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the evening session still to come. There is more throughout the evening


Good evening. Manchester City fans are tonight


celebrating what they hope will be the first of several trophids this


season. They were 3`1 winners in this afternoon's Capital Ond Cup


Final after a dramatic second`half`come back. Rich`rd Askam


joins us now from Wembley. City are all smiles now but they had a bit of


a scare? Yes. It was an impressive comeback. At the start of the


season. Capital One Cup would not have been a big target. But it was


vital in terms of confidencd. We can see Vincent Kompany lifting the


trophy. They have the appeal Tassagh but they are still in the Champions


League. It was a very good comeback from Manchester City. They came


starring back with a tremendous goal from Yaya Toure A. There was some


clinical finishing. They put the seal on a 3`1 victory. Manudl


Pellegrini has taken his first silverware of the season. Hdre is


what some of the bands had to say. The first half was about an edifying


but the second half was gre`t. When we got three goals I was happy. It


was spot on. We love city, we do! I just wanted to say it was a game


played in good spirits. Between the fans the atmosphere was excdllent.


All around, it was a signifhcant moment for Manchester City `nd a


really good day for them. The friends and family of a man who


was shot dead by police havd held a rally ahead of the second


anniversary of his death. Anthony Grainger was unarmed when hd was


shot by a police marksman dtring an operation targetting a suspdcted


robbery. Yunus Mulla reports. Anthony Grainger was unarmed when he


was shot dead during a police operation in 2012. Campaigndrs


protested at what they see `s delays in the legal process.


Facts and information should come from the inquest but this sxstem has


orchestrated it. They have pushed an inquest further away. The f`ther of


two was in a stolen car in Culceth in Cheshire. Police believed he was


part of a group who were pl`nning to commit armed robbery. No we`pons


were found. The men he was with were later cleared. Greater Manchester


Police is currently being prosecuted for allegedly breaching health and


the dealers to which it has pleaded not guilty. No action is behng taken


against the officer who firdd the shot. The campaigning group lead the


full facts around the shoothng are yet to be made public.


An investigation is continuhng after a man died during a fire at a


half`way house for released prisoners in Tameside. It's thought


the man was decorating and became engulfed in flames while working


with a flammable liquid, possibly turpentine. A sprinkler system


installed after a previous fire allowed other residents to dscape


uninjured from the building in Audenshaw.


The last of the original seven Sisters tower blocks entrap was


demolished this afternoon The button was pushed by former resident


Clarence Johnson who began living in the Falcon Court block fortx four


years ago today. The demolition is part of the Trafford Masterplan


Project, which is replacing high rises with new homes.


The directors of a short film shot in Strangeways Prison and other


locations in Greater Manchester are up for an Oscar tonight. Baldwin Li


from Rochdale and Mark Gill from Stretford persuaded actors to work


for free in their unusual fhlm The Voorman Problem. They're hoping to


win Best Live Action Short Film and speaking in Los Angeles, thdy said


the nominations have given them a huge boost. The award itself is


fantastic. What we have realised is what we will do for our carders


Everyone wants to talk to us about our ideas and they are going down


really well. We understand ht is like changing. `` it is changing our


lives. Good luck to them. Now it is time


for a weather update. We ard getting of two a wet start but our `ttention


is turning to ice. This evening the rain has pushed in and the winds are


strengthening. That will cldar eastwards. The Hind did it. To clear


up. There are showers around but for most places it will turn drx and


clear. There is the possibility of cost. Temperatures will plulmet The


term `` Almac tomorrow. The cold. `` tomorrow will start very cold. There


is the risk of an isolated shopper. The winds are light and it will feel


very cold. That top temperature will be seven degrees. It will ttrn mild


throughout the week. That is all for now. I will be back


later with an update. Join le then. Good evening.


will be back. Good evening. The chances are, you


are enjoying your evening on a nice warm sofa while it rains outside.


Pretty heavy rain in parts of the country and for tomorrow morning,


wrap up warmly, it will be a cheap upstart right across the country.


This is where the rain is right now from Portsmouth to London across to


the north-east and the east of the country and it will push out into


the North Sea. Not all of the rain will clear away but it will be cold


enough for some icy stretches across parts of Northern Ireland, the


Northwest of England, too, but everywhere will have a chilly start.


Not exclusively snow to higher ground, maybe to some lower land,


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