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the evening on the BBC News Channel. And I'll be back with the late news


Good evening. A protest has taken place


Good evening. A protest has taken Wallasey tunnel against an hncrease


a car journey is now ?1.70. Merseytravel says the rise hs below


inflation and needed to fund maintenance work. But some tsers say


it's harming the area's economy If you are going to set up a btsiness,


whereas you going to set it at? In Manchester or Leeds. There, you will


not have to pay the tolls, or your customers or workers will not have


to pay tolls. Or will you come to Merseyside? I think at the largin,


we must be suffering economhc we because of the tolls.


The former leader of St Heldns Council Marie Rimmer has bedn


selected as Labour's Parlialentary candidate at the next gener`l


election when the current MP Shaun Woodward steps down. The


67`year`old, who's served as councillor for 30 years, was chosen


from an all`female short list at a constituency meeting today.


The Bishop of Blackburn has dedicated a weather vane on a


Lancashire church in memory of a scientific discovery nearly 400


years ago. The village of Hoole was home to the astronomer Jereliah


Horrocks, who in 1639 becamd the first person to observe the planet


Venus' transit across the stn. It helped scientists calculate the size


of our solar system. Today ` special service of dedication was hdld. The


transit of Venus occurs every 1 0 years, and so in the 17th cdntury,


Jeremiah Horrocks observed ht, and in the 18th, 19th and 20th century,


there has been a remote mord creative in church, and this is the


21st`century memorial to Jeremiah Horrocks, the father of astronomy.


Thousands of people have taken part in two marathons in the North West


Today. Manchester's 38th race attracted runners aiming to beat


personal best times on what is thought to be the flattest course in


the country. It started and finished at Old Trafford with just 54 metres


of elevation. Meanwhile in Blackpool, a


35`year`old dad from Lancashire who has been diagnosed with terlinal


bowel cancer, has begun a challenge to complete six marathons in six


months. Ben Ashworth from Preston started the Blackpool marathon this


morning and also hopes to r`ce in Windermere, Wakefield, Northampton,


the Isle of Man and Berlin. David Saville reports.


Early morning on Blackpool prom and hundreds of runners prepare for


today's marathon. Among thel is Ben Ashworth. Two years ago, thd dad of


three was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer. But Ben's detdrmined


that won't stop him. I'm running six marathons in six months for a


variety of different charithes. I just decided really this ye`r to


make the best of the year I had the best of the time I've got, `nd I


think to show my family, especially my girls, what it means to le to


run, and try to do some good, to raise some money. Any marathon can


be tough on the body ` but six in six months while undergoing


chemotherapy? I am probably a little bit mad, but this is the re`lisation


of a dream, and regardless of how much it hurts today, I'm not going


to be able to wipe the smild off face.


A kiss from Mum and then he's off. Ben's so far raised ?2,000 for four


cancer charities, but is hoping for a lot more. He wants to raise a lot


of money for the charity he cares about, and these charities, three of


them have helped him person`lly and one of them he feels really close


to. Ben's next challenge is the


Windermere marathon next month. Ben finished in five hours `nd 0


minutes, and you can see more about his challenge on our Facebook page.


It's been a great day in thd Premier League for our two Merseyside teams.


Two penalties from Steven Gdrrard ensured Liverpool returned to the


top with a 2`1 win at West Ham. Meanwhile, Everton took a step


closer to Champions League football by sweeping aside Arsenal 3`0 to


move a point behind the fourth`placed Gunners. Goals from


Steven Naismith and Romelu Lukaku and an own goal from Mikhel Arteta


ensured the points. In the fourth round of the Tetley's


Challenge Cup, Super League leaders St Helens controversially bdat


12`man Huddersfield Giants 07`1 . The Giants led with 14 minutes to


play when Brett Ferres was sent for off for this dangerous tackle on


Jonny Lomax. Saints responddd with a second try from winger Tommx


Makinson. Then Walsh slotted over with this kick for a 17`16 win.


You can find the other results in the Challenge Cup on`line at


bbc.co.uk/sport. Cricket now, and newly`promoted


Lancashire are at Nottinghalshire for their opening game of the season


in the LV County Championshhp Division One. Nottinghamshire are


batting first and finished the day on 270 for nine. Jimmy Anderson got


five wickets for 54. The weather now with Charlid Slater.


Good evening to you. It is dry at the moment, but it will certainly


turn very wet in the early hours of Monday morning will stop as you can


see, not a bad end to the d`y, with sunshine and maybe a nice stnset as


well. But in the early hours, rain moves in from the south`west. Rain


continues to spread into rush`hour tomorrow morning, turning vdry heavy


indeed foray time, probably leaving standing water in its wake, and


heavy and thundery showers continue as we make our way into the


afternoon, which will gradu`lly start to slowly dry out. Good news,


though, high pressure builds in time for Tuesday, ensuring it is dry and


a little bit brighter, but `lso a little bit cooler as well.


a little bit brighter, but `lso a little bit Not a bad forecast for


the week. That is it from me for now. I will


be back after quarterbacks tended more of your regional news `nd


weather. In the meantime, hope you enjoy your evening. Goodbye.


Good evening, after a fairly mild weekend, a fresher week in store for


the week ahead. Moreshine at times but not a huge amount tomorrow


because that's shaping up to be a wet day for just about all of us.


night and it is still wet at the night and it is still wet at the


moment in southern counties. Watch how the rain becomes more extensive


and heavier with a strengthening breeze. For northern England and


Northern Ireland, a colder feel to the night. In northern Scotland


there will be temperatures in sheltered spots. A mild start for


Monday. If you escape through the morning commute dry, you will one of


the few. Heavy bursts around. So expect surface water and spray on


faster routes if you are travelling in by car. The winds are


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