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He was the man anointed to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester


United's first new manager in a quarter of a century. 296 days


later, David Moyes' reign is over ` ended in a 53`character posting on


Twitter. The manner of his dismissal has been


criticised in many quarters. But failure to maintain the standards


set by his predecessor, and failing to qualify for the Champions League


for the first time in a generation, forced his employers to act. Richard


Askam is live for us at Old Trafford tonight.


We knew when Alex Ferguson walked out after 26 years of unparalleled


success, just how difficult it would be for anyone to follow in his


footsteps, but perhaps David Moyes did not realise how difficult it


would be for him. His departure, just as his appointment, will split


opinion, but Manchester United are in line for their worst ever points


tally in the Premier League era. As he arrived home, David Moyes was


probably still trying to take in just how his dream job had


unravelled in less than ten months. Signed in as the chosen one, but


given no choice and no second season chance. I think it is a shame, I


think he could of done with more time. A season of underachievement


and uncertainty came to a head after defeat to Everton. The swag of his


former side in stark contrast to United's limp efforts.


I think he had the right to have a big job, but I think he seemed to


struggle with the size of the club, the kind of the ego of the players.


His dismissal may surprise some. And judging by his post`match interview


came as a shock to the man himself. We will try to make sure that we get


the next things `` right things in place for next season. The


statistics don't look good. Out of the Champions League at the


quarterfinals stage. Seventh in the Premier League with no chance of


qualifying for Europe's elite competition next season. Knocked out


of the FA Cup by Swansea. And dispatched in the semifinals of the


League Cup by Sunderland. Why wouldn't you trust Alex Ferguson. He


thought it was a good fit, it was probably the closest fit in many


ways to himself. I am sure he did it with the best will, but some people


may say his last signing was his worst signing. There are others who


view the decision as trigger happy. And for a club who last sacked a


manager in 1986, not the United way. It was my choice from day one before


the appointed David. You are judged on results today. Ryan Giggs, this


is him arriving at United's training ground this morning will now take


charge of the team until a permanent replacement is found.


Lets get some reaction. If I could ask you first, what are your


feelings now that you have had time to die just what happened? ``


digests. My thoughts turn to him the new manager is. I think we will all


be get behind range eggs as the interim coach, but our thoughts are


to the future. `` Ryan Giggs. We must build on success. We want to be


competing rather than also rans. That is a disappointment this.


Picking up on what Ian mentioned, do you think this job was too big in


terms of personality and character for David Moyes? I think he has been


unlucky. He has had injuries, but do agree that they need to go with


somebody who has a proven career and knows what the job entails. A big


personality, somebody with experience in Europe. In big


signings, two, and I think... Is that what went wrong for David


Moyes? The fact that to transfer windows, he could not bring in


players that made a difference. Whatever happened in the summer, we


did not strengthen to the extent that we probably should have done.


It is difficult to tell what went wrong. But the stuff on the pitch


drives the rest of the football. It wasn't good on the pitch. I think


more around football now, what is driving the football. That is what


drives the pitch. Thank you. We will be looking at more detail


about who will be taking over later on. Actor you. `` back to you.


BBC Radio Manchester is on air at the moment with a special phone`in,


assessing what happens next at Old Trafford. And we'll have more


football later including Burnley's dramatic promotion to the Premier


League yesterday. A mother has told the new


Hillsborough Inquests that her husband struggled to forgive himself


for failing to save his son during the disaster in 1989. Adam Spearitt


was just 14. His mother Hilda was one of several who made their


personal statements to the hearing in Warrington today. `` his mother,


Janet. As our Chief Reporter Dave Guest explains, others included a


son who recalled how, as a 17`year`old, he'd last seen his dad


a week before the ill`fated match. Philip Hammond was just 14, a


sensible, caring person. We will blessed to have such a


lovely boy, even though it was football team short years. Hilda


Hammond was amongst those who agreed to read their statements. That was


the last time that I saw my dad alive. David Hughes remembers his


father Eric, one of the 96 who lost their lives at Hillsborough. A man


that meant everything to me. He went with his dad, Eddie, it was the


first time his that had been to an away match. Today, his mum Janet had


told the hearing that Eddie had cradled his son in his arms. Eddie


could never forgive himself for failing to save his son. Sadly, he


died three years ago without ever knowing that the fresh inquests that


he and so many others have fought for had finally come to fruition.


Steve Fox was 21. His loss felt as keenly now as it was 25 years ago. A


great boy died on April 15. Along with the potential of a father, a


husband, and uncle and a friend. Carl Brown from Leigh was 17. His


mother Delia described him "the extrovert of the family." Ray


Chapman's wife recalled how his last words to her were "see you tonight,


love." Dave Rimmer's son and daughter read


a statement on behalf of their mum who described him as "My first


love." David Thomas was 23. His mum Valerie said he was just becoming a


man when he was taken from us. The judge in the Khuram Shaikh


murder trial in Sri Lanka has angrily dismissed defence claims the


Rochdale aid worker was "an uncultured white man". They were


questioning a hotel manager who described how he'd used a swear word


while breaking up a fight. Khuram Shaikh was stabbed and shot while on


holiday on Christmas Day 2011. Six men, including an associate of the


Sri Lankan president, are standing trial. It and your man has been


arrested after suspicion of attempted murder. The victim is


critically ill in hospital after an assault in St Peter's Square in the


early hours of Monday morning. Two horses have died in an arson


attack in Bolton. The fire was started deliberately between


four`thirty and five o'clock this morning at a stables off Ashworth


Lane. The animals died when their wooden stable block burned down.


