


I think what's happening to our schools is very poor.


And it's going to affect our children's and their


It'll affect the adult centre, the FE sector, and really


the implications of that for the whole of society will be


Medium and larger schools are the ones that are going to be


very hard hit by the proposed new funding formula,


and that means that for us, 45% of schools


negatively; 65% of pupils will be affected negatively.


The march ended with a rally in Quarry Park, and the Department


for Education says it's keen to listen to views during what is


now a consultation period, ending on March the 22nd.


The Care Quality Commission has said it will investigate after claims


were made in the Sun newspaper that two female staff at home care


company Caremark were selling sex chats,


and removing clothes for online viewers, while at work in Walsall.


Its Chief Executive says he is shocked by the allegations,


which appear to have taken place in an administrative office,


The owner of the local franchise says he's also shocked,


Police are appealing for help in tracing a 28-year-old Gloucester


Officers say they are concerned about Shane Marsden's welfare,


after he sent his family messages on Tuesday.


The CLA, which represents landowners in rural England and Wales,


has called for more legal action to prevent fly-tipping


In one of the latest incidents, a huge pile of rubbish was dumped


on Tuesday on land owned by the Enville Estate,


off the Bridgnorth Road near Stourbridge.


Managers say the Environment Agency is investigating, but it will cost


them at least ?10,000 to clear it up.


To sport now, and in the Premier League


West Bromwich Albion lost to Everton 3-0.


In the Championship a welcome win for Aston Villa,


Burton Albion won at home, beating Nottingham Forest 1-0.


Birmingham City drew against Cardiff City


1-1, while Wolves beat Rotherham United 1-0.


In League One, Walsall drew 1-1 against Charlton Athletic.


Shrewsbury Town also ended 1-1 in their match against Chesterfield,


but Coventry City lost 2-0 to Bradford City,


while Port Vale beat Swindon Town 3-2.


In League Two, Cheltenham Town went down to Doncaster Rovers 2-0.


Solihull Moors drew 3-3 at home to Braintree Town.


Bromsgrove Sporting drew 1-1 against Cleethorpes.


But Coleshill lost 2-1 to South Shields.


and here's Jennifer Bartram with the forecast.


A fairly mild night ahead, quite a lot of cloud around,


and we will see some outbreaks of rain as well.


Now, the rain is going to be mostly light and patchy; we could see


the old heavier burst here and there.


dropping down to around 9 or 10 degrees Celsius.


So that does mean it's going to be a mild start to Sunday morning.


Quite cloudy, a bit misty and murky initially.


We'll see a brief spell of brighter weather,


before some further rain pushes in in the afternoon.


That will all clear away by late afternoon, and we'll see


temperatures up to a high tomorrow of around 12 degrees Celsius.


Into the start of next week it stays fairly mild,


with some lovely spells of sunshine on Monday.


Midlands Today will be back with more news


at ten to six tomorrow evening, but from all of us here, goodbye.


Good evening. Some of us managed to get some decent weather today, not


everybody but some of us. Lovely picture from a weather watcher in


Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, and in Northern Ireland we have the


warmest day of the year for Northern Ireland, 16 Celsius. The Southeast a


little warmer weather cloud broke up, 18 Celsius, but we have also had


some light rain, and if anything this coming even in the clouds will


thicken up again in some areas, so for a number of us it is going to be


a cloudy and damp night. Mild at around nine or 10 degrees. Tomorrow,


a mix of a day, rain


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