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A homeless man has appeared in court in Birmingham,


charged with murdering Tracey Wilkinson


and her 13-year-old son Pierce,


who were stabbed at the family home


Aaron Barley is also accused of attempting to murder


the boy's father Peter Wilkinson, who remains


The 23-year-old was remanded to appear before Birmingham


A 30-year-old man arrested in Birmingham last Sunday under


The Metropolitan Police say all those arrested in connection


with the terrorist attack in Westminster on March 22nd


have now been released with no further action.


A Big Wheel which has been at the centre of a row


in Stratford-upon-Avon has officially opened for rides.


The 35m high Ferris Wheel led to hundreds of objections from local


residents and businesses, many of which thought


it wasn't in keeping with Shakespeare's birth place.


But as Lindsay Doyle reports, there are many who think it


In fair Stratford where we set our scene,


not so much a house divided, but a town divided,


and it's all because of a 35m high Ferris Wheel.


but I think it has settled down a lot now, a


and I think people will get used to seeing the wheel here.


The Big Wheel was given the go-ahead by Stratford-on-Avon District


Council for a six month trial at the Recreation Ground,


despite opposition from the Town Council


and hundreds of local residents.


People come from all over the world in their


thousands to visit Stratford-upon-Avon because of


I think visitors who come to share that experience


will be horrified when they see that going round and round in their face.


Those in favour believe it will offer more choice to tourists


and will bring money into Stratford.


We have a number of attractions in Stratford


but diversifying them and


giving people more things to do is often on everyone's agenda.


As the first punters took to the skies, young


I can see that tourists will enjoy it all,


you know, will be able to have another


facility in Stratford but in


terms of the edge historical significance of Stratford I'm not


sure it really fits with the kind of view of Stratford, really.


The wheel's fortune will be reviewed in six months,


but it's here to stay till the end of summer.


Coventry City's players have been touring Wembley stadium today


to prepare for tomorrow's Checkatrade Trophy final


Most of the current team weren't even born the last time


the Sky Blues appeared at the national stadium


Victory tomorrow would be a huge lift in a season that looks


We've really got just to enjoy it and embrace everything that goes


with the Wembley appearance and it's not very often that you get them.


You know, I think that players certainly at the beginning


of their careers might just think that this is might be


a normal occurrence but, you know, it isn't, there's not many


people that get to play there, we've got to enjoy it,


Today's football now and starting with the Premier League.


Stoke City - who've only won three away league games this season -


It was a goal-less draw for West Bromwich Albion


In the Championship, two goals from Jonathan Kodjia


saw Aston Villa beat Norwich City by two goals to nil.


An injury time goal boosted Burton Albion's hopes of avoiding


Danny Batth scored twice as Wolves beat Cardiff 3-1,


to move eight points clear of the relegation zone.


In League One, Walsall lost 1-0 at Bradford.


Shrewsbury lost 2-0 at Bristol Rovers.


In League two, Cheltenham Town beat Morecambe 3-1.


In the National League, Solihull Moors lost 2-0 to Aldershot.


One Rugby result, Wasps Champions Cup hopes were ended when they lost


Let's have a look at the weather for the rest of the weekend.


Well, it has been a day where we saw some sunshine and some showers,


but it is the 1st of April, so we do expect that.


For tomorrow, though, a very different story.


Through the next few hours we continue to see the showers


A ridge of high pressure builds in, it's going to settle things down


nicely for tomorrow, but it will be a chilly night.


Temperatures falling to five or six, so in the sheltered spots


A chilly start to tomorrow, but a fine and dry day,


lots of lovely sunshine, a little bit of fair weather cloud


bubbling up by the end of the day, as temperatures not doing too badly,


getting up to 15 Celsius at best with light winds,


and it will stay nice and settled as we head into the


Just a reminder that Patrick Burns is here tomorrow


I'll be here with tomorrow's bulletin at 6.40am.


Good evening. It is the 1st of April today and appropriately enough, we


had a day of sunny spells and showers. We saw some rainbows, this


lovely double rainbow captured by one of -- one of our Weather


Watchers in Leicestershire. Some showers still dotted around but the


trend is they will become fewer and further between


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