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Good evening. Grand National. Clive.


Hundreds of balloons have been released in memory of a 20-year-old


man from Birmingham, who died earlier this week.


Declan Sullivan was a promising footballer, mentor and youth worker.


A sea of green, for a young man who friends say always had


A keen footballer, Declan had previously tried out


for some big named clubs, but his home was


He'd played there since he was a boy -


growing up with the club and the players.


But most importantly, he had time


for everyone, whether it was an


It's hard to take, because of the kind of person that he was.


You would not expect something like this to happen.


He was such a bubbly character, he


would come in, you could see him


have been left at the side of the A38,


where Declan fell from a bridge in the early hours of Tuesday morning.


There are so many flowers, candles and messages here -


all saying something similar to this one, which reads 'Declan was always


After volunteering as a youth worker 5 years ago,


If there was a bit of tension in the room, he


He was that guy, always a massive smile on his face.


He lit up the room when he walked in.


An inquest into his death was opened and adjourned yesterday.


Louisa Currie, BBC Midlands Today, Birmingham.


West Midlands Police says an English Defence League rally


in Birmingham city centre passed off without any major disorder.


Around a hundred protestors gathered at Centenary Square this


afternoon after marching from New Street station.


A counter protest took place at Victoria Square.


Two arrests were made for alleged breaches of the peace.


A man's been arrested as part of a fraud investigation


into a fundraising page for a West Mercia Police dog.


A social media page was launched to help raise money for retired


Sergeant David Evans to keep his dog, Ivy.


But the Force has insisted the animal had to be returned.


A 32-year-old man from Market Drayton has been arrested


on suspicion of fraud and released while investigations continue.


The Liberal Democrat candidate for West Midlands Mayor


launched her manifesto today in Wolverhampton with a promise


Beverley Neilsen says she want to focus on improving


opportunities for people of all ages, tackle congestion


If we want a plan that is really going to change things,


that will offer hope, that is going to deliver


to keep our young talent in the region


and to grow our small and medium-sized businesses,


to nurture the engineering and innovation that


is changing the world at the moment, then we need a Lib Dem mayor.


On to football now and in the Premier League,


Stoke City lost 2-1 at home to Liverpool, while West Brom


also went down 1-0 to Southampton at the Hawthorns.


In the Championship - Birmingham City lost 2-1


It was a bad day for Wolves as they lost 3-1 to Bristol City,


and it was a 1-1 draw between Burton Albion and the Villa


In League One - Port Vale lost away to Chesterfield,


while Coventry escaped relegation for now with a 1-0 win


at Peterborough, Shrewsbury beat Rochdale 1-0, and Walsall drew


One result in League 2 - Cheltenham drew 3-3 at Wycombe.


And in the Vanarama National League - it was a bit of a shocker


for the Solihull Moors as they lost 9-nil to Tranmere.


That really is a bad day at the office, isn't it.


Time for the weather now and it's been a glorious day -


What a glorious weekend we have had so far.


It stays dry and fine as we head through this evening.


It won't be as cold as it was last night.


Temperatures will drop down on average to about 7 degrees.


There will be a bit of patchy mist first thing.


But it's another good start to the day.


Dry and fine, good spells of sunshine


and actually, if anything, tomorrow it will be that bit warmer with


temperatures getting to around 19 to 20 degrees.


You can see that cloud building in, that will continue to


feed down from the north-west, introducing cooler, fresh air.


Your next working week will be more typical for this time of year,


Midlands Today will be back tomorrow evening, just before 7pm.


What a spectacular day to day. Hardly a cloud in the sky. Just


clear blue skies around. A nice picture here from Lincolnshire.


This evening and overnight will turn quite chilly. There will be a touch


of brass frost. This is the satellite image from early on. Not


often do we see pictures like this. Just a little bit of cloud in the


North West of Scotland and that is pretty much it. This evening,


starry, starry skies. The temperatures will dip away. It is


cold enough for a bit of grass Frost. Another beautiful day across


England but very


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