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A Hereford man claims his wife will be left homeless


and in fear if she's deported to the Phillippines tomorrow.


Marinel Bristow, who's 33, has been detained at an immigration centre.


Her husband Rob brought her to the UK four years ago


after a typhoon killed dozens of her relatives and friends.


Just to see his wife Marinel, Rob Bristow must make an appointment


at Yarlswood Immigration Removal Centre.


I brought a suitcase of some of her things.


The couple married eight years ago in Herefordshire.


Her visitor visa expired but back in the Phillippines, in 2013,


a devastating typhoon left her homeless.


Rob brought her back to the UK, but legal appeals for her to be


She lost up to 50 family members, neighbours, relatives,


some of which I had met and she only really was able to survive


at the time because she was living in a concrete structure


that we were renting for a business there at the time.


Marinel Bristow couldn't provide officials with evidence that Rob's


earnings as a photographer reached the threshold for


She believes she'll be deported as early as tomorrow.


A spokesperson for Rob's local MP Jesse Norman said:


Marinel Bristow agreed to speak to us on the phone.


How do you feel about returning to the Philippines?


Going back again, not knowing what's going to happen to me.


We're told the Home Office's decision has been upheld


In a statement, they told us all applications are considered


on their individual merits and in line with the


A man and two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of child


abduction after two schoolgirls missing from Staffordshire


were found in Birmingham in the early hours of this morning.


The 13-year-olds hadn't been seen since getting off a bus


in the Bordesley Green are of the city on Friday night.


They were discovered by police at an address


in the Washwood Heath area and are now receiving


Two people have been charged with the murder of a 45-year-old


Staffordshire man who was found stabbed in his car in Leicestershire


Timothy Smith from Fazeley was discovered at an industrial


Police initially thought he'd been involved in a car accident,


but paramedics discovered a stab wound.


A man's been charged in relation to holding a bank worker hostage


in the Northfield area of Birmingham on Friday.


David Hempseed is accused of false imprisonment and possession


The 60-year-old, from Northfield, is also charged with possessing


a knife and arson with intent to endanger life.


He will appear before magistrates tomorrow.


You'll have heard no doubt of the sad news this weekend


of the death of rock and roll giant Chuck Berry, but did you know


that his biggest hit - the one morality campaigners tried


to ban - was recorded during a live gig in the Midlands?


# And I let her play with my ding-a-ling-a-ling...


It was the song that gave the rock and roll


legend him his only number one, recorded not in his native Missouri


Chuck Berry was taped live while playing at an arts festival


It's crazy because you talk to these rock and roll people,


they love Chuck Berry and it was probably the worst thing


he ever did, the innuendo going on, but it was the only number one not


only in Britain, but also in America and we love the fact


The Locarno is now the Central library, but do the people Coventry


know that musical history was made here?


Loads of stuff happened in Coventry back in the day!


I think it's really cool, because I didn't know anyone


famous had been here, except The Specials.


He was an inspiration for the Rolling Stones


and the Beatles and John Lennon, so he'll be sadly missed, I suppose.


Professional DJ Kevin Boddy was meeting friends in the city today.


He says My Ding-A-Ling is more than just a novelty record.


Early '70s was a very dry time for music and it was just,


Chuck Berry's influence went beyond the music.


But it was one night at the Locarno when the star really


On tomorrow's programme we'll be in Herefordshire,


on the set of a new production of Emily Bronte's classic


Local people were invited to play the parts of extras in scenes filmed


Join us for that and the rest of the day's news at 6:30pm.


Here with the forecast is Alex Hamilton.


We've got more sunshine and showers on the way over the next few days.


Breezy at times as well, as those isobars start


Now, looking at detail overnight tonight, we will see that rain


starting to work in, particularly in the early hours,


lows tonight of around 1 Celsius and take care -


there could be spray and standing water on the roads.


Tomorrow morning, that rain will be with us for quite some time,


but it will slowly and steadily get drier and brighter over the course


of the day with highs of around 12 Celsius.


I'll leave you with the outlook - sunshine and showers on the way


and turning noticeably cooler over the course of the next few days.


I'm back with the late bulletin at 10:22pm.


Until then, enjoy the rest of your evening.


Hello. For most of March so far it has felt quite mild and springlike


but we are in for a bit of a shock next week as we will have


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