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Good evening. That


Police investigating the attack in Westminster have arrested


a 30-year-old man in Birmingham today on suspicion of


They've also been searching a flat in the Hockley area of the city


which was believed to be regularly visited by the attacker,


Another Birmingham neighbourhood disrupted by police activity


as officers piece together the movements


of the Westminster killer Khalid Masood.


Specialist search teams removed bags of evidence from a property


Masood lived nearby and visited the maisonette.


The police searches began in Hagley Road in Birmingham


on Wednesday, hours after Masood ploughed into pedestrians


on Westminster Bridge before killing a policeman.


Three days ago, this flat was the subject


There's no signs of anything untoward, life is back to normal.


Along with a 30-year-old man arrested today, a 58-year-old


One terrorism expert believes the city has been unfairly portrayed


Just label an entire community as being some sort of enemy within,


it just plays into the hands of these terrorists in terms


of generating alienation and that leads inevitably to small


One senior officer admitted today though, we may never know


why Masood chose to go on his murderous rampage.


Police are investigating the death of a 55-year-old man who was found


with serious head injuries at an address in Kidderminster.


Paramedics were called to a property on Offmore Road on Friday night


A 22-year-old man from Kidderminster has been arrested.


The pub in Lichfield where the Staffordshire Regiment


was formed 312 years ago this weekend has re-opened


Nothing new there you'd think, apart from the fact that new owners


are themselves a group of former Staffords who have taken


on the lease to save this piece of regimental history.


Ben Sidwell went along to the opening.


Making a quick advance into their spiritual home.


On this weekend in 1705, in the King's Head in Lichfield,


Colonel Luke Lillingston signed up his first recruits


to what would become the Staffordshire Regiment.


All around the pub, reminders of the regiment's long history.


Even the new landlord is a former corporal.


To actually be asked to run the pub is beyond


It was an honour to be approached to do it.


I didn't even have to think about it for a second,


Earlier in the day, before the official opening,


hundreds of veterans marched through Lichfield.


The city's streets brought to a standstill by onlookers.


Guest of honour, a many times great-grandaughter


I didn't think I would get so emotional.


It's something we never dreamed would happen.


It's as though the regiment has finally come back home.


Not only is The King's Head the oldest pub in Lichfield


and of course the home of Staffordshire Regiment,


it is also believed to be the first pub ever in this country to be owned


by a regiment and if trade continues like this,


And that's something worth drinking to.


In today's rugby, Wasps remain top of the Premiership after beating


Worcester by 40 points to 33, but the Warriors still earn two


bonus points in their fight against relegation.


Time for a look at the weather now with Jennifer Bartram.


Good evening. It has been a lovely weekend of weather and it will stay


mild into Monday. Tonight there will be a few clear spells, a bit of


cloud tending to come and go. Temperatures of four or 5 degrees.


There could be a feud misty patches first thing tomorrow. The sunshine


will break through but a lot more cloud around tomorrow, so bright if


not sunny spells developing and temperatures around 14 degrees.


turning a little more unsettled, a turning a little more unsettled, a


scattered showers as well. We will scattered showers as well. We will


be back at 6:30am tomorrow. Until then, good night.


Hello there, it's not often that we have the best of the weather at the


weekend. But, that seems to be


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