23/04/2017 Midlands Today


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Protesters took to the streets of Telford today to demonstrate


against plans to base the county's accident and emergency services


Shropshire's health services have also recommended moving the


Campaigners say the proposals are unnecessary and could


They came with a marching band, their placards and the determination


Health bosses have recommended the county has just one


But this would mean major changes to the services


at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.


There are hundreds of people here today to show solidarity


and support to keep the 24-hour, seven day a week accident


and emergency department and the fully functioning


And they're not being fooled or misled by those people who say


we're going to keep a women's and children's centre at Telford.


The protest was organised by Telford and Wrekin Council.


People who live in the area share the council leaders' concerns.


They've spent millions of pounds on the women's and children's


To close it is a complete waste of money.


This facility is here and should remain here,


and is of great benefit to this community.


What we need for our hospital is more funding


But Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust say the proposed emergency centre


would be 50% larger than the current A and attract more staff.


There would also be accident and urgent care centres at both


hospitals, which would be open 24 hours a day.


Local MPs Lizzie Allen and Mark Pritchard have suggested


that Telford would keep the women's and children's unit,


Around 900 people turned out for this protest today,


No final decision has been made on the proposals, and there will be


It's St George's Day which means it's the start


But in the Vale of Evesham there's more celebrate than usual


because the Worcestershire-grown vegetable has been granted European


It means it joins the likes of champagne and Parma ham,


A quintessential English scene for St George's Day -


But this year, there's a European twist.


Champagne has it, Jersey Royals have it, and the


green spears from the Vale of Evesham are being given


the honour of European protected food status.


We've always thought that it is the caviar all vegetables,


and now we've been officailly recognised for it.


And with the festival, the growing interest


in the festival and the Vale of Evesham asparagus,


65% of UK asparagus is grown in the West Midlands,


with demand for it rising every year.


Asparagus is sold throughout the year,


It's seasonal and on sale from St George's Day


Asparagus is part of a horticultural


sector which is worth millions for this region.


It's the best asparagus in the world, I think.


We're taking a big round of asparagus to Brussels to present


to them and then they can try and see for themselves


A delegation is travelling to the European Parliament


tomorrow to offically thank the EU for what could be


the last vegetable to be honoured before Brexit.


Football, and Harry Redknapp's first game in charge of Birmingham City


ended in defeat in the Second City derby,


Aston Villa winning 1-0 thanks to Gabby Agbonlohor's


Blues are now just two points above the relegation zone


Before the kick off, both sets of fans observed a minute's applause


to remember the former Villa defender Ugo Ehiogu,


who passed away on Friday following a cardiac arrest.


A similar 60-seconds tribute took place during the game, while both


sets of players also wore black armbands as a mark of respect.


I think it was a real and heartfelt appreciation of Ehiogu


It was nice to see everybody just remembering that one person.


Blues supporters were cheering as well and did the clapping.


The amtosphere was brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


Rugby, and Gloucester are through to the final


of the European Challenge Cup for the second time in three years.


They produced their best performance of the season to beat


the French League leaders La Rochelle 16-14.


Billy Burns scored all their points, including this breakaway try.


Gloucester, who've won this competition twice,


will now meet Stade Francais in the final at


Let's catch up on the weather prospects now with Alex Hamilton.


Some reasonably bright spells as we go into this evening,


After the clear spells move out the way,


Then in the early hours, these patchy showers moving southwards.


Through the day tomorrow, that patchy rain continues to sink


southwards, but brighter spells behind it later in the afternoon.


With highs of around 14 Celsius, a mixture of sunshine and showers


That's it for now, I'll be back with your next bulletin at 10:20pm.


We had a beautiful day across most of UK today, but there's a taste of


winter on the way. Even a little bit of snow. Its forecast for one or two


places. This is the forecast tonight. We're watching this cold


front, this will line, this weather front. Everything to the north of


that line is cold


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