Police say the owner is very distressed and are appealing for


witnesses. The BBC has learnt that a major


report into the near collapse of the Co`operative Bank will blame poor


governance at the organisation. Sir Christopher Kelly's report is the


most comprehensive attempt so far to determine what went wrong. Key was


the ill`fated purchase of the Britannia Building Society.


Christopher Kelly's report is vital in the run`up to the very important


AGM on May 17 when there is this big vote on governance on changing the


Co`op Group's management or the way is managed and making this business


fit for the 21st century. This is a great story.


A retired radiologist from Altrincham has become one of the


first people in the country to use a potentially life`saving procedure.


And it was his research which helped create it. 25 years ago, Dr John


Russell pushed the Government to pay more attention to the dangers of


aneurysms, small balloons of blood, which can gather in different parts


of the body. Now, at the age of 84, he has been completely cured. And


he's been speaking to our Health Correspondent.


25 years ago, Doctor John Russell wrote a paper that raised a national


awareness about the dangers of aneurysms, balloons of blood that


can grow in arteries and prove fatal. It was around that time that


he spotted his own. I had a tiny aneurysm. Over the decades, since I


retired, I have been following it. Treatment took him back to his old


stomping ground, the Manchester Royal nfirmary, where at 84, he has


become one the first people in the country to have his aneurysm treated


using a new technique. Previously, a mesh tube would have been sewn into


reduced blood flow to the problem area. This did not always work and a


slow recovery meant older patients were often ruled out. Using the new


technique, a filler is injected which normalises the blood flow,


effectively stopping the aneurysm from existing. You have been a


consultant surgeon for 15 years, how do you feel like something like this


comes along? I feel like a child in a toy shop. It is great fun to put


in. It is aesthetically pleasant, it is effective in areas that we don't


have another option for. I guess it is fair to say that if it was not


for people like Dr Russell, this research would not have happened.


No, it would be no purpose. `` have not had any purpose. John is modest


about the part he played. His one compaint, that his golf swing hasn't


improved at all. Did you expect it to? No, but one has hopes.


Let's go back to our top story now, the sacking of Manchester United


Manager David Moyes. He was chosen by Sir Alex Ferguson to be his


successor, but, after just ten months, United's board have decided


he's not the right man after all. So where did it all go wrong for the


man chosen to continue the dynasty and keep Fergie's legacy alive?


Let's return to Old Trafford and join Richard Askam.


I do understand that no decision was taken to sack David Moyes before the


match at Everton. Various things came together to convince the board


that they needed to make the change. What has gone wrong and what led to


his departure less than ten months after his? They were looking for the


nearest thing to Sir Alex Ferguson that they could find, David Moyes


was the chosen one. But not everybody was convinced. Was he the


badly chosen one? They should have been able to get anybody they


wanted, not someone who is as straightforward Ferguson clone. They


needed someone to have a complete clear out in terms of style and


coaches and transfer strategy. A bit like they do at City, frankly.


Manchester United have been here before. Matt Busby was replaced by


Wolf McGuinness who only lasted 18 months. I spoke to him this morning


I said whatever financial compensation they offer you, it is


no real consolation. Two days ago, the Grim Reaper appeared in the


crowd at Goodison Park. He's been waiting to strike all season.


Post`match comments sounded to many fans like nothing more than a plea


for more time. US have bad results, that is part of


the job. `` you will. It looks like we are a long way off


it, we are aware of that, but we will keep fighting.


We have not done as well as we would like to do recently, that is


obvious. I'm glad it gone as I did not want him manager. This is no


longer just a talking point in Manchester. It matters in Kenya. I


am happy, we needed results. And in Singapore. Most of my friends are


happy that he has been sacked. And that's why United's failure to


qualify for the Champions League is so important to the owners. There is


a revenue you generate from being in the competition, it also Hans is the


brand and allows Manchester United to sell themselves as one of the top


teams in Europe. That means commercial revenues follow. Not just


from Europe, but from around the globe.


United were prepared for a period of change, but when rival fans started


to ridicule Moyes, the manager's days were numbered.


Let's look at some of the names in the frame. Ryan Giggs in charge


until a permanent is made. Louis van Gaal, Diego Simeone, and Jurgen


Klopp, who has done well with Russia Dortmund.


