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Good evening. lost their Fed Cup tie.


Protesters took to the streets of Telford today to demonstrate


against plans to base the county's accident and emergency services


Shropshire's health services have also recommended moving the


Campaigners say the proposals are unnecessary and could


They came with a marching band, their placards and the determination


Health bosses have recommended the county has just one


But this would mean major changes to the services


at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.


There are hundreds of people here today to show solidarity


and support to keep the 24-hour, seven day a week accident


and emergency department and the fully functioning


And we're not being fooled or misled by those people who say


we're going to keep a women's and children's centre at Telford.


The protest was organised by Telford and Wrekin Council.


People who live in the area share the council leaders' concerns.


This facility is here and should remain here,


and is a great benefit to this community.


What we need for our hospital is more funding


But Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust say the proposed


emergency centre would be 50% larger than the current A


There would also be accident and urgent care centres at both


hospitals, which would be open 24 hours a day.


Local MPs Lucy Allen and Mark Pritchard have suggested


that Telford will keep the women's and children's unit,


Around 900 people turned out for this protest today,


No final decision has been made on the proposals, and there will be


A Gloucestershire Regiment veteran who fought at the


Battle of Imjin River during the Korean War has today handed over an


Private Sam Mercer survived the Glosters' epic stand of 1951,


After the war he was presented with a rare book, listing those


He's now donated it to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.


He reflected on how he survived the battle.


Bloody mindedness and a very large slice of Lady Luck.


Someone up there was looking after me at that moment.


It's St George's Day, which means it's the start


But in the Vale of Evesham, there's more to celebrate than usual,


because the Worcestershire-grown vegetable has been granted European


It means it joins the likes of champagne and Parma ham,


A quintessential English scene for St George's Day -


But this year, there is a European twist.


Champagne has it, Jersey Royals have it, now the green spears


from the Vale of Evesham are being given


the honour of European protected food status.


We've always thought that it is the caviar of all vegetables,


and now we've been officailly recognised for it.


65% of UK asparagus is grown in the West Midlands,


with demand for it rising every year.


Asparagus is sold throughout the year,


It's seasonal, on sale from St George's Day


Asparagus is part of a horticultural


sector which is worth millions for this region.


It's the best asparagus in the world, I think.


We're taking a big round of asparagus to Brussels to present


to them and then they can try and see for themselves


A delegation is travelling to the European Parliament


tomorrow to offically thank the EU for what could be


the last vegetable to be honoured before Brexit.


Let's catch up on the weather prospects now with Alex Hamilton.


After a reasonably bright weekend, it's all change


Some clear spells to the south of the region, but cloud working


down from the north, bringing patchy rain with it.


Lows tonight in rural spots of five Celsius.


Through the day tomorrow, that patchy rain is continuing


to sink southwards, dry spells in between,


drier and brighter weather on the way later in the afternoon.


Highs of 14 Celsius, a mixture of sunshine and showers


That's it for now, Midlans Today will be back


It has been a fine and dry day, and it the sunshine temperatures were


about 17 degrees. But a change in weather as we had through this week.


Wintry showers and some frosty night in the forecast over the next few


nights. We have a cold front starting to work in across Scotland,


introducing colder air towards the North. Towards the south, cloud and


outbreaks of rain. In Scotland and Northern Ireland. Most places are


largely dry to the south of that. We could see a touch of grassed frost


for the south-west. Very cold first thing Monday morning across the


sheltered glens of Scotland. Sleet and snow working in across Scotland


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