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more throughout the evening on the BBC News channel. We are back with


the late news that just colliding with a police van in


Cumbria last night. Scott D`niel Gibson from Barrow`in`Furness was


riding along the A590 betwedn Melton and Lindal when the collision


occurred. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say the fdmale


officer was driving the van was taken to hospital suffering from


shock. The incident has been referred to the Independent Police


Complaints Commission. Friends and family of a man who went


missing in Bowness nine days ago have this weekend joined with


members of the community and police to step up the search for hhm.


20`year`old Matthew Jordan from Middlesbrough was last seen in the


early hours of March 27th after a night out. Matthew's mum has called


for as many people as possible to head to Goodly Dale Primary School


tomorrow to help out. Please, I appeal to anyone because


the more people we have out searching for Matthew, you know


that's what we want, to try and find him.


The owners of Pineau De Re `re celebrating tonight after Ldighton


Aspell rode to victory in the Grand National at Aintree. The evdnt


brought thousands of visitors to the region, along with a multimhllion


pound boost to the Merseyside economy. Naomi Cornwell was there.


The weather was gloomy but the going was good at Aintree for the busiest


day in the racing calendar. It's glamorous, it's fabulots.


All these lovely Scousers. Brilliant.


It's the National, there's no better.


150,000 racegoers have come through those gates over the last three


days. And with many then tr`velling on to Liverpool's bars


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