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Good evening, Coventry City football club have won their first silverware


for 30 years after beating Oxford United 2-1 at Wembley to lift


More than 40,000 fans travelled to the national


Well, Dan Pallett is still at Wembley.


That was some performance from the Sky Blues, Dan.


It certainly was. The fans probably travelled and hope rather than


expectation after the season they have had. Oxford United were the


favourites, are the underdogs needed a good start and I got it. Scoring


after just 11 minutes. What a after just 11 minutes. What a


weekend for this player who has also become a father. The might of been


an element of luck about that goal, but you certainly can't say that


about George Thomas's strike. Fantastic touch and half volley,


which put them 2-0 up. Oxford United's substitute scored with 50


minutes to go, Seward was nervous towards the end but they hung on.


They are Wembley winners again, 30 years on from winning the cup final


here. This has been a very difficult


season for the fans. Did that make victory


even sweeter for them? It certainly does. It has been a


fabulous crowd here. 74,000 people. It is a new record for this


competition at the new Wembley Stadium. Outside there was a strange


mixture of fans, many celebrating and others are moaning their owners


and watching the owners to sell. This is what a few had to say to me.


We won the cup! Reed I want more from Coventry. I want to see today


again and again and again. It's just fantastic. Brilliant. I couldn't


believe it was going to happen but it has and I am pleased. We are not


a fourth division team, we should be a lot higher. We have proven what


potential we have. The pain went away and the fans across the country


can celebrate. Absolutely. A student whose mother and teenage


brother were stabbed to death at their home in Stourbridge has


confirmed that the man charged with their murders had been


helped by her family. Lydia Wilkinson returned


to the family home this morning Visiting her family home,


18 year old Lydia Wilkinson returning for the first time


since her mother and 13 year old brother died after being stabbed


at the house in Stourbridge As she crouched down


she read dozens of moving tributes pinned to flowers,


the walls, laid on the pavement. Then a statement from


the Bristol University student paying her own tribute


to her mother, Tracey, and her brother, Pierce,


whom she described as a fun-loving, friendly and happy boy


who loved computer games. Her mother she said was loving,


caring and a wonderful Of no fixed address, appeared before


Birmingham Magistrates charged Lydia was keen to correct


recent press speculation. In her statements, she made it clear


that the family did not offer refuge to homeless people. Aaron Burley had


never led to the family home, though he had been offered assistance by


them in the past 12 Lydia's father, Peter Wilkinson,


who suffered serious stab wounds, Her own flowers to her Mom


and the brother she calls Pippin bares the message,


"we love you more than words Aaron Barley is due to appear before


Birmingham Crown Court tomorrow. Hundreds of veterans who served


during the Falklands conflict have gathered


at the National Memorial They were marking the 35th


anniversary of the Argentine Amongst them the family of Ben Casey


from Stratford-upon-Avon. He was the first serviceman to be killed during


the campaign. Everyday he is in my heart. With him being the first


casualty, I don't know... I'm just so overwhelmed. The attack on HMS


Coventry led to the loss of 19 lives. The ship was hit by Argentine


bonds and sank within 20 minutes. You are reminded of the shipmates, I


lost 19. That is very emotional. I was 18 when I went down there. You


become more reflective. It has been indelibly stamped on my life. Those


who set sail joined in world which lasted ten weeks. More than three


decades on, the commitment to commemorate those events is


commemorate those events is undiminished.


Let's have a look at the weather forecast now, here's Rebecca Wood.


Temperatures up to 14 or 15 Celsius today, helped by that sunshine. More


to come next week but a chilly night tonight." That average is falling.


Dipping down quite low, particularly in parts of Herefordshire read it


could be as be as low as one Celsius. A touch of frost is not out


of the question for some sports. Once the sun comes up, it will boost


those temperatures. A pleasant day with lots of lovely sunshine. Cloud


by the afternoon, with temperatures up to a possible 15 Celsius. A band


of rain moving through tomorrow night into Tuesday, but once that


has cleared it will be much better, settles conditions for the rest of


the week. I'm back with the late


bulletin at 10:22pm. It was a lovely second part to the


weekend for most parts of the UK, lots of sunshine, more cloud to the


east but in the last few hours it started to melt away and the process


will continue, most places seeing lengthy clear spells overnight and


much like last night it will turn a bit chilly. We might see mist and


fog, like winds, more of a breeze in the north and west, cloud and patchy


rain approaching the Western Isles by the end of the night. Eight or 9


degrees but in rural parts of Scotland England and Wales it will


get to the bottom end of single figures. Frost will not last long in


the morning nor will the mist and fog, England and Wales will have a


lovely day with good sunshine and wins coming up from the


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