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on the BBC News Channel, we are back with the late news 10:10. Now on BBC


Good evening. Two men have been arrested on


suspicion of the armed robbery of a betting shop in Denton this morning.


Armed police were called to Betfred on Stockport Road just after 9am to


find a man had fled in a car to a property in Walker Street. The armed


man and the driver remain in police custody.


A Manchester MP has urged the Christie Hospital in Manchester to


focus on patients following the resignation of its chairman. Lord


Keith Bradley said he'll leave once a replacement is found for the


cancer hospital. His decision follows the suspension late last


year of the trust's chief executive. The Withington MP, John Leach, says


the new chairman needs to resolve its problems quickly.


Over 1000 people in Liverpool today queued for the first glimpse inside


the newly renovated headquarters of the White Star Line, the company


that owned the Titanic. The Grade two`listed building at 30 James


Street is currently being transformed into a hotel and


apartments. Trudi Barber was there. Hundreds snaked around the corner to


look inside the converted building that's been empty for over 30 years


until a multi million pounds investment plan to restore it to its


former glory. It is quite inspiring. It is impressive. It is a shame it


has been empty. It's expected to be finished by April, but its new


owners were overwhelmed by the interest in its heritage. Liverpool


has been an amazing city. This is one of the buildings that make


people feel this way. Some even travelled from Belfast where the


Titanic was built, before it hit an iceberg and sank in 1912, killing


over 1500 people woman. My grandfather was a carpenter who


worked on it on the construction of the Titanic. To see it now is a


wonderful. The world famous Whitestar line building will soon be


proudly welcoming thousands again. This event saw some of the biggest


names. And other coming north western band will play. I think it


will be a surreal experience. It is always lovely to play Manchester and


see familiar faces. Sale Sharks beat London wasps 22`7.


It promises to be a special weekend for four year old George Johnson


from Wallasey. George will be mascot at this weekend's Capital One Cup


final ` for Sunderland not Manchester City. Stuart Pollitt


explains. Despite the smile, George hasn't had


much luck in his short life. But for Sunderland Football Club he is


proving to be a lucky charm. The four`year`old has had 75 operations,


as doctors try to uncover his mystery digestive condition. We


ended up down at Great Ormond in London, which should have been for


eight days and he's ended up being there the majority of his life. His


equivalent of his tea is a bag of vitamins or a bag of fats. George


has to be fed through his heart every night. His family are trying


to raise thousands of pounds to go to America for treatment. He can


wake up one morning and have something planned for the day and


can be in hospital, or an ambulance, or not come back from Great Ormond


Street for eight months. George s dad supports Sunderland, his mum


Everton. George was a mascot at the game between the two on Boxing Day.


Sunderland won and he was mascot again when they beat Manchester


United to reach Wembley. So the team has kept faith with George. When you


are mascot they seem to win, don't they? Lucky mascot. Yes. All the


other teams want me to support them. The other teams want you to support


them so they win? Yes. And whether Sunderland win or lose tomorrow


nobody deserves to walk out at Wembley more than George.


Here's Mel Coles with the weather. Good evening. After a pleasant


springlike day, we're going to see the cloud increase this evening


There will be one or two showers and rain will push its way in. It may


turn wintry through northern part of the Pennines. As it clears, there


will be the risk of some ice, but on the whole temperatures not dropping


far, with lows of around four or five Celsius. Tomorrow gets off to


quite a dull start. Plenty of cloud around, some drizzle, some showers


as well. Then the main band of rain starts to sweep in from the west,


accompanied by strong winds, and tomorrow will feel quite fresh.


That is it from me. I will be back with more news.


Hello. For some of us, it was quite a decent state, some sunshine


around, but not the case right now in Northern Ireland and parts of


Scotland, chilly with some rain as


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