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The headlines this Tuesday lunchtime.


What today's Brexit ruling means for us -


and why one MP wants another public vote.


Record sales for Cheshire car maker Bentley -


with ambitious future expansion plans in Crewe.


The amateur referee calling for a football boycott -


in response to the abuse they receive.


As we've been hearing on the national news -


the Government has been told it must get the approval of Parliament -


before triggering the process for Britain to leave


It might delay the timetable set out by the Prime Minister -


who wants to trigger Article 50 before the end of March.


But the region's Liberal Democrat MPs say they'll


only support Brexit - if the public gets a final vote


John Pugh is the Lib Dem MP for Southport.


Thank you very much indeed for your time this lunchtime. Given that the


Brexit vote was clear, people want out, are you not frustrating the


will of the electorate by Askin for another vote? The public should have


the last say on any Brexit deal. If at the end of the day the public are


guaranteed the final say to see what they have at the end of the day is


what they have voted for. Given the passions evoked before the


referendum, are you concerned that if people feel they're clearly


stated intention to leave is being subverted, we could see protests,


who knows what? People have a right to see the mandate carried through.


They also have a final say and to see what they have at the end of the


process is what they voted at the strip part of the process. The Prime


Minister will not give them what they want at all, and they should


have the final say. What you think she give them? She will give them


all of the stuff that is wonderful and none of the downside, all take


the world in six months' time. We the world in six months' time. We


will be facing some economic chaos in this country. In fairness, it was


the unknown when we voted last June. It is still the unknown. Many people


who voted for Brexit will see they just want out. That is a rather


strange view. Regardless of what the circumstances are, you will go out.


If you do nothing about immigration, appalling trading negotiations, you


want out. People want to have a say. Is there much support for the Lib


Dems position here. You do not have that many MPs to carry that will


alone. The country has voted to depart and they haven't decided what


destination they want to get to. We have decided we want to be normally


or Sweden or like the other countries in the EU or come out of


the loop altogether. Is not a danger we have trickled Article 50, we are


committed to go through with it. -- guard. People need to take a deep


breath and give themselves time to think. The public need time to think


as well as the politicians. -- triggered.


The Manx Parliament is hearing calls for a change in the Isle of Man's


Fewer than ten terminations are carried out on the island each


year - because of strict criteria women have to meet.


A former GP on the island will ask the House of Keys to consider


bringing the rules in line with England, Scotland and Wales.


A man's been arrested after an alleged rape in a churchyard


A woman reported being attacked outside a church on High street


A 20-year-old man is being held for questioning.


Tributes have been paid to a promising young


cyclist from High Peak - who died in his sleep on Friday.


15-year-old Charlie Craig from Hayfield was an apprentice


Paralympic champion Dame Sarah Storey has described his


One of the region's most prestigious manufacturers has reported


Bentley, in Crewe, sold more than 11,000 cars last year.


It's taking on more apprentices which - it says -


Here's our Cheshire reporter Mark Edwardson.


Yes, welcome to Bentley's factory here at Pimms Lane, in Crewe.


And some great news for Bentley, record sales figures for one


of our most important manufacturers in the north-west.


As you can see, some of the staff hard at work there,


But behind us we can see cars coming off the production line as well.


With me is Michael who is from the company


to tell us about what has been happening.


2016 was a fantastic year, another record year,


Probably even more important it was the fourth successive year


So we're really proud of our workforce and what


One of the biggest things for us is having the right products


Over 85% of our cars are exported overseas.


We launched the new SUV last year which has been a huge sales success.


So whereabouts have the sales been, in the UK, in Europe


Where are quite fortunate in that we can split our


We've got the Americas, we've got Europe, including Britain of course,


And what we have got is we have a third split globally.


We've seen some markets have deteriorated but have come back


with some strong market performance, like Europe.


What of the future, Michael, briefly, how is going to go


The most important thing is not to sit back on our laurels.


We're looking at growth in terms of product,


in terms of people and skill development also we're looking


at how we can develop our site, so together


with Cheshire East Council, we're looking at what we can do


in terms of a development plan for the area.


Michael, thank you for joining us this lunchtime.


And there will be more on this on BBC North West tonight


He's been punched, head-butted and spat at.


Just three examples of the abuse an amateur football referee


from Manchester has suffered on the pitch.


Now Ryan Hampson says grassroots referees should go on strike.


Another football match refereed by Ryan Hampson.


I've had experiences such as being head-butted by a player.


I've been spat at and I've been punched on numerous occasions


If you are on the streets, and you get assaulted,


Yet as soon as you get on them pitches over there,


Ryan says amateur referees are getting enough support.


He's calling for a national strike on the first weekend of March.


He says over 800 refs have been in touch backing his idea.


There's always been abuse towards referees.


It's kind of a blame culture, blaming the reference


the first, before you think about it yourself.


Manchester FA, which oversees this week, has just announced that it


will give refs more support, visiting them within 24 hours of any


incident and ensuring any assaults are reported to police.


We fully support the referees and if a player's abusing


referees on a regular basis, we will get rid of them.


Most of these problems are caused by a minority of people,


And I'm sure, given another couple of years, we will stop this.


For Ryan Hampson though, a referee strike is the only way


Here's the weather with Charlie Slater.


Quite a cloudy afternoon in store as well, still a little bit


of brightness about in parts of the north-west as we go


through the next few hours, but generally clouding over


As we go through this evening as well, temperatures meanwhile


getting to around seven, maybe even a degree Celsius,


possibly nine on the Isle of Man, so fairly decent for the time


of year, but it will be quite breezy overnight tonight and into the early


hours of Wednesday morning, a couple of showers possibly.


But in the main, a dry and clear night, temperatures falling away


And then on Wednesday daytime, a good deal of dry,


fine weather around, and some sunshine mixed


up in there with some cloud as well, of course.


But the temperature is doing OK, seven or 8 degrees Celsius,


feeling a touch colder though because of that breeze,


stirring the air around, of course the wind-chill factor,


Enjoy whatever you have planned during the course of the afternoon.


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