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A student whose mother and teenage brother were stabbed to death


at their home in Stourbridge has confirmed that the man charged


with their murders had been helped by her family.


Lydia Wilkinson returned to the family home this morning


18-year-old Lydia Wilkinson returning for the first time


since her mother and 13-year-old brother died after being stabbed


at the house in Stourbridge on Thursday morning.


As she crouched down, she read dozens of moving tributes


pinned to flowers, the walls, laid on the pavement.


Then a statement issued through the police -


paying her own tribute to her mother, Tracey,


and her brother, Pierce, whom she described as a fun-loving,


friendly and happy boy who loved computer games.


Her mother, she said, was loving, caring


and a wonderful mother and daughter.


Yesterday, 23-year-old Aaron Barley, of no fixed address,


appeared before Birmingham Magistrates charged


Lydia was keen to correct recent press speculation.


that the family did not offer refuge to homeless people.


Aaron Burley had never lived at the family home,


though he had been offered assistance by them


Lydia's father, Peter Wilkinson, who suffered serious stab wounds,


Her own flowers to her mum and the brother she calls Pippin


"we love you more than words will ever describe."


Aaron Barley is due to appear before Birmingham Crown Court tomorrow.


The supporters of Coventry City football club are celebrating


after winning their first trophy for 30 years.


The Sky Blues beat Oxford United 2-1 at Wembley


More than 40,000 thousand fans had travelled to Wembley


to see George Thomas score the winner.


Going to sleep every night this week,


you dream of how it is going to go and what is going to happen.


I could never have pictured what would happen out there.


I mean, to get the winner at Wembley in a cup final


We should be a team that should be a lot higher.


We've proven today what potential we've got,


we've shown that the supporters are there and they will be back.


You know, they just need a little something


and maybe today will kick-start that.


A man is being questioned about the fatal stabbing


of another man at a tram stop in Birmingham.


The victim, who's believed to be in his 50s,


was found collapsed in Winson Green on Friday afternoon.


British Transport Police now believe he was stabbed on the footpath


nearby and then collapsed at the stop.


Hundreds of veterans who served during the Falklands conflict


have gathered at the National Memorial Arboretum


They were marking the 35th anniversary


of the Argentine invasion of the islands.


In a corner of the Staffordshire countryside,


a memorial made from rocks from the South Atlantic.


35 years on from the start of the Falklands conflict,


Amongst them, the family of Ben Casey from Stratford-on-Avon.


He was the first serviceman to be killed during the campaign.


I think with him being the first casualties...


The attack on HMS Coventry led to the loss of 19 lives.


The ship was hit by Argentine bombs and sank within 20 minutes.


You're reminded of the shipmates that certainly I lost, 19 shipmates,


I was 18 when it went down out there,


and I think the older you become,


It's something that is indelibly stamped on my life.


Those who set sail for the South Atlantic


fought a war which lasted ten weeks.


More than three decades on from that mission,


the commitment to commemorate those events is undiminished.


Let's have a look at the weather forecast now, here's Rebecca Wood.


Well, we had lots of lovely sunshine today.


Quite a lot of fairw eather cloud around,


and that theme will continue as we head through this week.


But it is going to be nice and settled.


Out there tonight, we have clear skies,


so our temperatures are going to fall away.


It will be chilly, particularly in some spots -


some sheltered spots in Herefordshire


there might be a touch of frost around through the morning.


But a fine and dry day with lots of lovely sunshine to come.


A little bit of fair weather cloud by the afternoon,


but our temperatures getting up to around about 15 Celsius.


With light winds, it won't feel too unpleasant at all.


A band of rain will cross us as we head into Tuesday.


much better conditions for the remainder of the week.


Midlands Today will be back tomorrow just after 6am.


Some lovely spring sunshine on offer. Highs of 12 degrees. In


London you can enjoy the lovely spring blossom on the trees. Highs


of 17 Celsius. It is mostly dry for most of us throughout the week. A


bit fresher than it has been and it can lead to some chilly nights,


maybe a touch of crass frost is possible. Those temperatures are


falling away as we speak. A little bit of mist and patchy fog forming.


Breeze with the arrival of these weather fronts. Tomorrow morning, we


start with the early morning mist and fog lifting away and decent


spells of sunshine to come through. The weather fronts moving in from


the West will gradually push eastwards, just fringing western




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