It is one`way traffic at the moment, it is Louis van Gaal. We had a bit


of warning that this would happen, so we went up yesterday afternoon


and Louis van Gaal was 5`1 second favourite, here's been backed all


day long and is now evens favourites. I think there is a lack


of candidates and here's available after the World Cup. He is the


Holland manager, isn't he? He has a track record, he has won the


Champions League before. Jurgen Klopp is another name that has been


mentioned. It looks like he has ruled himself out of the job. Do you


take him at his word? Who knows? We have seen shocks in football. He


says he is not interested. Louis van Gaal is very strong. Ryan Giggs at


8`1, he will have the job for next four games. There is a rumour


Louis van Gaal with Ryan Giggs. Any surprise names? A bit of money


around for Laurent Blanc, Diego Simeone has been slightly


supportive, we will see in action tonight against Chelsea. But it is


one`way traffic, it is Louis van Gaal. If the punters are right, he


will lead Holland in the World Cup and then come here. There you are,


there are the possibilities at the moment for men who may replace David


Moyes. I understand that Manchester United are in no rush, they know how


important this next appointment will be and they will take their time.


I think they need a big giant of a man from the world of sport.


Happier times for Liverpool. They're five points clear at the top of the


Premier League after the Easter matches. Their home game with


second`placed Chelsea next weekend could give them one hand on the


title. Manchester City are still in the race after Pablo Zabelata got


them off to a flying start in a 3`1 win against West Brom. Sergio Aguero


then made in 2`0 with celebrated a return to the Premier


League. Some fans already saying that Sean


cannot go to Manchester United. here. How can a club that spends


less on players in two years and Wayne Rooney spends in two weeks


hope to compete in the Premier League. Most people have already


written us off. Sometimes there is a strength in that. But stick to your


principles. So this club fully intend to live the dream, but also


live within their means. Sean Dyche almost lost his voice


before the celebrations! Not much in the cricket because of


the weather. In Super League, a record`equalling


performance from Wigan yesterday, who thrashed bottom`placed Bradford


84`6. Ryan Hampshire scored 24 points, including two tries. A great


day for Widnes too who overcame St Helens by 40`16. And this try by


Warrington's Michael Monaghan made no difference as the Wolves went


down forty`six to Castleford Salford also suffered on their travels, they


were beaten by 32 points to four by Leeds.


Have a look at this handsome fellow. No offence to his owner, but I am


talking about Murphy the boxer dog. This is Murphy the Boxer dog six


days ago whilst on holiday with his owners in the Lake district and went


missing. His owners were so distraught they raised a thousand


pounds to hire a helicopter to find him.


The campaign to find missing Murphy went viral and with the help of


mountain rescue volunteers and some A`list celebrities Murphy was


eventually found. Elaine Dunkley reports.


Meet Murphy, a one`year`old boisterous Boxer and an expert in


giving his owners the slip. It was here at Angle Tarn in the Lake


District that he went missing turning a peaceful holiday into a


real pet rescue. We thought we would never see him again. We thought he


had been taken because he is such a friendly dog. Missing posters went


up and the search for Murphy went viral online. Celebrity canine lover


Jessical Biel got behind the campaign. Claire Balding and the


former England Rugby Captain Mike Tindall retweeted the missing


poster. Down on the ground, volunteers from Patterdale Mountain


Rescue went in search of Murphy. We didn't have masses of resources,


that we targeted the people who were keen and happy to go out. Who were


walking their own dogs. Time ticked on and hopes of finding Murphy were


fading determined not to give up the couple raised a thousand pounds to


hire a helicopter. We saw him after about 30 minutes, lying on a rock.


He looked up at us and when he stood up I knew. It wasn't quite the


relaxing trip to the lake and for now Murphy is back home and back on


the lead. He is happy to be home, isn't he?


It's been a gorgeous weekend. How is it looking now?


We got better days than we thought we were going to get, 17 Celsius


yesterday. The warm air sticks with us, as temperatures aren't an issue.


But the picture isn't pretty, many places are grey. In terms of


temperatures, if you watch the leak yellow hair, it is never far. ``


yellow hair. By the weekend, you may start to


lose it a bit. We have weather fronts most days which means rain


showers at least. Pity much every day through to Friday. Our fair


share of showers, most places have seen drizzle. MacLeod did try to


break `` the cloud. There could be thundery showers of that further


North, but that chance decreases as the sun goes down. A cloudy picture,


but not completely cloudy. Temperature is respectable. We go


into of the weather is probably mid`morning onward. You may have a


shower in Cumbria, the rest of us will have a lot of cloud cover. It


will break as the morning goes on with hair being quite mild. It will


feel quite nice and look quite nice out and about. Towards the tail end


of the day, the weather tries to get towards us, it hits the Isle of Man


first. By this tomorrow `` by this time tomorrow, it will be hitting


us. By the end of the day, I think many of us will see showers. I love


your better than we anticipated. It forecast, but not a guarantee. Thank


you for watching, Some people don't think real change


in Europe is possible. Some people don't think real change


is necessary. Some people don't think


it's worth fighting for. But we want to make Europe work


for Britain, and give you the final say


with an in-out referendum in 2017.


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