12/03/2017 Midlands Today


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The Irish ambassador was one of the guests of honour


at the St Patrick's day parade in Birmingham today.


It was one of his last official functions before


Hundreds turned out for the event, which this year was entirely paid


The sun was almost shining, and the pipes were playing as 85,000


people took to the streets of Birmingham -


Very pro-to be Irish pro be here. The crowd really supportive and we


are enjoying ourselves. And this year they were joined


by a special guest - He's taking up a new role


in Washington later this year - but chose to spend his last


St Patrick's Day in the UK It's fantastic, as good as anything


I have seen any where in the world including Ireland and I have been


around the place and seen them all over the place. This is a very


enjoyable location and fair play to enjoyable location and fair play to


the Irish in Birmingham are putting on such a marvellous event.


Sunday afternoon in Birmingham and thousands and thousands


of people have turned out for what is one of the biggest


St Patrick's Day Parades anywhere in the world.


In fact the organisers reckon it's the third largest


after New York and Dublin - but having lost its funding


from the city council this year's event had to pay its own way.


Really happy with the way it's gone, private sponsors and pubs are all on


board. This is exactly what we wanted.


With bars and live music going on into the evening -


Birmingham's surely in for good craic.


Elizabeth Glinka, BBC Midlands Today in Digbeth.


An investigation's underway into reports that shots were fired


after problems at a birthday party in Smethwick.


Police were called to the CAP centre in Windmill Lane at around


A bullet and a shotgun casing were discovered -


but no one is reported to have been injured.


The Leader of the Labour group has called for social care


in Gloucestershire to be taken back into local authority control.


It's after the council had to step in to find new carers


when a provider went bust earlier this month.


Don and Enid Lewis in Cheltenham are now being looked


after by another firm, which means they can stay


But Councillor Williams says finances remain tight.


Somehow the county council network and the LGA need to bring it on to


central government that things need to change. They have a way of doing


it. Stoke City fans got the chance


to step back in time today, with a recreation of the team's


League Cup winning Most of the original team


were there to remember the club's 2-1 win over Chelsea in the final,


as was the original Almost all of the team of 72 were


there today to the inactive victory parade from 45 years ago. Leading


the cavalcade, the original victory bus known affectionately as this


deal. It was in March 1972 that they beat Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley. In goal


that day and already a World Cup winner, Gordon Banks. We were the


underdogs playing Chelsea, so to win it and bring back here to the and


people turning out and congratulate us, it was a lovely day for us.


George Eastham scored the winner that day,


and came all the way from his now home half way around the world.


I get a chance now and then to come from South Africa and CD players but


this is 45 years on. Hard to believe it. Hometown boy Denis Smith was


also on board. Unfortunately the club haven't won anything major


sense but I am hoping that will change in my lifetime. And as in


1972, they arrived at the town hall to many adoring fans. Not so many


today but still much appreciation. Make us proud and made us proud


then. The players are now enjoying an official civic reception where


they'll no doubt reminisce about that very special day 45 years ago


when Stoke won the cup. West Mercia Police are advising


people not to contribute to a fund raising website set up to collect


money in support of a campaign Her former handler, David Evans,


had wanted to keep her with him in Shropshire when he retired


but despite a petition, The force says it cannot accept


money raised like this, And here's Alex Hamilton


with the forecast. Good evening. Rather a mixed bag


across the West Midlands and today some sunshine and showers looking


set to continue but high pressure building for the working week so we


expect settled conditions on the way. We will continue to see


variable nights of clouds around and the odd shower but a mild night with


loads of around seven Celsius. And as we look towards tomorrow morning


we should start off on a bright and sunny note before the cloud builds


and from the north-west over the course of the day. Ties to model of


around 15 Celsius or in the sunshine feeling very springlike. I will


leave you with the outlook, a mixture of sunshine and showers.


I'll be back with your late news at the usual time of 10:20.


Hello, the weather was hit-and-miss today across the UK, bit of


sunshine, a few spots of rain, the skies are clearing now, particularly


in western area, and unlike the last few nights, this coming night, it is


going to turn chilly, there is a touch of frost


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