18/03/2017 Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Good evening. late news at 10pm.


The Cheltenham festival may have grabbed the horse racing headlines


this week but it was Staffordshire's turn in the spotlight today.


The Midlands Grand National is estimated to be worth


?4 million to the economy of Uttoxeter.


This is Graham Butterworth's busiest weekend of the year.


Midlands Grand National, completely booked...


All his rooms have been booked by racegoers


and he could have booked them out twice over.


It's an essential lifeline, really, and there's other


sources of customers, but Uttoxeter Race Course really


Around 16,000 people were expected to attend today's big race,


and with big crowds come big business.


I think it becomes a different animal in Uttoxeter on race day.


It certainly doubles everything that we do.


We've been to Stratford Races, missed Cheltenham and this


Pubs are brilliant here, then straight down to...


Uttoxeter stages 25 race meetings a year, but this


Midlands Grand National accounts for a large chunk of its income.


In fact, the Midlands Grand National has more prize money than any


When you look at where people are coming from, Derbyshire,


Nottingham, Staffordshire, it's very much the National


This was what they'd all come to see - the big race.


So it won't be just the racecourse that will enjoy


a financial windfall from the Midlands Grand National,


Police say they are growing increasingly concerned


for the welfare of two 13-year-old girls who have gone missing


Holly Ward and Rhianna Spitz, were last seen


at around nine o'clock last night in Birmingham.


They were getting off the Number 97 bus in Garrison Lane


They were then spotted heading towards Stechford.


Hereford Football Club has confirmed that banning orders have been issued


to three supporters, following incidents at their game


the Southern League match, after Hereford supporters became


involved in scuffles with home-team players.


The club says investigations into the incidents are ongoing.


Football now and starting with the Premiership,


West Bromwich Albion beat Arsenal at the Hawthorns by


His first header in the 12th minute from a corner


Dawson sealed the win from a set piece in the 75th minute.


Still in the Premier League and Stoke City lost by two goals


In the Championship, it was a goal-less draw


for Birmingham City at home to Newcastle.


Burton Albion were 3-1 up before losing 5-3 to Brentford.


Three wins in a week for Wolves, they beat Fulham 3-1.


Aston Villa's winning streak continues.


In League One, Coventry City lost 1-0 at MK Dons,


Walsall were 2-0 up but lost 3-2 at Southend.


In League Two, Cheltenham Town lost 1-0 at home to Cambridge.


And in the National League, Solihull Moors beat


A group of canoeists have recreated an historic journey


They were following the route from Wootten Wawen in Warwickshire,


The historic journey led to the restoration


of the Southern Stratford Canal in the early 1960s.


It was a rather grey day for those canoeists,


We are fairly cloudy and mild and breezy as


This evening, a few outbreaks of rain


making their way towards the east through the evening and a few more


outbreaks into the early hours in the south-west.


But fairly cloudy and mild overnight.


Overnight those of nine, ten Celsius.


We move into tomorrow, there will be a few bright


intervals, a fairly mild start to the day.


If you catch any sunshine, not feeling too bad.


There will be a few outbreaks of rain as we move


Temperatures reaching a maximum of 13 Celsius


with that breezy south-westerly breeze.


As we move into Monday, we've got a band of rain which will


By the time we get to Tuesday, feeling that


Just before we go a reminder that Patrick Burns is here


That's tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock on BBC1.


Our next bulletin is at the same time tomorrow evening.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Bye.


Hello, the mild areas going to be with us into next week. Things set


to be cooler with a return to overnight frost for some. This


evening and overnight will be mild across the board, a messy picture,


looks like Scotland